Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Pterodactyl

Scout made me a Valentine today.
It says, "To: T-Rex"


ajmah said...

That's awesome!! Did Rob get one?

Emily said...

No he didn't, but he was a kyleosaurus, so I don't think she had the first idea on how to write that one.

Haley said...

Is that an actual dinosaur or named after Kyle? Haha. That's so cute! I can't wait until Allison can give me valentines!

Cat said...

Little kid Valentine's are the best. I still have this collection of a bunch that Booker made when he was 5. They all have bugs or robots drawn on them by him, then he put a little heart sticker on each one to make them Valentine-y. So cute.

Emily said...

I totally thought she had made up kyleosaurus in honor of her cousin, but she insisted it was a real dinosaur. I finally saw the episode of Dinosaur Train that featured one (it looks kind of like an ankylosaurus).


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