Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonny!

My own Jonny Greenwood celebrated a birthday this week. I want to wish him many happy returns and to publicly declare him as my music god. Jonny, what can I say? I simply cannot get enough of your music. You have totally blown my mind and don't you ever ever ever stop.

I can't write this post without giving a little shout o
ut to Thom. I missed his birthday last month and need to make up for it. Thom, you are a master. Master lyricist, singer, mixer, just all of it. You amaze me. When you guys entered my life 8 years ago, you totally knocked my music world on it's ear and have since totally eclipsed every other band I have ever heard. I like and enjoy other music, but the problem is, at the end of the day, it just isn't Radiohead. Thank you so much for doing what you do and keep doing it!

You like to cover Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better" and how fitting? Truer words were never spoken.

I just had to add this picture. It makes me laugh. Thom is such a wonderful spaz.

Some good fun


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Report

Well, Scout and I had a fun Halloween. Poor Rob has been working very long hours this week trying to finish 4 different jobs, so he has been ghost daddy, so it was basically just the two of us. As you can see Scout was a witch. That is all she wanted to be, even though I dressed her as one two years ago (she doesn't remember). She had school today, where they had a party, so she dressed up. Her teacher was also a witch and there was some scene where she made some witches brew and (she told me as I picked Scout up), that Scout dived under the table and refused to come out. She said that it makes about one child a year cry. Scout didn't cry, just ran for her life. When I asked her later, she said that she didn't want her teacher to cast a spell on her. Then we had an unsuccessful attempt at a nap, and then set up a bowl of candy on the porch and went trick or treating. At one house, she got a sucker shaped as a skull and it impressed her so much that for about the next 5 houses, when someone opened the door they were greeted with, "I got a skeleton sucker". She was cute, and we have THE BEST neighborhood for trick or treating. No one drives, houses are fairly close together, everyone's out, it is just totally ideal for such things. Then we went home and watched a Halloween Charlie and Lola and answered the door. Then daddy came home and then we answered the door until all the candy was gone. Scout had to answer the door everytime and hand out the candy, even when she was in her dunglees and half asleep. That is about it! Sorry it was SO BORING! But, we had a nice time and Scout (and mom and dad) got some good treats.I made the cape, as I already had everything else and couldn't find just a cape. Scout picked out the fabric, she really wanted pink, I couldn't find any trim the same color so went with gold (it matched the gold spots on the fabric you probably can't see. Anyway it turned out fairly ghastly, a little more superhero then witch, but Scout was very pleased, so I was too. Also, as I set out to sew it, figured out my sewing machine (well half of it) was still at Grandpa Pugh's house, so I had to glue gun it. Lame sauce.I made her a little broom and I was so proud of it, but forgot to have her hold it for the pictures. It cost only 1.99 to make. Here is a little pic of it, (with a crayon for perspective)

I thought this was a nice little Halloween image. Double suckering it.


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