Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Oscar Confidence List

It's that time once again folks and I'm getting my picks listed just under the wire.  I did surprisingly well last year therefore I have nowhere to go but down (I scored a 238 getting my entire top ten right).  I've missed seeing a lot of the top contenders this year, but did manage to watch all but one of the documentaries up (didn't see The Gatekeepers) and I watched all of the animated shorts for the first time ever, so I was able to make an intelligent decision on that category for once.  Not convinced it will help.  
Ah well, cheers and happy Oscars.

Oh- this year I decided to make my official pick and score it in order, but also next to it will be my personal pick, but I am not doing the 300 score thing for my personal picks.  So this year my heart and my head are going to duke it out.  Should be interesting.  (for two categories when it came to my personal choice, I had a tie between two movies, so if either happens to be the winner, I will score myself 1/2 a point).

This is how scoring works:(I'm doing the Movie BS scoring again this year- lots of fun)
1) you decide who you think is going to win in each category
2) you put them in order of how confident you are of your picks in each category.
There are 24 categories, so for example, if I get my first one right (or the one I feel most confident I will get right-) I get 24 points for that one. For the second on my list, I would get 23 points and so on. If you get them all right, it will add up to exactly 300 points. 

1.  FOREIGN LANGUAGE ... Amour (24pts.) - Amour
2.  BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS ... Anne Hathaway (23) - Anne Hathaway
3.  BEST ACTRESS ... Jennifer Lawrence (22) - Quvenzhan√© Wallis
4.  ORIGINAL SONG ... Skyfall (21) - Pi's Lullaby
5.  DOCUMENTARY ... How to Survive a Plague (20) - 5 Broken Cameras/Searching for Sugar Man
6.  BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR ... Robert De Niro (19) - Philip Seymour Hoffman
7.  BEST ACTOR ... Daniel Day Lewis (18) - Daniel Day Lewis
8.  ANIMATED SHORT ... Adam and Dog (17) - Paperman
9.  VISUAL EFFECTS ... Life of Pi (16) - Life of Pi
10. ADAPTED SCREENPLAY ... Argo (15) - Beasts of the Southern Wild
11. MAKE UP AND HAIRSTYLE ... Les Miserables (14) - Les Miserables
12. BEST DIRECTING ... Lincoln: Steven Spielberg (13) - Life of Pi: Ang Lee (I'm a fan)
13. BEST PICTURE ... Argo (12) - Django Unchained 
14. LIVE ACTION SHORT ... Buzkashi Boys (11) - Curfew
15. ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY ... Amour (10) - Django Unchained/Moonrise Kingdom
16. COSTUME DESIGN ... Anna Karenina (9) - Anna Karinina
17. CINEMATOGRAPHY ... Life of Pi (8) - Skyfall
18. ANIMATED FILM ... Brave (7) - I don't care AT ALL- didn't see any so.... Wreck it Ralph?
19. EDITING ... Argo (6) - Zero Dark Thirty
21. SOUND MIXING ... Les Miserables (4) - Life of Pi
22. SOUND EDITING ... Argo (3) - Django Unchained
23. DOCUMENTARY SHORT ... Open Heart (2) - Open Heart (the only one I've heard of)
24. PRODUCTION DESIGN ... Lincoln (1) - Lincoln

FINAL SCORE: 213 (much better then I anticipated! *patting self on back*)

And my winner of heart vs. head is: my head (as is the way of the world)
17/24- HEAD
11/24- HEART (I got my two 1/2 points)

Funny calling this a confidence list- I feel decidedly unconfident about the lot.  Unusually so.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Emily watched the last half of 2012

I may have taken a blog break, but I didn't stop watching.  I did stop writing them down though.  I wrote a few down and will try to remember as much as possible.  What I am not going to do is review them save for a one word sum up of each movie (which the exception of 2 mea culpas). It's been since June people!  I will also link to IMDB in case you're curious.

Night Wolf - bad bad, not good bad (I already broke my rule)
Amelie - lovely
The Woman in Black - freaky
The Double Life of Veronique - good (and over my head)
The 400 Blows - amazing
The Innkeepers - worth seeing
Bernie - Loved
Gosford Park - alright
A Separation - outstanding
Sleepwalk With Me - FUNNY
Cloud Atlas - zzzzzzzzzz

I also started watching or caught up on:

Breaking Bad -outstanding
The Walking Dead - awesome
Dexter season 6 - kicked (my butt)
Supernatural - meh
How I Met Your Mother - funny

Added late:
Django Unchained - most excellent

My mea culpas:

Run Lola Run - It has been a while since I saw this because I moved this and the other movie to the top of my dvd queue the hour I got called out, which must have been sometime last June- so excuse my memory.
 It was really good.  The whole movie is basically rehashing the same period of the day for Lola except little things change every time and this makes for drastically different outcomes.  Think Groundhog Day meshed with The Butterfly Effect made by Germans (if you've never seen a German movie, you'll just have to see what I mean).  I really enjoyed it Ami- thanks for recommending it to me.  I fully recommend it to anyone.

The Triplettes of Bellevue - First of all this is a cartoon, which I wasn't expecting.  A really strange, French cartoon.  I spend most of this movie going "what the crap?"  I enjoyed myself for the most part, but really spent a lot of time wondering what the deal was.  What is the deal Aim?  Explain your relationship with this movie.  Oh- it's about a little boy that lives with his grandma and grows up to be a cyclist, gets kidnapped during the Tour de France.  The grandma and her dog go to find him and end up in Bellevue where they are befriended by 3 old ladies that sing and eat frog stew.  They somehow help her find her grandson in a movie theater.  I think I got that right.  I can recommend this movie to all who like weird French cartoons.  I didn't know that I did, but I think I do alright.  I remember being quite fascinated with the animation throughout.

Well- that's what I've got.  If you saw a movie with me that I forgot, kindly bring it to my attention and I'll add it. Also, if you'd like me to expound on any of these titles, I'd be happy to chat them up.

I've got January and February's movies written down and will try to get January's post out tomorrow.  I'm always sorry when I say that....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fuzzy Chick Head

I want to get back to blogging, but I don't know where to start, so here is me without pomade. I walked around like this all morning and then looked in a mirror and had a good laugh. I don't think the picture does it justice. That is some crazy fuzzy baby chick thing happening. Not anymore though. I applied some pomade. 

By the way-- MUSIC IS BACK!!! Let's rejoice.


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