Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Emily's Been Watching, March Edition

Yay!  It is still April and I am actually getting to this!  This post has had to take a backseat until I finished the epic concert/road trip posts and I finished last night (phew)  I was very excited to have that chapter closed.  (Not that I didn't enjoy writing those posts, cause I did-  I just was ready to move on.)  So March movies.............hmmm, one thing I should say is that kind of on a lark, I have decided to get into French movies for a while.  Why not?  I say.  It started with running into a movie based on a book I really liked, then my neighbors suggesting a movie (that happened to be French), and perhaps a little influence from The Artist.  Anyway, it has just kind of snowballed and I've decided to explore what France has to offer in the form of movies (or "le film" say the French).  Having a good time so far and I must say, I am starting to pick up a little French (especially swear words- those are the easiest to pick out).

TAKE SHELTER (2011) [R] drama.  Matt and I watched this one night while he was out here.  It's been on my radar for ages, and was happy to finally be able to see it.  Interesting movie.  Remember how last year or the year before there was this trend with documentaries where film makers were giving them twist endings and they were a little mysterious?  Well, this year the trend was definitely the "ambiguous ending", where we are forced to think a lot when the movie is over and discuss it, and try to come up with how we think the film is really ending.  I think this might mark the last one I've heard about in this series.  I really like to be able to do that- it's fun and nice to be able to discuss your take and compare it to what the person next to you might think (by the way- I still don't know anyone that has seen Certified Copy and so I haven't been able to discuss that one.  Get on it people!) and come up with theories, etc.  I do like this- a lot.  But do you know what I would like even better?  A little note, or a youtube video perhaps, (I'm not picky- whatever you want guys) of the film maker telling us what really happened.  We could watch it a few weeks after seeing the movie, at our leisure, when we are sick of discussing and theorizing about it.  Because I like to discuss, but in the end, I stop discussing, because you can only discuss a movie for so long and then you are left with wondering what actually happened and there is a bit of unrest.  Keep these movies coming, but please think about my idea.  Thanks. 
This particular movie is about a guy that starts having nightmares that are very real to him.  He also has visions while he is awake, foreshadowing an epic storm coming.  He wrestles with whether or not he is schizophrenic or if it could be actual visions.  He keeps it from his wife and deaf daughter.  It was really good and led to a great discussion with Matt afterwards.  He had ideas and takes I never thought of and vice-versa.  Like I implied- the end is ambiguous and I don't want to say much more about the movie.  It is worth your time to see this one- good stuff (unless you're my dad- he disliked it and must not have been in a thinking mood that night, so didn't get much enjoyment out of it).  Emily recommends this movie highly, but put on your thinking caps.  And, I heard a great theory on it and will share it with you if you'd like after you see it.

THE HUNGER GAMES (2012) [PG13] drama.  Read the books- liked them.  Saw this- liked it.  Cat, Sue, Matt, B and I went to the midnight showing after Kelly and Mike's reception while we were all out in St. George.  It was fun to see it together but man, we were all so very tired (good thing my mom scheduled a breakfast together at the Cracker Barrel at 8 that next morning).  I had to fight to keep awake through the last third of the movie.  Good thing it was exciting and fast paced.  We really liked the casting choices- Woody Harrelson was particularly inspired.  That's about it.  Emily recommends it, but the world has already seen it.  Books are good too, but you already read them.

Screw it.   All the embedding of trailers seems to have been disabled.  I'm not going to mess with it.  You've probably seen it anyways eh?

RETREAT (2011) [R] thriller.  Matt and I liked the previews before Take Shelter so much, we used them to pick out our next movie night (that combined with what was available on Redbox).  This one was the winner, but it ended up not winning, I'm afraid.  I am also afraid I have forgotten most of it by now.  It wasn't bad, but we both agreed that it's biggest sin was that it was pointless.  Everything about it was pointless.  I remember that it is about a couple that are totally sequestered on an island for an extended vacation and they are visited by a stranger that says that there has been an outbreak of a disease that has desecrated the population really quickly and they have no way of proving him right or wrong and they have to decide that to do.  The acting and writing were all fine as I can recall, and the ending was satisfyingly twisty, it just had too many elements that were pointless.  Emily does not really recommend this movie.  If it's on tv sometime and you are in a movie watching mood- by all means, you won't be totally wasting your time.  It's ok.

TELL ON ONE (Ne le dis á personne) [UR] mystery/thriller.  I came across this movie as a Netflix instant suggestion and I noticed it was based on a book by one of my very favorite mystery/crime authors, Harlan Cobin.  I dug into it a little and saw how well received it was.  I had read the book and liked it, so gave it a go.  It was good.  It was fun to see a Foreign movie based on an American book and see the little ways they make it their own and French it up.  It worked.  The basic story is about this guy, whose wife is murdered and 7 years later he gets an email from her, of a video of her walking around and a note for him to "tell no one".  Then the story unfolds from there. Oh, and it stars a French Dustin Hoffman. Emily recommends this movie to anyone.  It's a good time, but didn't knock my socks off or anything.  Worth a watch though.

Female backside shown briefly in this trailer and a man is naked but you don't see anything if that bothers you- you've been advised- the French, what can you do?  Nudity is pretty casual as far as I've seen.  It's nothing that bother's me personally, but perhaps I'm a bit relaxed about the subject.  Nudity- meh.

THE TRIP (2010) [NR] comedy.  This is another movie that's been on my radar a long time and in my queue even (for a long time), but was nudged to watch it finally after having Sue recommend it to me.  I knew it was a comedy and I knew the guys in the film spend the whole movie talking and arguing and trying to best each other's Micheal Caine impersonations.  Sounds great and yeah, it was.  It really amused me.  I know it is more then just a movie, I think it is either based on some sort of reality tv show in the UK or something.  Perhaps I should have done some research before I wrote this, but it's one in the morning and I'm not going to.  I didn't need the back story to enjoy it, it was just entertaining on it's own.  Two guys are thrown together to a trip to eat at fancy restaurants and they are a little awkward about it, but end up being changed a little by the experience.  That's about it.  Emily recommends this if you like yourself a good British comedy now and then. Probably enough swearing to get an R rating.

HEARTBREAKER (L'arnacoeur) (2010) [NR] romantic comedy.  This is the one that my neighbors suggested I watch.  Oh my gosh I LOVED it.  This movie was so fun.  It's about a brother, sister and her husband who run a business where they break up relationships (hired by interested parties, not the couple).  They have rules about it, like it always has to be in the girl's best interest.  They do this, by using the brother as a kind of symbol that wakes them up and tells them that there is someone better out there (but not him of course).  This is a romcom, so of course there is going to be "that big job" that has "the girl" that gets to him and messes everything up.  In this case, it is Vanessa Paradis (who happens to be Johnny Depp's real life wife) and she is so adorable.  This movie is kind of your average romcom in many ways, but much better then average.  Emily recommends this movie very much!  Totally check it out-  it is pretty clean, she has a slutty best friend (I told you it was kind of classic romcom stuff- who knew the rules of the romcom are international?) who says one kind of nasty sentence in the back of a car and there is some French swearing now and then (and one quick lingerie malfunction (slutty friend again)), but it's not too bad.  You will enjoy it I think and I defy anyone not to have a huge grin on their face during the Dirty Dancing scene.  You know it's coming during most of the movie, but it still will make you smile.  It's on Netflix streaming and I've watched it twice so far.  

Les poupées russes (Russian Dolls) (2005) [NR] comedy/drama.  This was suggested to me by Netflix and people seemed to like it, so I watched it.  I spent most of the movie thinking I was watching some sort of French Micheal C. Hall (aka French Dexter) then it dawned on me that it is the same dude that was in Heartbreaker.  He looked so different* (*see: nerdy) in this.  I suppose that is why this was recommended to me (his name is Romain Duris by the way).  This movie was kind of meh- but on the better side of meh for sure.  I liked it alright, but it was no Heartbreaker.  The whole time I felt like I was missing something and then found out after the fact that it was a sequel to another movie (I watched in April- more on that next month).  It actually did a good job being it's own movie, but still, I felt confused from time to time, and like I said- felt as if I was missing something.  Turned out that I was!  It was a pretty good mix of comedy and drama and romance.  I'm not sure I want to get into the plot really, it's got a pretty big cast of twenty something singles, with one being the main focus (French Dexter), trying to bridge the gap from college to the professional world, or "single and loving it" to "settling down".  You know..........that sort of stuff.  Emily sort of half heartedly recommends this one.  You will be entertained somewhat, but your socks will most likely stay firmly on.

Alright, you'll have to go here to watch this clip I picked out for this movie.  It is Xavier (in his mind) walking down "the street of Ideal Proportions" in St. Petersburg behind this girl.  If memory serves (this clip is not subtitled) he is working out some things in his mind about perfection in women and why that distracts men from the real deal (his girlfriend).  He just all of a sudden starts into this dance like thing or strange walk and arm movements and it was just weird enough to raise the movie a notch or two in my eyes for whatever reason.  I really liked it.
I thought this was better then the trailer.

SPIRITED AWAY (2001) [PG] family/adventure.  So I saw this movie because of a few things:  1. I listened to a top 5 list of best animated movies and neither guy could stop bringing up Miyazaki.  2. Just days later Matt and I were having a little discussion about a NY Times article about Jonny Greenwood and the author described the contents of Jonny's backpack and one of those items was an Anime book (sp?).  Matt and I were a little taken aback by this news, and made a few innocent comments and this was facebook overhead by my friend Ami, and she basically told me that I might like some Anime and that I should see this movie.  Then my friend Jacob jumped on as well and backed her up.  So, when you combine 1 and 2, you kind of think perhaps you should see this movie.  oh and 3.  Ami recommended it.  Ami pretty much has reached "top movie recommend status" and so she can pretty much tell me to watch anything and I'll try it.  She's earned it with enough home runs through the years.  You're a diamond level member Aim, congrats.  
So, I watched it and it WAS really good.  At first glance visually, it doesn't seem like anything special, in fact looks like something I may have watched in my youth, but you shift your eyes to the background and there is some stunning visuals to be seen.  They were amazing.  The story is about a little girl that finds herself in a strange, magical world that is ruled by a witch and her parents are turned into pigs.  She has to figure out how to reverse this and get them all out of there.  It's super weird and trippy at times, and ends up having a nice message about loyalty and bravery and kindness.  Good for the kids to watch if they can handle some major weirdness.  Weird and intense at times, but I wouldn't call it ever really scarey.  Right away I could tell that I would have much preferred watching it in it's original language with subtitles instead of dubbed.  (Very few things bug me more then dubbed movies- everything always just seems so wrong, but especially the voices.)  But dubbed is what Netflix sent me, so I had no choice.  Oh well, I still enjoyed it.  Don't know if I have some sort of anime bug now or something- yes, I can answer that- I don't.  BUT I am sure I will be a little more open to watching something like this again if I'm told it's awesome.  It really wasn't as bad (see: nerdy) as I may have imagined at one time.  Emily can totally recommend this movie.  It may surprise you if you aren't into this world.  Much more interesting then your average Disney princess flick (and much more up Scout's alley).  I didn't have her watch it, but I would if I ever came across it again.  I think she'd get a kick out of it.

I don't know- might be a little scary for Scout still.

Emily's Wall of Shame

CITIZEN KANE (1941) [PG] Drama/mystery.  When I think of my wall of shame, this movie is right at the top of the list.  This is one of the most brought up movies in history and a must for all cinephiles.  Well, I finally watched it and I don't want to sound like an idiot, but I have to be honest.  I really didn't see what the big deal was. *dutifully shamed*  It was a good movie, well done, etc etc.  but seriously- what did I miss?  Perhaps that it is supposed to be a great big mystery about who Rosebud is, but by now, aren't we all spoiled on that?  I wouldn't think that would really make a huge difference.  Maybe I should study it a little and learn more about what makes it "great".   But I am glad I went in without all that pretension, so I could just see it as a lame person and not already impressed by it's wonder glories.  Does it sound like I hated it?  Cause I didn't- it just didn't live up to "the greatest movie ever" as it is touted in many circles.  It was fun seeing Orson Wells so young!  He was a handsome young man and an amazing actor.   Emily recommends this movie so you can educate me.  Or if you've seen it tell me your take and what makes it great to you.  I am really interested.

other stuff

Buffy:  only watched one episode.  The season is heating up a little I guess.

I finished The Wonder Years and am now going through How I Met Your Mother.  It is really amusing me.  Some jokes make me giggle long after they are done.  I am not a sitcom person by any stretch of the imagination, but this one is clever enough to like. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Down is the New Up

The Great Radiohead Road Trip: Vegas

-Ricky Gervais                      
(a proclamation he made upon reading Carl Pilkington's vacation journal after reading about everyone in the pub sitting around watching a cat lick itself) -one of the podcasts we listened to during that all night drive down that provided much needed amusement at 2:30 in the morning.


I woke up a new woman.  The world felt like my oyster- I was in such a good mood.  Life felt amazing and I felt like I wanted to give everyone I saw and met a hug.  I was just filled with such a great feeling and so much love.  Part of it was feeling a weight off my shoulders that the concert part of the trip was done.  The anticipation and excitement I had felt for months was over and the stress over something going wrong that would prevent me from being at the concert was all over.  Not only was it over, but the event was so fantastic, all those feelings were replaced with a peace and euphoria and love for all human kind.  I could now relax and enjoy the trip on a different level.  We went down to breakfast and then packed up the room.  Seven people in one room made for one crazy room to pack up and get organized not to mention the line to shower and get ready whilst doing it.  But we did it.  Then the bill got slipped under our door and we found out that they only decided to charge us for one night since we checked in after 4 in the morning and did not get maid service that afternoon.  Awesome!  Matt and I recreated the setlist from the night before too on my ipod using the on-the go playlist feature.  As we were packing the car I mentioned to Matt that I had every song except of course for Identikit, which is a song that they premiered on this tour, so it is only available  on youtube from uploaded concert videos.  I told him sadly that I had no idea how to get a youtube video on to my ipod.  "I do", he said.  I brightened up and we grabbed his mac and we ran back into the hotel to the dining area and he was able to download the video, remove the audio (from the very concert we had attended- people were so on top of it!)  He doubled the audio so it would play out of both speakers and downloaded it to his ipod- all in a matter of minutes.  I was so excited because it just wasn't going to be the same if it wasn't complete (especially without Identikit- my favorite new song).  

Matt drove first and I was in the front.  Everyone was in a good mood.  We were driving through this tiny town in AZ, and Sue noticed that we passed a little doggie grooming shop.  We pointed out that it was a weird business to see in a very small town especially when it's just about the only business we passed.  We started making jokes about people getting their bichon Frises groomed.  Then someone said something about dingos and so I made the rather innocent throw away joke, "can you do something about these dingos?"  and it was like we all pictured the exact some thing in our heads (some very fancy, prim and proper establishment, ladies grooming these snobbly little dogs and some farmer in dirty overalls bursts in with 3 or 4 snarling dingos on chains, slobber, blood and dirt caked all over their muzzles, and he asks that with a scratch of his head)  Ok, so I don't know if it was exactly like that in everyone's mind, but very very close.  Anyway, that line became the line of the trip.  We laughed so hard.  It came up at least a few times every hour.  This is one of the perks of traveling in a car with a bunch of siblings- same sense of humor.  We amuse each other very easily.  Then after a while, Matt and I started our setlist and talked concert with much excitement and detail and fond memory (I later was given the tip that the entire concert was available digitally on line and so I downloaded that, it is the whole concert in it's entirety including everything Thom said in between songs.  It is the greatest thing ever and makes my old setlist of the studio versions of all the concert songs seem like a pile of puke).  Sue and Cat watched the last episode of Sherlock (I brought the dvd and the two finally got to see it).  I'm not sure what B or the kids did to tell you the truth.  If I were to guess B listened to both things a bit and napped, and fielded Scout's questions like "are we there yet?"  and Elle sat and smiled and probably fit a nap in. 

 We were getting close to Hoover Dam, and the car seemed to struggle a little bit and concerned Matt and I.  But was something like car problems going to happen on the greatest holiday in the world?  No way.  The concerning behavior just disappeared.  We got out of the car and explored the dam a bit and walked along the awesome bridge.  I think the best way to tell this part is simply through pictures.

Scout had some concerns about Elles being on such a high bridge and held her hand for a while.  Ever the good big sister.

(Not the best pic with the wind and such, so I'll keep this one small)

So after that little break, we proceeded to Vegas.  We were all excited for Scout to get her first experience of this unique city.  I use the word unique, cause I'm not a huge fan, but it's fun for a minute.  Sue hooked us up in a pretty cool Marriot.  It was downtown, just a little off of the strip and our room was on the 12 floor.  It was designed very modern and cool and was 20 stories tall, with a swimming pool on the roof.  We explored all that for a bit. 
 There was a fire by the pool which we thought was neat.


Then we went out and finally got our Mexican- not quite the experience we were gunning for, but it was fine.  Scout was pretty tired and winy the whole time so that was really fun.  She was a little homesick and missed daddy.  It was pretty dang late when we finally made it to dinner I suppose.   I only got to eat like 3 bites of my fajitas. 

We had two rooms this time, cause there was one less bed in each.  Scout and I took the bed, and Sue took the hide-away, which had a chase lounge next to it, so Elles slept on that next to Sue.  It worked great.  We pretty much just went to bed after dinner.  Still pretty worn out.

That next morning, only half of us went to breakfast, and brought up a few things for the other half.  Then some of us went swimming.  It was pretty cold, but the pool was rad, we couldn't help it.  Plus, Scout had turned into a swimming pool freak.  

 Little E kept to the sidelines that day- it was cold!

 Then we had to get back to the room so we could pack up and head out of there.  We got cleaned up and dressed and then while I packed and stuff, Scout played on the ipad.   She has this app game that is a horse that you take care of and she bought it this little leprechaun outfit that was really funny (it was st. Patrick's day).  Then she was out of "coins" and saw this little blanket that you could put on your horse to cover it when it's cold and I was feeling generous, so I purchased her a little pack of coins for .99 and let her get her horse the blanket thing. 


Then while I was still sitting next to her, she started mumbling something and then said, "I'm going to get that too" and I look in time to see the little "purchased" pop up thing that told me that she had just purchased something onto my itunes account.  "That is impossible" I thought, she does not know my password.  I take the ipad from her and after doing a little digging find out that she had just purchased 5,000 "gems" for her horse.  I couldn't believe my eyes and checked to see how much 5,000 gems cost.  Well, let me tell you- 5,000 gems cost $99.99.  I about flipped.  I couldn't believe that was possible.  What sane person made this even a possibility??  Who in the world would spend $100 on such a thing?  And how was it possible my 6 year old was able to?  I thought you had to put your password in every time you made a purchase.  

I found a few things out that day.   One thing I learned is that once you put your password in, there is a 15 minute period where you don't have to put it in again for any purchases.  Yep.  ARG!  I railed on Scout a bit I am afraid.  I wouldn't have been so upset with her exactly- way more at the situation, but she copped an attitude right away (looking at it rationally, I can see that she felt really bad and scared that she had done something pretty bad and was embarrassed and upset and never would have dreamed that she just spent one hundred dollars).  So she copped an attitude to save some face and so I was fairly hard on her initially.   I went quickly into Matt's room who is my mac/apple extraordinaire and told him what had just happened.  He immediately begin googling and I went back to my room to talk to Scout again.  I tried to comfort her, but she was pretty upset.  She was embarrassed that everyone seemed to think this was a big deal like mom did.  You know, I've thrown 100 dollars away more then once in my life, but for some reason, this scenario really bothered me.  I went back to Matt and he kind of whispered that it didn't look good.  This happens quite often actually, we read about some kids spending over 300 dollars on these things, and the parents don't find out until like a month later when they get their credit card bill. 

Matt made some calls to tech support and then suggested I get it taken care of now, since he figured if I act immediately I have a better chance.  Well, I tried to fill out some email forms apple sent me and tried to navigate through their help site and wasn't getting anywhere.  I called my bank and they saw the transaction but said it was considered a pre authorization so they couldn't help me.  At this point, we were late to check out and not ready to either, Elle had breakfast all over her still, Scout was hiding from everyone under the covers and I was too frazzled to want to try to deal with it anymore.  So I dropped it, and wanted to just carry on with the day and try to sort it out when I got home.  How far things had come from the euphoria of the concert!  While we were piling our luggage onto the trolley, I sighed and said, "I need some Radiohead".  Sue sympathetically shook her head and agreed.  It made me smile and giggle a little that she honestly took that somewhat seriously.  I really did need some though.  


We cheered Scout up finally and got out of there.  Then we packed the car and we had one of those black luggage things you put on the top of your car for extra space and it's pretty hard to close once we have everything packed in there.  I tried and failed and so Matt tried his hand at it and was unsuccessful.  He finally jumped off the bumper with his hands still at the top of the black thing and slid down the back of the car like he was hanging on the edge of a cliff losing finger grip slowly.  At the very last second before his fingers lost contact with the edge and he fell we hear this little "click".  He did it!  It was such a funny image and he didn't even know he was successful.  Anyway, it was very funny to us.  So we drove around and showed Scout the strip, then we took her to Circus Circus and played games and watched some circus performances with the lamest clown in history.  It was just sad.  But the acrobats were really good.  
Once again, Scout reaped the rewards of being the only kid with a million adults and we played the horse races with the balls you know- and we won her a giraffe pillow pet.  Then Matt and Cat and Sue all tried to win her a horse at this basketball thing, and they all got really close (you have to make a basket with both balls you were given) and after a few attempts each, I tried and channeled my mommy vibes that were thinking that this-had-gone-on-long-enough-and-enough-money-has-been-spent-this-needs-to-end-now and I miraculously did it with my first dollar.  Yeah baby.  Those vibes can be powerful.  
We had had enough by that time.  We drove the strip again and Matt was minding his own business when this lady in the passenger side of a car yelled at him, "learn how to drive!"  He seriously hadn't done anything!  He hadn't switched lanes cutting her off, she wasn't even behind him.  There is no way that anything Matt may have done affected that lady.  But she was MAD!  She was banging the side of her car, and just beside herself with rage.  She also had very few teeth and looked like a crack addict and was obviously drunk.  We laughed so hard.  She went on her way and a few minutes later, as we were stopping at a light and approaching her again, we notice her banging on the side of her car again totally in another rage and we realize that she is upset at the car in front of her.  We laughed again.  Then we lost her for a few more minutes and then pulled along side of her again at another light and couldn't wait to see what she would do this time.  She surprised us by noticing that one of our headlights was out and she and her husband were very helpful giving us directions to the Walmart to get ourselves a new one because cops give out tickets for that.  She had no memory of us or her anger at Matt and his invisible terrible driving skills.  She also had no idea that she became the second tag line of the trip.  It wasn't only "learn how to drive" either, we used it a myriad of ways. She also didn't know that she amused my daughter SO MUCH.  No one liked the "learn how to drive" line better then Scout.  In fact, she used it in her writing assignment that next week at school. 
 Ah, to have seen Scout's teacher read that.....

Moving on.  We went to the Luxor so Scout could go in a pyramid.  She wanted to be Scooby Doo while in it.  So we all had our characters assigned to us and we went.   

We got lunch while there at this deli and the prices were insane.  A soda was over $4!  *grumble grumble*  I was a little extra annoyed that day by prices and I was in the wrong city to be annoyed about spending superfluous money.  I shook off the ipad thing as well as I could, but there was just a subtle little grey cloud over me because of it.  
We got roped into this magic carpet picture thing because the guy appealed to Scout by asking her if she wanted a magic carpet ride.  We knew this was a lame a Vegas tourist trap that would be ultra stupid, but we did it and actually laughed quite hard at the whole thing.  We were laughing at how stupid it was and how not us it was, while I believe our movie maker thought we were genuinely having a great time and totally into it.  We had some laughs again watching the little movie we made and the bad camera tricks (especially Elles being abandoned on the carpet while we ran around it and she looked like a bug on her back with her long skinny legs sticking straight in the air.  Anyway, we weren't about to take any of it home and the lady trying to sell to us was annoying.  Kind of fun, but lame as can be.  We decided it was time to go.  We walked out of the Luxor to a MASSIVE rain storm.  Rain was pouring down the side of the pyramid in sheets.  (UP: all the skanky, skimpy, girls prancing around in their st. Patrick's outfits weren't very happy.)  We drove around in the rain and couldn't figure out how to exit Vegas and get on our way.  We drove around forever trying to get out of Vegas.  We knew the weather was bad everywhere and we really needed to get a move on.  In fact, it took so long we were still in Vegas the first time Scout asked if we were almost home.  Sigh.  I was so over Vegas.  I just wanted to leave it behind me.  It either rained or snowed the entire way home.  It made things tense and we only had one headlight and we couldn't find a Taco Bell in St. George.  It took a long time to get home.  


We got home eventually (around 1 or 2 I think).  We did have some good times and some great laughs on that drive.  I also decided that I was going to get that hundred dollars back because the trip was so enchanted by the Radiohead gods, they would never let such a lame thing happen- not on the amazing trip of joy.  The trip had been too awesome so far.  Also, I decided if I did have to end up paying for it, perhaps it was a small sacrifice to pay to keep things level and even.  Everything else had just been too awesome. 
The girls and I went in to a sleeping Rob and all gave him hugs and kisses.......... and so ended The Great RH Road Trip. 


I did some googling on my own that next day and found a blog where a guy describes a similar situation that had happened to him and invited other parents to share their experience with it.  Most were actually getting refunds from Apple.  They said that you have to explain the situation and they will hopefully refund you, but they make it clear that this is a one time deal.  So I wrote my own letter to Apple- positive, honest and I went the honey route as opposed to the vinegar one.  Sure enough- I got a reply a few hours later telling me they will refund it, but yeah, this is a one time deal.  She gave me some info on how to disable in app purchases.  I thanked her profusely and told her that Apple had a very loyal customer in me.  I really didn't want to disable having the option of in app purchases, but found out how to do something better-  adjust my settings on the ipad so you ALWAYS have to enter the password to make a purchase- and that is a password Scout will never ever know.  (Not that she would make that mistake again.)  The money was back in my account in a day or two and everyone was happy for me, Scout was happy, Rob was happy, and I was so happy and knew that the rh gods smiled a little too.

Here's to the greatest holiday in the world!!  That was one for the history books and much better then watching a cat lick itself in my opinion.

I just told Scout this week that even though they refunded mommy's money, they didn't take the gems she bought back.  So this is going to be one fancy virtual horse.

 "Get yourself together
Let the light pour in
Pour yourself a hot bath, pour yourself a drink
Nothing’s gonna happen without a warning
Down is the new up
What is up, buttercup
Down is the new up, is the new up"
-Down is the New Up               


Monday, April 23, 2012

Shameless Plug

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The winnings would be awesome for him and help him along in his business, so it would be awesome if he wins.  This is his website- and if you came to this blog because you are a Radiohead fan (as many seem to do), he is a fellow fan!  So support him!  There are only 2 more days left............

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sometimes it seems

Like not a lot changes around here.............

She was pretty busy this morning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wake Me Up

The Great RH Road Trip:  After

"It’s like I’m falling out of bed
From a long, weary dream
The sweetest flowers and fruits hang from the trees
Falling off the giant bird that’s been carrying me
It’s like I’m falling out of bed
From a long and weary dream 
Just exactly as I remember
Every word
Every gesture"

(First of all I would like to apologize if these posts have run a little long.  I realize they have and I am not willing to do anything about that frankly.  This was such a monumental event in my life (if you know me or my blog at all, you get the gravity with which I view this event (this blog is called Life in a Glass House- for goodness sake! (a Radiohead song), and I have never been the soul of brevity anyway -let's face it.  Also- I suppose no one is forcing anyone to read this, and these posts are the only place I am writing these events down, so I want to be thorough for my own sake.  The good news is- this post should be fairly short.  No one has complained by the way, I just have been feeling a little guilt at the amount of posts and the duration of a few of them.  Ok, that's all, cheers--- love you guys.)

We all stood there and cheered.  Hoping that if we cheered hard enough they would come back out with another encore.  Yeah, we were greedy and didn't want it to end.  Never wanted it to end.  But, the lights came up anyway and it ended.    Matt and I started the walk to the stairs to where we planned to run into B.  We passed Marcus (we had ditched our old area during Paranoid Android if you remember).  Almost without a word, Marcus and I gave each other a big hug and said "bye".  

With every step, I could feel the adrenaline leaving my body and a weariness I have seldom ever felt took it's place.  We started up the steps and with every step my body felt heavier and heavier and I thought they would never end.  It took a lot of effort every time I had to lift my leg to that next step......but luckily they ended before I collapsed.  But it wasn't over-  I had to walk all the way over to the concession stand thing to get me a shirt.  There I stood and waited in a long line.  The good news was that by the time it was my turn, I had memorized what shirts they had left in my size and what they all looked like front and back, so I could be quick about it.  I splurged and bought a water bottle too (we saved mega on our hotel, so I figured I better get both things.)  I have ended up REALLY loving that bottle so I am SO glad I got it.  It was worth every one of it's over priced cents- it's awesome. (I LOVED last tour's bottles so much, I always wished I had bought one on their site when they were selling.  (I've looked for them online since and they are nowhere to be found so- carpe diem.) I dropped mine on the sidewalk within about 5 minutes of my ownership of it and it got a little dent up top.  I like the dent.  I don't think those aluminum Swiss bottles are respectable until they have a dent or two, so I went ahead and took care of that right away (what better place for it to get it's first battle scar then the front lines at it's concert home, eh?).  

We called Sue to pick us up and drank lots of drinks from an obliging water fountain.  Then we made the trek all the way to our meeting place waaaaay down the street.  Before the concert when we made pick-up plans I said, "yeah- we'll walk all the way out here- no problem, a good walk is always nice after a concert"  I regretted that one a little bit.  But, the walk was easier then the stairs up the arena and we had PLENTY to talk about- maybe the water had something to do with that.  Plus Matt got serenaded by a group of dudes.  Then we sat and waited for a little bit (it was not long though).  When we got in the van, we found the whole gang there when we were just expecting Sue.  It was so funny~  neither Cat nor Sue wanted to stay at the hotel and miss out on the "just after concert" hype, so they each plucked a sleeping child from their beds and strapped them in the car and came to get  us.  The girls were sleeping in their seats, so they must have been fine with that.   I don't blame them, I can imagine us yapping all about the awesome details of the concert, getting back to the room and when asked again, being like- yep, it was great.  In actuality when they asked me upon getting in the car, all they got was me opening my mouth and nothing could come out- well I did manage a squeak after a time.  Where does one start explaining the absolute jaw dropping awesomeness one had just barely experienced?  We managed to get some details out though eventually :)  

To be honest, I don't remember much more of that night after that.  I don't remember if Scout woke up and was up for a while after (or if Elle did).  I don't remember if we talked much in the hotel before going to sleep.  I honestly can't remember the rest of that night, there was only "Homer sleep now".  So I guess that's about it for post concert shenanigans.

"And if you think this is over
Then you’re wrong
If you think this is over
Then you’re wrong
If you think this is over
Then you’re wrong
Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up
 Wake me up"


To be continued.................................

Monday, April 9, 2012

Emily's Happy Place

The Great RH Road Trip:  The ACTUAL Concert

I put together the entire concert from youtube clips!
Now,  if I ever need to go to my happy place, I can come here.......................

"No matter what happens now
You shouldn’t be afraid
Because I know today has been the most perfect day I’ve ever seen."



2.15 STEP






Hellooooooooooo Jonny at 2:49 
(you will want to go full screen for this one, the quality is AMAZING)




One of the best video shots of Jonny EVER at 0:48





The first minute is like one long, awesome Thom dancy dance.


2:37-3:45 is a do not miss.  
(and keep in mind this is song #16- last song before the encores)


18.KID A






"When I’m at the pearly gates
This will be on my videotape, my videotape
Mephistopheles is just beneath
and he’s reaching up to grab me

This is one for the good days
and I have it all here
In red, blue, green
Red, blue, green

You are my center
When I spin away
Out of control on videotape
On videotape
On videotape
On videotape

This is my way of saying goodbye
Because I can’t do it face to face
I’m talking to you before

No matter what happens now
You shouldn’t be afraid
Because I know today has been the most perfect day I’ve ever seen."

I would like to give a special thank you to the people that go to the concert and spend the whole time filming so that we have this wonderful way to go back to that night and relive it again and again and again (I may get annoyed when I am trying to watch the show and 50 camera phones are blocking the view, but I sure am thankful later).  I'd especially like to thank treerose1 (your filming is amazing and the quality is second to none) and littlefoo20 (you are the inventor of Jonny cam-- an inspired idea!)

(Man I'm a nerd.  But this is MY happy place where I get to be as nerdy as I want.)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

After years of waiting........

The Great RH Road Trip:  The Concert

"Before you run away from me
Before you're lost between the notes
Just as you take the mic
Just as you dance, dance, dance"

-Jigsaw Falling Into Place          

Photo by dai on w.a.s.t.e

I would like to dedicate this post to Megan, Alex, and Sean*.  It's because of you guys so many years ago that I found myself at Arena on March 15th 2012, experiencing one of the greatest nights of my life.   Thanks so much I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude for suggesting a band to me, knowing I might like them.  What do you know?  I did.

*there was a fourth, but I can't remember his name for the life of me.

Phone call at 12:30pm on Thursday (concert day),  Rob: "I can't believe I was able to wait so long to call you today, I've been thinking about you all day and have been so excited.  It isn't every day that someone's dream comes true."

I've been having a hard time trying to figure out how to write this post.  I've been feeling a lot of pressure from myself to make it deserving of the concert.  I need to let that go and just write.  (It usually works out fine when I do that.)  How to start though?  I think the bulk of it will be the setlist and my thoughts during the particular songs, but first some random overall things:

-Looking over the setlists from the King of Limb's tour, I honestly can say that the Glendale, Arizona Setlist is the one I would have hand picked if I could choose. (RH gods gift #4)  In fact, the other concert I very nearly went to was the one in Denver and that is my least favorite setlist so far (phew).   There were songs on the tour that I would have LOVED to hear (You and Whose Army?, Karma Police and Seperator come to mind) Oh, and Meeting in the Aisle (a B side that goes back a long ways, but had never been played live before this tour.  It is an instrumental and so fantastically awesome.  I LOVE LOVE watching videos of them playing it.  The good thing is- I love watching videos of them playing it, so that will do) and hey, 1. I can't think of any song I would have dropped in their place and 2.  You've got to save something for next time right?

-I dislike Ed's current haircut (it's really 80's new wave) and on my concert night, he was wearing a bowler hat, just for me I like to think.  RH gods gift #5 (soooooo petty I know, but kind of awesome nonetheless how much the RH gods were catering to me huh?  I must have been a good girl this year).
 Photo by Aye Mel on w.a.s.t.e

-Colin was so dang cute I couldn't believe it.  He was so excited and so smiley and funny back there on bass I watched him waaaay more then I ever would have thought.  He won me over that night, and I was already a fan- he is the best interviewer when it comes to the band and he just seems like a friendly guy.  Marcus and I kept yelling to each other about how cute he was.   
 Photo by dai on w.a.s.t.e

-Jonny looked like he could have done his taxes while he was playing his guitar (in a good way).  I was blown away by how that guy can play like the guitar is absolute second nature to him.  He makes it look unbelievably easy and I know it's not and he is doing a million things to make the songs sound the way they do.
photo by dai on w.a.s.t.e
 photo by arico on w.a.s.t.e

-I loved watching Ed sing back up vocals.  I know he is the voice that does the backups, but watching and hearing him live was quite another story.

-I now know where Thom is the most natural and at ease:  performing for his fans.  He was amazingly relaxed and loose and you could tell he was happy and was totally enjoying himself.  It brought joy to my heart knowing he was so happy up there.  Cheesy, yes- but you know what?  He hasn't always been and as a fan, it means a lot to me to see him in a place where he obviously is enjoying it.  He loves his fans- that was very apparent.  Miley Cyrus can suck it.

-A few songs in, Matt points at him and goes, "look at how little his legs are!"  He really is a small guy and had his pant's cuffed which made him look even littler.  It was so cute.  I wanted to take him home in my pocket.

- I thought I knew this before, but I had no idea.  That man can DANCE.  He was all over the stage the whole night.  The music is in him and it pours out through dance in a very primal way and it was an experience in itself to see it  happen before your eyes.

-Hmmm.  I didn't mention Phil.  As Scout would say, "awkward!"  I'm sorry Phil, you just play your drums like a master all the way back there and kind of get lost.  Here is a pic though:
 Photo by inez on w.a.s.t.e

I'm pretty sure that's Phil..............he and Clive look so much alike dang it!

I should also mention that they had an extra drummer for the tour.  He is Cliver Deamer and is the drummer for Portishead.  They needed another drummer to play the TKOL's stuff live, otherwise they would have needed a drum machine.

Alright, let's get started:

They walked on stage, they were there.  Smiling and waving.  THEY WERE THERE!   They picked up their instruments and started playing their first song.  This is the opening song of The King of Limbs and they have started every concert this tour with this song.  "Open your mouth wide, a universal sigh"  was the first lyric I heard of the night.  Fantastic.  I am afraid I spent much of the song screaming and pointing at either Thom or Jonny and just yelling the word, "look!"  That's about all I could do for a few minutes.  For the tour they have this backdrop of 14,400 recycled water bottles with an led light in the rim and the light show this creates is amazing and hypnotic.  THEN, as this song continued, 12 monitors floated down and positioned themselves, hovering and moving around.  They were a mash up of faces and hands strumming guitars and were constantly changing.  It was so phenomenal and artistic it was hard to get over.  It wasn't just straight from the camera shots either, they had a wash like feeling about them that blew my mind. 
photo by Dan on pasificlectic

photo by arico on w.a.s.t.e
This song and the whole ball of wax and what this meant was just senses overload.  And the night had just begun.

During this song I started smelling weed being smoked nearby, but thought little of it (set up).

15 Step
Still in a fan freak-out fog here.  Great dancing song.  Very up beat and fun- it's the opening song on In Rainbows.  More screaming, pointing and yelling LOOK!, but also finding a great joy in just watching Thom do his thing.  He had a charisma I didn't know he had.  I thought I would be watching Jonny all night in awe, but watching Thom during this song I figured out that was not quite going be the case. The guy in front of me was hunkered down a little at one point during this song and I was taking advantage of him not in my way and was leaning forward a little, noticing that the weed smell was very strong and turned my head to Matt and said, "that's close" and while I said it, a huge puff of smoke raised from the hunching guy and surrounded my face.  Yeah- I'd say it was close- I'm a genius.

Another album opener (theme?).  But this time it was from my very first RH album I ever had- OK Computer.  With the first strum of this song, well- my computer was not OK.  This is the part of the concert where it all hit me and the reality of where I was and what I was doing over came me and I blipped out.  eeee...short circut...eeee.   I turned around and hugged Matt and my feet left the ground and I breathed.  Then when I came down I spluttered a bunch of nonsense sentences to him.  For one thing, I absolutely adore the song in it's own right.  It's a fantastic song.  When it plays though, (and I actually explained this in the car on the way out to Arizona) there is this moment I have in the opening riff when I get this happy tingle in my soul that OK Computer is starting and I get to listen to it.    Do you know that feeling?  It never fails to bring back the hours I spent in New York alone listening to it and discovering it.  It is special to me in a Radiohead sacred kind of way, and hearing them play it so early in the set was perhaps too much for my mental computer to compute.  "That moment" happening in the concert was probably inevitable though, so I may as well get it over with.  At the end of the song, all of a sudden Jonny just rips through the opening riff again super loud and weed guy and me spontaneously turned to each other and go "no way!"  I said that actually, he said "what???!!"  Then we did this little hug thing in excitement. 
That is the end of weed boy saga- we never acknowledged each other again.  (One thing I just loved about that night- perfect strangers just so deliriously happy we were all close and best friends, didn't care who each other were, just knowing that the guy next to you was likely to be experiencing a perfect moment just like you.  Cause they get it.)

Little by Little
A song from TKOL, one of my favorites actually.  Great lyrics.  Thom confused the order of the two little by little verses at the beginning.  Not sure how many people noticed- I did.  He didn't skip a beat and just sang then in reverse order and said nothing about it.  Awesome.  

I remember this one as being particularly awesome lighting wise and dancing wise.  I am convinced that Thom really enjoys performing this song.   It's a fan favorite from Hail to the Thief. 

The Gloaming
Another song from Hail to the Thief, it is a really hypnotic song and Thom drove that feeling further with his arm movements and the lighting display.  It was about as other worldly as it got in that room that night.  The beat is amazing and the lyrics are about the witching hour (the gloaming is another word for twilight time) and he sings about genies being let out of the bottle and the song culminates into the repeating lines, "your alarm bells, your alarm bells, they should be ringing they should be ringing........"  the led lights were blinking down like rain.  Intense and awesome.

Morning Mr. Magpie
My most vivid memory of this TKOL's song was the bridge part.  I marveled about how amazing these songs sound live and how different an experience they are in an arena then they are on your ipod.  The bridge was something I never gave a second thought to, now I can't wait for that part of the song when it plays cause it's BRILLIANT.

Pyramid Song
This is one of the most beautiful poetic songs in their collection.  It also brings with it an iconic image of Jonny turning his guitar around like a cello and playing it with a bow at the beginning.  Thom is on piano.  It's an image all RH fans know and love.  Loved being there for that.  Being so close to Jonny I could watch his fingers slide around the neck of his guitar and hear the strange sounds they produced with each movement.  Studying it made me feel like I was alone in a museum or something and able to really examine it for myself.  The arena and the people around me disappeared for a few minutes.  I pulled out the camera for a minute during that time- as you saw.

The Daily Mail
While Thom was at the piano, he might as well do this song.  It is no secret this is one of my current favorites.  I think it is one of the best songs they've written in years (it was released as a single after TKOLs came out).  Knew they'd play it-- so glad they did, it was magic.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
An In Rainbows favorite for me, and was another example of how much better these songs can be live.  Particularly the last two albums.  They were made to be played live.  The arena wakes them up somehow and who knew they were sleeping?

Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
Thom proceeded this song with the words "and now for a little experiment".  I was like,  "what???  A new song?  What does he mean by that?  Is he going to totally work over and change an old song?"  Then the familiar beat of Packt hit the air and the crowd exploded.  This is another opening song to an album- this time Amnesiac.  I knew enough to know that they hadn't played this song yet on tour, so that is when I figured what he meant by "experiment".  I found out later that they hadn't played that song since 2001 (during the Amnesiac tour), so he probably meant- lets see what happens if we dust the cobwebs off this little number.  It's a fantastic song with a million little sounds happening all the time.  So fun to be there for that.  I loved it!

This song debuted on this tour, and was written in January during rehearsals for the tour.  I was in love with first listen when I saw a video of it after the first concert in Miami.  I had watched that video enough to know the words.  Thom proceeded this song with a little speech about how the new material is why they do this (touring) and that looking forward is better then looking back, but looking back is ok too (he botched that last bit and declared that he was just going to shut up now).  He mentioned that this song is one of his very favorites.  I was happy cause it's one of my favorite's too.  This song was my first of two moments where I believe Thom and I had a moment.  There is a part of the song that is repeated that says, "now I see you messing me around- I don't want to know, I don't want to know".  During the last few sets of that line for the song, he happened to walk right exactly in front of where I was standing and was crouching a little and singing it to us.  I was the only one in the vicinity that was interacting with him with the song (I was singing it back to him and shaking my finger) and I swear he was focused on me for a moment or two.  Everyone else was just screaming or standing there. 

Lotus Flower
Perhaps the most famous song of TKOLs, special thanks to that crazy video of Thom dancing to it.  He didn't pull any punches dancing to it that night either, all the while dancing around the stage with three full size maracas in one hand.  Matt and I pointed this out and giggled.  One or two just must not have been enough.  I was starting to be able to figure out his favorite parts of certain songs.  He would just suddenly come alive for a few minutes and totally lose himself in the beat.  It just looked like there was this happy release in his brain when those parts would show up and he celebrated.

There There
Another iconic RH moment.  This songs starts off with the whole band except Thom and Colin on drums.  What an image.  Sooooo glad I got to see that too!  I didn't have a very long wish list, only 3 or so songs- I tried not to have one at all, but couldn't kid myself that one didn't exist.  This song was on that short list- just for all the drumming.  I think it is such a cool idea.  I couldn't believe my luck on the songs they were choosing for our show.  It was unbelievable- I felt like they were putting on a show for me.  Later, watching videos of this song, it was funny to watch Ed, he broke like 5 drum sticks throughout the song and at the end broke his second to last one, so he turned it around (without missing a beat) and played it with the handle until he broke that, then threw it on the ground and had to play the last few beats with just one.  He obviously breaks them pretty frequently since he had a collection of back ups, but I wonder how often he breaks them all?  Jonny played with four- two in each hand.  He finishes the song on guitar and it knocks me out.

My least favorite song from TKOLs.  But is many a fan's favorite.  It is a fine song, but a little more dance clubesque, and kind of interrupts the album for me.  I'd like it better out of context, just played randomly in a mix.  Anyway, watching it live definitely endeared it to me and made me appreciate it more.  I think I get it a little better now and loved watching Thom on the sound mixer and the weird microphone.  I would love to watch him DJ sometime.

Hearing this song start was exciting for me twofold.  First of all, it is my favorite Kid A song.  It is so brilliant.  But that aside, it meant much more to me hearing it.  You see, they have been closing all the concerts lately with one of two songs- Idioteque and Paranoid Android.  It is important for you all to know that it has been a 12 year long dream for me to hear Paranoid Android live.  That song has a certain quality to it that begs to be played live.  It is a song I need to admit that if they hadn't played it that night, I would have walked away with a twinge of regret.  There isn't any song they have that I could say the same for, not one.  So, hearing this song start told me that I had a very very good chance I was going to hear P A that night.  Oh and by the way, they SHREDDED Idioteque.  I remember a moment when I was watching Thom dance and sing his guts out and thinking, "how in the world does this guy keep this up?"  I was standing there with a pain that traveled from my neck all the way down the left side of my body to the heel of my foot.  I hadn't even thought of fainting since they walked on stage, but I couldn't deny the pain signals my body was screaming at me by this time of the night (don't you think it factored into ANYTHING or slowed me down for a second or anything like that.......but it was there).  Thom put me to shame.

Encore 1:

How to Disappear Completely
This is a fan favorite.  It is a haunting, from the guts song on Kid A and really speaks to some people.  It doesn't speak to me like that, but I love it anyway.  It's a slow ballad, so the arena quieted down and soaked it in.  Marcus had told me earlier that it is the song that hooked him and turned him into a fan (his first album was Kid A).  During the song, I had to hunt him down and give him a happy pat on the back, knowing that this must be a particularly moving and awesome moment for him.

Kid A
Not much to say about this one.  Obviously from Kid A (completing a set of three songs from that album- cool for sure).  This is like most Kid A songs- a treat of sounds that sound amazing together the more and more times you listen to them.

The only song of the night that almost drew tears (hey- I was surprised as anyone that I didn't bawl like a baby several times during the night) for some reason, this experience didn't elicit tears.  Who knew?  Anyway, this song has always been a favorite of mine and then to my surprise, it ended up being Rob's favorite RH song.  So it was special and sad to me to hear them sing this without my zing beside me.  It would have knocked his socks off.  It was epic.  I loooooove the lyrics and almost inexplicably has one of my most favorite lyrics in any of their songs.  I say inexplicably because I am not sure what it is about it that I love so much, I just do and that is going to have to be enough of an explanation.  "Kill me Sarah, kill me again- with love".  It's a simple lyric and perhaps not on anyone else's radar, but it's always been on the forefront of mine.  Like I said- you never know sometimes what is going to affect you and how.  This song also holds one of the most memorable times of the night for me.  The last few minutes when most of the lyrics have been sung- there is some riveting guitar at play.  Seeing it live- Ed, Thom and Jonny lined up next to each other, each wailing their guitars together to combine to make that amazing moment of the song that will be burned into my memory forever and be thought of often.  Matt said that at the Pixie's concert he would take a moment he liked and make a mental note to remember it cause it was awesome, and it worked.  I did that here and so far, it was remained memorable and vivid.  Thanks for the tip Matt.

This song before the concert was probably at the bottom 3 songs in my mind from In Rainbows.  Not anymore.  Remember how I said that some songs played live are much better?  Well, this is the prime example of that phenomenon- this song was transformed, but not real different from the studio version at the same time.  This song was so much fun and so fantastic.  I've watched videos of it and they don't capture the magic I felt that night.  But listening to it does a pretty good job.  Matt even turned to me at one point in the song and asked, "what song is this?"  I know he felt it too.

Encore 2:

Give Up the Ghost
The only ones that came on stage for this song after the encore applause was Thom and Jonny.  I knew we were about to get one of those intimate Thom and Jonny acoustic moments and how sweet it was.  Thom dedicated the song on behalf of the band to their families who they miss, but get to see soon cause they have a 3 week break after this concert.  This is one of my very favorite songs from TKOL.  It is seriously beautiful, they didn't play my other two favorites, so that made this one extra special.  Funny moment:  RIGHT before they started it I breathed out pretty quietly, "this is going to be so good" and the guy in front of me surprisingly heard me, turned around and silently nodded, affirming my prediction.  Wow, it was too.  I was not mistaken.

A very favorite song of mine from In Rainbows, but I found this performance a tad off.  For some reason I didn't love the minor changes they did to it.  I mean- it was still AMAZING, but if I am to say anything slightly negative, it is that this song just didn't really do it for me that night like I'd think it would.  I have no explanation for that.  Still enjoyed it with all my heart though, don't get me wrong.

Paranoid Android
Thom thanked us very very sincerely for coming, it almost made me cry again.  He really meant it.  Then he said, "with love from us, this is Paranoid Android".  He was talking directly to me.  He closed the night with the Radiohead gods whispering in his ear of the last gift of the night for Emily and he obeyed.  It was everything it could be.  It was epic, every second of it was a monument to my personal fanhood.  It was my apex.  In the middle of it, Matt said, "come on!" I grabbed his arm and we went up and over to Thom.  We pushed through the crowd and were finally stopped by fans that did not want us to move.  Didn't care at this point.  We were going to have our moment (ironically, by stopping us, they stopped two taller then average people to stand the remaining time right in front of them)  hope they didn't  regret that too much- heehee.  Oh, that stopping was actually THE final RH god gift- somehow, we found ourselves with a sea of really short people in front of us.  And we were close to the stage at this point and RIGHT in front of Thom and this would bring about my second and final Thom moment of the night.  He looked at us and seemed to say (in Matt's words later), "who are these tall freaks that just appeared right in front of me?"  He TOTALLY noticed us.  It was during the end of the part of the song with the rain down rain down where the audience does the groaning part while Thom sings about the panic and the vomit.  Won't ever EVER forget that and thanks Matt, I never would have thought of doing that and it created a memory I will always look back on very fondly.  God loves his children, God loves his children YEAH!!!!!!!!

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Well, that is that I guess.  What a night.  An experience that will always be super, super special to me.  I think we got an extra good show that night.  I am sure they are all good, but there was a special feeling in the air that night, coming from the fans and the band.  I think going to the last concert of the first leg of the tour was a GREAT thing to do, mostly because I think the band had a certain level of excitement knowing that they were flying home for a few weeks.  I think it gave Thom an extra spring in his step.  And gave them all a little feeling of wanting to make it special and perhaps some renewed energy.  It could have gone the other way, with their heads already half home and them just phoning in this last concert.  The RH gods would never had let that happen though.

more overall observations:

-Jonny disappeared for halves of songs sometimes and Matt and I wondered where he went.  We were able to find out from B later what he was doing.  He had more equipment back there, and was just out of our sight, shaking maraca things and what not.

-I was so impressed by these guys.  Seriously.  I know you're saying duh right now, but it is so cool to go to a concert and watch REAL musicians.  Talented doesn't even cover it.  They are polished, they are professional, perfectionists, innovators and are at the top of the game.   They do a lot of looping and there are a million instruments and sounds that go into every song and they do it all on stage when they could easily play much of it on tracks for a show.  Instead, you can stand there and watch each band member (especially Jonny, Ed and Thom, but they all do a million things) go from instrument to sound board, Jonny will create a loop at the beginning and play it through the song, turning it off and on when needed.  Ed will play the drums for a minute, switch to guitar, back up vocals, bang a tambourine, etc.  Thom sings lead, bangs a keyboard for a minute, shakes maracas (3 at a time sometimes) fiddle with a sound board to adjust a minor little thing that is off probably only to him (give Jonny silent directions about turning something up or down once in a while), etc.  It is enough to blow your mind.  It was so impressive to me that all those little sounds that happen in a RH song, happened right there on stage.  Maybe it shouldn't have, but it really did surprise me. It also really brings home the fact of how lame it is that some singers are so popular and famous and they don't play an instrument, write a song, and even their voice is enhanced to sound better.  I love to see real talent, the difference is mind blowing. 

And finally................Thanks to my two sisters, Cat and Sue that came down to AZ just to be with us and to watch my kids while I rocked and for wanting to be there to share the joy of this experience I had.  B, you were so super cool about everything about the concert and I'm glad you got a better seat, wish you were with us but I was impressed it didn't get you down that you weren't.  That would have been an awesome concert to sit back alone and experience in your head by yourself.  Sounds like you chatted it up yourself with some fans and that's awesome, hope they weren't snobby to you and respected the fact that you weren't a hard core fan and knew every song and the order in which they appear on the albums.  I hope you had fun and I won't ever forget the sacrifice you made so I could have my perfect concert by loaning your husband to me for a while.  Rob, you were so supportive of my going.  Sometimes I feel like you work hard so I can go have fun and spend money.  I hope you know I fully appreciate you and your attitude and I love that you understand my crazy obsession and support me.  I love you, my heart of hearts was sad you weren't at my side that night.  And lastly Matt, I was excited knowing you would be the one sharing this with me.  It meant a lot that you were there.  A LOT!  Perhaps more then you know.  Also, I kind of think you may have had something to do with our extraordinary luck that night. If memory serves, it seems like you have had some pretty crazy awesome luck in your concert life.  So thanks- love you.  LOVE ALL OF YOU! 

I'd also like to thank the Radiohead gods for acknowledging the sacrifices I have made through the years when it comes to Radiohead.  Thank you for seeing fit to bestow your many wonderful gifts upon this little ol' fan.

I was going to include the post concert things, but this post is PLENTY long enough, so......

To be continued........................................................

"After years of waiting
Nothing came
As your life flashed before your eyes
You realize"
- Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box




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