Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Super Happy Fun Day!

On Thursday, Scout and I had a super great day! We started off taking daddy to work, then we went shopping! I got 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of slacks - all on Riverside, it was time for cashing in on a little clothing allowance- a definite perk of my job, I would have bought more (and will soon), but that's all I liked that day. Then we went to the zoo and saw this gorilla:

We saw other stuff too, but we were mostly impressed by this guy that day. He was wandering around and posing for us.

A family stopped us to take their picture with this gorilla (they were all posing around him AS gorillas), they offered to take ours too. Scout and I opted to keep our dignity.

Then, we went to our friend Bruce's house (his mom and I (Emily) go way back) for all of you that don't know Bruce, this is him:

He and Scout get along famously, and the word is, things got a little bit lovey that day (mine and Emily's plan that they end up married someday is all falling into place *tapping our fingers together in a Mr. Burn's like fashion*) While Scout and Bruce (and little Annabell) played, mommy got her haircut! Yay! I have been growing it out forever and it was a very ugly process, so 1000 pony tails later, I now have a Jenny McCarthy bob. Sorry, I have no photo at this time, but I will take one when it is done properly or it isn't midnight as it is now). Then we picked daddy up at Thanksgiving Point (did I say work before? Plans changed last minute and he went golfing with his buddies.) I guess it was a super fun day for all.
We had to high tail it back to Orem as I had to work that night. That part isn't super fun, but hey, I take what I can get.

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