Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Pony short tonight

So Scout has been obsessed with horsies the last few days. It started when I discovered that a stuffed horse she got from grandpa Pugh over a year ago was actually a "Webkinz" which means that it came with a little code you entered into this website where there is an entire virtual world for your pet. I mean, complete with building it a house and buying furniture (and anything else you can imagine for it too), you also have to feed it and keep it healthy. You pay for all this by getting a job in the employment office or playing games for "kinzcash". It's all very cute and well and good except Scout is just a hair too young to do any of it alone (you have to read essentially) to get by. So when she wants to visit "Unicorns" (it's a brown Clydesdale she had to name) I have to be there to coach her and when she wants to play games to make money to buy it things I have to help her with the games (which usually translates to me just playing it). It's made for a few nice mommy daughter moments playing games, but mostly, it's become a thorn in my side (never mind that all week I have spent over two hours a night madly engrossed in "Cash Cow" and listening to yes Matt- Arcade Fire the whole time). When Scout wakes up, she is greeted with 800-1000 webkinz dollars to her delight.
Anyway, it's MOSTLY a thorn in my side (thank goodness the website shuts down at midnight and I am forced to go to bed- or tonight: write a blog post).

So, the point is, because of this, Scout has become quite obsessed with Unicorns (of the stuffed variety) and has added another little stuffed pony to the mix and together with Kiki, have been her constant companions for about 3 days. Tonight, when I would ask Scout a question, I would be answered by my three horsey children with a "neigh neigh neigh" -they all would answer in 3 different voices.

We took a quick trip to the store before dinner tonight to grab 3 or 4 items and I took Scout and her entourage. Well, after getting the bags in the car and totally strapping Scout in her car seat, she realizes that she is missing one horse (not Unicorns, the pony- which is just a little beany baby size I bought her a few summers ago on a trip to Thanksgiving Point's farm country). So I had to get the cart again, get Scout out, and back track every aisle we visited with no luck. We went to customer service and Scout was just beside herself, so sad. They hadn't had it turned in, and they were so sad seeing this very broken up little girl who missed her horse. Anyway, we had to go back home with one solider down. It was a very sad trip and a sad time on daddy's lap with a tissue telling the tale. We tried to cheer her up by letting her paint some little things that she said would cheer her up and I let her listen to Boo-bay (Cherry Cherry by Neil Diamond- listen to that song and you will realize why she calls it Boo-bay). Anyway, she cheered up some, but we keep listening to old Neil and I was busy trying to get dinner in the oven (late because of all the drama) and I heard her silently weeping again. I went over there and she said that the song that was on was making her sad and made her miss her pony. It was the cutest/saddest thing ever. Break a mom's heart. It was September Morn! I am going to provide the song for you so we can all lament this sad little lost horse Scout hadn't even named yet (and had owned for quite some time). But they shared some quality time these last few days. I may as well provide Cherry Cherry too for convenience sake.

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Rob and I sniggered after she had gone to bed and replaced the rhymes "day" "play" and "way" with- yep: neigh.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Wintertime Antics

Thought perhaps it was time for a general post about what my crew has been up to since Christmas, plus- I've got some great pictures with nowhere to go:

Elle bundled up

We took a trip to spend New Years with my family in Wyoming and decided to take Lola with us-- but not without drugs. We doped her up thinking that we didn't want an overgrown puppy in the backseat of our car with our two babies for 6 hours without some serious drugs.Judging from this picture, I think it's fair to say we accomplished the task we set out to do.

My little bean (with her not so little eyes)

A special moment with grandpa

Home again and we suffered the only casualty of the Christmas decorations this year.
We lost our tree top star and one ornament. Lola got a little beany one day and knocked the tree over-- not bad at all really, in fact I can't believe she only knocked it down once. A Christmas Miracle.

Scout made a pilgrim bonnet in school for Thanksgiving and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. She was not such a sport donning it for me for a quick picture, and wouldn't give me a sweet smile.

The pout right before I decided she had enough and let her take it off.
(but not before one last pic)

Ellsies on her little play mat she loves so much. (Also pictured: my shabby toenails I have neglected- shabby toenails attached to my long toes that can be found on my daughter if one looked hard enough).

It's like they are clinging to some invisible vine only she can see.

We are coming to realize that we have a little "fun and games girl" on our hands. Something I should have tuned into early, seeing as she started laughing a full 5 weeks before Scout did. Scout was always a really good baby- but fairly serious. Ells- well, she's going to be a little clown we think.

Lola Puppas has not stopped growing yet -finally seems to be growing into those ears and paws. Great Danes are known for wanting to be close to their loved ones and we see that trait in her grow stronger everyday. So much so that we had to relax our rule on not letting her upstairs -since our bedrooms and office are upstairs we spend a fair amount of time up here and she was not happy trapped downstairs. She is now allowed on the upstairs landing and in the office.
That top pic is of her in our bedroom doorway testing the limits of how far she can stretch herself in without a reprimand.
Many times we still have two puppies. The one on the right is named Darkish Pinkish.
Which is actually sad in a way, since that is the sister of Lola's that passed away, but left the biggest impression on Scout- we haven't told Scout of her death, I just don't have the heart.
But I guess she lives on in a way, disguised as a little four year old girl.

I do love bundled up winter time babies.

On this night at bedtime, Scout picked out an animal to sleep with.

It got a little out of hand.

Monkey Beans sporting a nice forehead injury that was the result of slamming into the trim along the wall (and too many monkey beans).

Putting a few animal friends to bed. The detail of note here would be to notice that she gave them all their own little Kiki.

What can I say? Another bundled up winter baby.

And a bundled up big sister.

Scout got into a little keepsake box where I keep little baby things to save. She found her and Elinor's hospital hats, was pleased to see that they were exactly the same (each born in the same hospital)- and thought they needed to be worn one last time.This happened just last night. She pulled the streamers and bell from her tricycle, put one in each hand and declared to me and Rob that she was a bicycle. (The "costume" was completed by when she moved, she kind of hopped in a manner that mimicked a wheel as best she could).
Our favorite detail was when I asked her to get me something upstairs, she took off and once she was out of sight, we hear her little bike bell "ring ring").

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I don't mean to brag but.....

Actually, that is exactly what I mean to do suckas!

Tiny E isn't even 5 months yet and she is playing peek-a-boo. Once I pulled the ipod out, she got "mystery box syndrome" and wouldn't smile, but on the vid where she is playing with Rob we got some giggles. She's so young she can't maneuver the blanket well, so sometimes she just bows her head toward it and calls it good. She is so excited when she is waiting that her little hands flutter and also watch for motorcycle leg. So fun.

Monday, February 1, 2010


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