Sunday, February 26, 2012

My 2012 Oscar Predictions

This is my prediction list for The Oscars, a game I've done the last two years with the movie podcast, Movie BS.

This is how it works:
1) you decide who you think is going to win in each category
2) you put them in order of how confident you are of your picks in each category.
There are 24 categories, so for example, if I get my first one right (or the one I feel most confident I will get right-) I get 24 points for that one. For the second on my list, I would get 23 points and so on. If you get them all right, it will add up to exactly 300 points.
I did this last year and it made watching The Oscars so fun, so I was definitely interested in doing it again.  (I did terrible, getting 133 points).  All I can hope for is beating myself this year.

Try it! ( and report back to me your score)

Light green: the ones I got right (check out my top ten!)
Dark green: the ones I got wrong

1. BEST PICTURE - The Artist (24)
2. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Christopher Plummer (23)
3. BEST DIRECTOR- Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist (22)
4. ORIGINAL SONG - Man or Muppet (21)
5. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS -Octavia Spencer (20)
6. BEST ACTOR - Jean Dujardin (19)
7. ADAPTED SCREENPLAY - Moneyball (18)
9. BEST ACTRESS - Meryl Streep (16)
10. ART DIRECTION - Hugo (15)
11. ORIGINAL SCORE - John Williams, War Horse (14)
12. SOUND EDITING - War Horse (13)
13. CINEMATOGRAPHY - The Tree of Life (12)
14. FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM - A Separation (11)
15. MAKE UP - Albert Nobbs (for successfully transforming Glen Close into Conan O'Brien) (10)
16. ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY - Midnight in Paris (9)
17. SOUND MIXING - Moneyball (8)
18. VISUAL EFFECTS - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (7)
19. FILM EDITING - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (6)
20. COSTUME DESIGN - Jane Eyre (5)
21. DOCUMENTARY FEATURE - Undefeated (4)
22. DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT - The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom (3)
24. LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM - Time Freak (1)

(I'm calling it now: that is the best I'll ever do)


Haley said...

Yeah, you did pretty darn good!!

Haley said...

I really want to see The Artist!!

Sue said...

Nice job Em. I didn't watch must of the Oscars this year. I was in the garage helping Cam paint this thing he had to build for an owner. I'm so glad The Artist won so many awards. Such a great movie and hopefully that will get a lot more people out there to see it. I still want to see it again in the theater.

I only saw 3 of the movies that were nominated for best pic, The Artist, Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris. I'm surprised Tree of Life didn't win for cinematography. What movie got that award? Did Tree of Life win anything?

Emily said...

I thought they might give cinematography to Tree of Life- it deserved it, but you know the Oscars- they aren't exactly fair or what actually was the best. Fun none the less though. Hugo got the win, which is ok, it was pretty amazing too. Hugo is the only other one I saw that was up for best pic.

Sue said...

Ah yes, Hugo. I'll need to see the 2D version on DVD. Looks like a good movie.

Otters tomorrow!! YAY!

Emily said...

Otters tomorrow! And penguins. Love me some penguins.

Sue said...

I love penguins too! Otters and penguins, tomorrow is going to be great. Sharks too, boo. But I can deal. I will see you tomorrow morning! Don't forget the Hunger Games books! I'll bring the first one with me.

Hoodia Weight Loss Pills said...

I hope you have some good guess :) on your blog.

Acai Berry said...

I did really love to see the artist.


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