Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Wintertime Antics

Thought perhaps it was time for a general post about what my crew has been up to since Christmas, plus- I've got some great pictures with nowhere to go:

Elle bundled up

We took a trip to spend New Years with my family in Wyoming and decided to take Lola with us-- but not without drugs. We doped her up thinking that we didn't want an overgrown puppy in the backseat of our car with our two babies for 6 hours without some serious drugs.Judging from this picture, I think it's fair to say we accomplished the task we set out to do.

My little bean (with her not so little eyes)

A special moment with grandpa

Home again and we suffered the only casualty of the Christmas decorations this year.
We lost our tree top star and one ornament. Lola got a little beany one day and knocked the tree over-- not bad at all really, in fact I can't believe she only knocked it down once. A Christmas Miracle.

Scout made a pilgrim bonnet in school for Thanksgiving and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. She was not such a sport donning it for me for a quick picture, and wouldn't give me a sweet smile.

The pout right before I decided she had enough and let her take it off.
(but not before one last pic)

Ellsies on her little play mat she loves so much. (Also pictured: my shabby toenails I have neglected- shabby toenails attached to my long toes that can be found on my daughter if one looked hard enough).

It's like they are clinging to some invisible vine only she can see.

We are coming to realize that we have a little "fun and games girl" on our hands. Something I should have tuned into early, seeing as she started laughing a full 5 weeks before Scout did. Scout was always a really good baby- but fairly serious. Ells- well, she's going to be a little clown we think.

Lola Puppas has not stopped growing yet -finally seems to be growing into those ears and paws. Great Danes are known for wanting to be close to their loved ones and we see that trait in her grow stronger everyday. So much so that we had to relax our rule on not letting her upstairs -since our bedrooms and office are upstairs we spend a fair amount of time up here and she was not happy trapped downstairs. She is now allowed on the upstairs landing and in the office.
That top pic is of her in our bedroom doorway testing the limits of how far she can stretch herself in without a reprimand.
Many times we still have two puppies. The one on the right is named Darkish Pinkish.
Which is actually sad in a way, since that is the sister of Lola's that passed away, but left the biggest impression on Scout- we haven't told Scout of her death, I just don't have the heart.
But I guess she lives on in a way, disguised as a little four year old girl.

I do love bundled up winter time babies.

On this night at bedtime, Scout picked out an animal to sleep with.

It got a little out of hand.

Monkey Beans sporting a nice forehead injury that was the result of slamming into the trim along the wall (and too many monkey beans).

Putting a few animal friends to bed. The detail of note here would be to notice that she gave them all their own little Kiki.

What can I say? Another bundled up winter baby.

And a bundled up big sister.

Scout got into a little keepsake box where I keep little baby things to save. She found her and Elinor's hospital hats, was pleased to see that they were exactly the same (each born in the same hospital)- and thought they needed to be worn one last time.This happened just last night. She pulled the streamers and bell from her tricycle, put one in each hand and declared to me and Rob that she was a bicycle. (The "costume" was completed by when she moved, she kind of hopped in a manner that mimicked a wheel as best she could).
Our favorite detail was when I asked her to get me something upstairs, she took off and once she was out of sight, we hear her little bike bell "ring ring").


Haley said...

Wow so much to comment on!! I just can't believe how big Ells is getting, she is just beautiful! Lola is huge. Scout is so hilarious, she has such an imagination. That's one great family you have there Ems. :)

Pops said...

Wow is wright. Great pictures and great comments, Ems. You are gifted in the comment department. Your girls are super.

Pops said...

Those are not stubby toes.

B said...

Oh my goodness. These are awesome. I love the one of them in their little hospital hats, where Scout is reaching out to Elles, and then in the next one Elle is reaching out to Scout... is this going to be the start of "Mommy, she's copying me!!!" I also love the one where she picked out "1" animal to sleep with. Man. These are just all so great!! Love these girls.

W.V.= ressest. I cannot ressest these faces!!

Emily said...

1. I love Lola in the car. She is long gone. I'll bet when she snapped out of it, she thought, "Where in the world am I? And how did I get here?"
2. I love all of Scouts animals in her bed. Our kids also love to have animals in their beds and about the time they are sleeping on the razors edge of their mattress, we know it's time to down-size.
3. I love that the name of Lola's sister was named Darkish Pinkish. It's sad she passed away. That's good of you to keep that detail to yourself.
4. I love that Scout pretended to be a bike and that ringing from the other room is awesome.
5. Annabel puts all of her animals to bed too and they all have their own blankies. Tip: get some little "variety packs" of fabric at the fabric store. That way each animal can have their own print. Key.
6. Jane's dog does that same pushing-of-boundries. It's so funny.
And that's all I have to say. :)

Emily said...

This is a jam packed post, but I figured I might as well go for it. Perhaps I should do better at spreading them out but- eh, life happens.
I totally can see the second hospital hat pic as the future- "mom! Elinor is touching me!" Didn't notice that till B pointed it out (the look on Elle's face totally cinches it- defiant yet still saying, "what? I'm not doing anything".
Great idea Em on the fabric store so they can have different prints... Scout's animal's kikis are from a pack of washcloths someone gave me as a gift when I had Scout, but they were so cheap all they do is curl up and it drove me nuts so they were banished as washcloths and found a new purpose (also when they are wet, they are so flimsy they are like the size of a cotton ball). Then I found a ten pack of them at Ross for like 1.99 and bought them for Scout as a "treat" one day since she liked the others so much.
Haha about the kids being driven to the "razor's edge of the bed" so true! I let her have those for a few nights and then put them away. A few nights later she got all her little mini animals -she has a seperate collection of stuffed animals that are tiny palm size or smaller- and put all of them in the same spot and told me that she could keep those there since they were so little. Couldn't argue with that! She is a problem solver.
Darkish Pinkish was named Dark Pink because that was the collar color she was given at birth. Lola's was red. Who knows how or why is translated to Darkish Pinkish in Scout's brain, but Rob and I think it's funny.

And thanks Haley-- I think my family is great too. You're going to love having a little girl-- they are so awesome.

Amy Phister said...

Amen to all of the comments here. Loved the pictures. Great personalities in those girls! It will be so fun to see little Ells' funny personality develop. Love the bundled up wintertime babies, too.

The kiki/stuffed animal shot reminded me of a funny time in my home. When we lived in California we had friends over often. We had put the kids to bed and had thought they had long been asleep. I went in later to check on them and laughed out loud and called everyone in to see. They had taken EVERY single stuffed animal, doll, or anything that resembled one in any way and laid them out to go to sleep, each covered with a blanket of some sort. The funniest thing was that they quickly ran out of blankets and started using anything as a blanket, including every little pair of underwear they owned. I love it when you can see the thought process of a child. The girls were fast asleep in their beds and I just wanted to wake them up and kiss them. Yay for funny litle girls with good imaginations!


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