Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Journal of Funnies

Boy my blog has exploded the last little bit! Sorry! Lots to say I guess. But I've got to do this now:

When we were kids, my mom kept this notebook called, "the Journal of Funnies". It was an old red notebook where she would jot down funny things we would say so she wouldn't forget. It was a brilliant idea, as some funny things kids say, get immortalized and told over and over, but many are forgotten days later and lost forever. This notebook is still pulled out every now and then when a group of us are together and we laugh and laugh and laugh at the memories.
I was talking to her a day or two ago and she told me it was time I bought myself a notebook and started one, as Scout is well in the age where one is appropriate, and I had just shared a funny story about what she said, and how I have my first entry. Well, I think I will buy one, but I may as well have a cyber one too. It's the 21st century and all and I happen to have this blog around. About an hour after this conversation with my mom, Scout said something that should be entry #2. Here they are to start it off!

Scout - almost 3
We were looking at a Planet Earth book she has and we were turned to a page about reindeer. I said, "guess what reindeer do?" She asked what, so I told her that they pull Santa's sleigh. She said, "No they don't!"
"Yes they do" I argued, "if reindeer don't do it, then what pulls Santa's sleigh?"
She thought long and hard about that. Then she says, "a witch!"

Scout - 3
We were rummaging through boxes looking for a book for Rob, and Scout found a box of her old baby toys. She was still looking and pulling out old stuff and having the time of her life. So I went upstairs and went in the bedroom. Rob was across the hall in the office and Scout comes upstairs and goes into the office and holds up a set of those pastel, plastic, over sized keys every baby in the world has and tells Rob, "look dad, I found my stupid car keys".

Hee hee. That's my fault. I guess every time I mention my car keys, they are lost and I'm looking for them, and are therefore, "stupid".

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Broken Fallopian Tubes: part deux

Got a call from Winky today. In a conference with the fertility specialists he consults with, he laid out to them my entire medical (pregnancy) history. They do not like to go the surgical route, as it can often lead to more problems. Big sigh of relief from Rob and I, as I missed the first call from Winky today and in his message he stated that he got the results of my test back and we needed to talk about the "action we need to take based on my results". Rob and I figured that meant I would need to have surgery, and neither were enthused with the idea. Anyway, that is not what the fertility specialists suggested. Winky said that it is not a given that your ovaries take turns ovulating month to month. I could easily ovulate on just one side (perhaps the bad side) which would explain my no babies for a year and a half. So, apparently by taking Clomid, I can force both Ovaries to ovulate at the same time. He warned me of the risk of twins with this drug, but also said that the fact that one tube is blocked, will bring the chance down some. So anyway, I am going to start Clomid next cycle and try that for 3 to 6 months. I have heard Clomid can be no picnic, but I far prefer taking a pill to having surgery any day. So that is that. As for twins? What ever, bring them on! If I had twins, I could have three kids and be done with it. I'm not getting any younger you know.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fellowship of the Ring (A Review and an exploration of Emily's Psyche)

Well, I am not sure I am ready to glue hair on my feet, but I kind of liked it!
(That was a reference to Spock ears in case you missed it).
I was sucked in pretty good at the start. Was interested in Frodo getting the ring from Bilbo, then the forming of his Hobbit fellowship, the start of his journey, I liked Bree (yes, I skipped over the songs, thanks for the permission Sue. I probably would have skipped them anyway, but I was saved the guilt), then was happy in the reuniting with Gandolf. Then came Rivendell, that was my interest's demise for about 100 pages or so. The elves and the "Council of Elrond" was very, very, hard for me to get into and follow and care about. I knew while reading, it was information I should pay attention to, and I tried, but I am afraid I took little away from what I had read. I hope I am not messed up because of this later. If so, maybe someone can give me the highlights. The only interest I had during that time was Bilbo peculiar behavior. I don't know if he was weird for a reason that I will find out later or perhaps missed, or if only I found him weird.
The book picked back up again when the troops were back on the road. Given my history of Elves (the Rivendell ones) I was surprised that I found the chapters where they are with the wood elves in Lothlorien probably my favorite part of the book. Then, more journeys and it is done.

Now for some random thoughts, musings and psyche explorations.

-Rob and I briefly lived in (and managed) an apartment complex called "Rivendell". We heard one or two people say something like "someone sure likes the Lord of the Rings" when they heard where we lived. That went over mine and rob's heads. Not anymore! Our Rivendell was a horrid place. Not only was it where I lived through most of my horrible pregnancy, I had to do it whilst living in a place that faced the rear of many greasy fast food places, so stinky waifs of onion ring grease and other things littered the air and I had a hard time walking outside most days (I held my breath A LOT while walking to my car, and walked slowly as not to gag). Not only did I have to walk outside, I had to clean the laundry room (laundry rooms are dirty and stinky places and I had major hangups about that room, having to psych myself out every time I had to enter it for any reason). I also had to pick up garbage around the complex and I don't know about the elves, but our people of Rivendell were slobs and not too proud to throw their bottles of beer off of their balcony after they had drained them. The thing that went through my head while doing this chore over and over was George Castanza yelling, "we are living in a SOCIETY!" NOT my happiest memories.

- I have some weird bigotry of dwarfs. I don't like them. I don't like their looks, their attitude or their demeanor. I wonder if that is what was mostly wrong with the Hobbit? Too many dwarfs.
There are significantly less dwarfs in The Fellowship, but it was whilst reading that book where I discovered my prejudice. I don't know where it comes from. Certainly not their stature, as other little people don't have this effect on me. Who knows.

-I have learned something about myself. I really like magical objects. I read with rapt attention every time a magical object is introduced. Every time the wood elves presented their gifts, I was enamored. I think that is a little of the pull Harry Potter had on me. Those books are silly with exciting magical do dads. They make me giddy and bring out the kid in me as few things can do. This was an interesting thing to realize about myself and I shall explore it further.

-I didn't realize it until half way through this book, but I had a remarkably similar experience with my movie watching as Sue had with the Harry Potter movie. Reading the book rang pretty much no bells with me and I know I sat through the movie. I have a brief memory of Frodo and Gandolf at his house at the beginning with the ring and throwing it in the fire and then of Gandolf falling to his demise and then I remember the credits very well. NOTHING else. I don't remember Dave from Encino Man being Frodos right hand man, I don't remember fairly land, nothing of that at all retained in my brain. Weird.

I think that is all, except that I can't imagine Gandolf is gone forever, that was too soon. Sue couldn't love him so much for his dinky part he has had so far.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My broken Fallopian Tubes?

I heard back from my dr today, and we are going to proceed with the next step in my battles. This will entail having a procedure done at the hospital that is some catheter/xray thing. His next idea is that something is wrong with my fallopian tubes. We know that they were in proper working order at one time, so possibly something happened with my d/c or the molar pregnancy itself did something. He wants to put a catheter up there and inject dye into them to see if there is blockage or sealage. He said that if there is some mung up there (my word, not his), this injection could flush it out. He is considering the possibility that some debris or mucus could have gotten up there and mucked them up. I am going along with it because it will be good to know. But it feels like a long shot to me. The problem is, after this procedure (and if it comes out that my tubes are normal) he has pretty much run out of ideas. That means he would have to hand me over to a fertility specialist. I think he can do the next step, we talked about some lapriscopic surgery on my uterus, to look for damage to my uterus or endometriosis but I don't have any symptoms of that, but who knows. Anyway, those two things sound really expensive and stuff and so if this next step turns out fine, we are not sure where we shall go from there. If we take another step, it isn't going to be soon.
You know, this whole thing just still kind of shocks me. I never considered this as a possibility (infertility), but well here it is, something I am dealing with. Life sure throws weird things at you sometimes. I had my last real emotional breakdown about this about a year ago. Since then I have had a sense of peace about it. I've had an attitude that this is all meant to be and I am not the one controlling it, the one who is in charge knows more then I do. I am not saying I haven't had any sad or why me moments since, but they have been fleeting and my general feeling is one of peace. I so want at least one brother or sister for Scout. I want that for her so much. She even makes up a brother sometimes, and that just puts a little hole in my soul (I think it is the Charlie and Lola influence on her which is the only thing she has wanted to watch for like 3 months. She usually just makes me Charlie and is happy with that.) I am trying to accept everything with faith which can be really hard sometimes! I have had times in my life where with hindsight, I've said, wow! Now I know what that was all about and why that all happened. But while it is going on, particularly something like this, it is hard to understand. But I guess that is the definition of faith.
Allright, thanks for listening. I needed to get that off my chest a little. My doctor is trying to schedule the procedure for either tomorrow or Monday (short notice! Particularly if it's tomorrow) and we will have the results right away (be able to see the dye flow or not), so the next installment of Emily's broken ovaries will be soon. Wish me luck, I'm nervous....


I just got back from the hospital, yeah they booked me with an hours notice and had to coordinate Rob getting Scout to preschool and then meeting me at the hospital. It was hectic but worked out well that Scout was in school for the procedure, so Rob could be there with me. Well, we found something out. I have one totally blocked fallopian tube. The other one is fine and my uterus looked good. I am currently waiting a call from my doctor explaining how this will effect me, the doc that did it, didn't explain that part, except that pregnancy should be possible, just harder. From what information I know off hand, ovaries take turns every month releasing eggs, so when it is the munged tubes turn the egg has no chance. But if they do rotate, I should be able to get pregnant when it is clear tube's turn. I don't know what to think that I have given this over a year and a half and still nothing, but we will see what the doctor says. The technician told Rob that there is a surgery that can unblock a tube, but didn't know much about it, or didn't want to say too much, we just need to see what Winky has to say.
I am a touch cheered in a way, as we now have a actual reason behind all this, and I am cheered at one good tube. Yay one good tube! I expect that both ovaries are releasing eggs, as my electronic moniter gives me a little pic of an egg every month, but what do I know?
More in the continuing saga later.......

Time to Declare!

Calling all members of Camps Fro Bags and Harry Pot Potts! I would like a declaration of where you all stand. Ami called me a day or two ago and we discussed our curiosity on where we all were. So, I have decided to call for a surprise declaration every few weeks, and here is your first. Think of it as your "weigh in" if we were all on weight watchers. It will keep you motivated. I don't care if you haven't even started, take your lumps and declare it to the world! Would the following please state your place in your series:

Camp Harry Pot Potts


Camp Fro Bags

Ami (honorary member)*

*This is my friend that decided to read along with us, even though she is very familiar with both series, loves LOTRs so much wants to read along with us anyway! Yay

Emily: I am on book 2 (The Fellowship of the Ring) Page 626, with 220 pages yet to go. Plugging along!

Did I miss anyone of either camp? Let me know, or it's not to late to join, if you haven't yet!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Scoutiness Vol IV

It's time once again! I was extremely productive this week and went through all of our pictures on our computer and organized them like a champ and made back up files of them all to put in another location (Sue's house?) in case our house burns down or our computer crashes or gets stolen. (I realize the back ups don't have to be somewhere else if the computer crashes, but why make two back ups? I'm a thinker!) Ok, here is a pic I pulled out of the archives (I went through a lot of pictures of course, while doing this......................
This was an experiment I tried during those days that I didn't have a car last spring. I guess it worked.

She was determined to try on daddy's pants (and shoes).

This was dinner with the Elizabethan Report. We ate kind of late, and poor Scout missed out on all the fun. She still lorded over the occasion and saw to it that we were kept in line. Sorry the camera was almost out of juice and the flash was not working.

First day of preschool. She started last month and has been having a great time. She absolutely loves it and is learning how to count to 20. Her teacher says that she is extremely good with scissors. I don't think she has ever used them before, I don't know what to think of that.....Proud or scared?

Here, she ran into where ever I was and told me that her dinosaurs wanted fruit snacks. I was like whatever, so opened her a package. A while later I walked into the kitchen and found her dinosaurs indeed enjoying their snack. Scout was elsewhere.

I walked upstairs and saw this and went to find Scout and I asked her what her dinosaurs were doing and she said, "looking at bones".
I thought that was a heck of a lot of irony for a 3 year old.
My girl is deep.

The next story has no accompanying photo, but is too funny (Em, you will appreciate this one). The 2nd week she attended nursery in our new ward, I dropped her off and there was a screaming child and a lot of mayhem, but Scout was already happily playing and I thought maybe I should remind the leader of her name, but all I saw in there was some guy, so I was like, eh! and went to class. When I picked her up, there were two guys in there reading them all a story, and I started talking to one of them and he was like, can I ask you your daughter's name? I was like, "It's Scout! Sorry, I didn't remind you of her name, I thought you might have trouble." He was like, "Oh, we are actually both substituting today anyway." Then he said," when we asked her her name, I could have sworn she said, "Bruce"." I laughed and told him that she liked to pretend to be her friend Bruce (and ponies and gorillas, etc). He was like, yeah, we kind of thought that was a strange name for a little girl.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bloggy Blog Blog

So, I have had a brainstorm. Well, perhaps the credit shouldn't be mine, since the idea was born of cruising through my friend Ami's many many blogs she contributes to. She has her hand in several blogs that her family (Hart Family) post on and this all gave me an idea. How's about our family makes a community blog where in we might all pitch in. I was thinking it could be a place where we can review, discuss, and announce the books, movies, TV Shows we have seen, loved and hated. Say, I just read a fantastic book, I could give it a little review and let you all know. Mom and dad saw a great movie last night? Let us know about it. This would also be a fantastic place to compile the eagerly awaited "Wright Family Book List".
We have a growing number of us making their own blogs (I've heard things about Amy starting one?), so the ones that have not done that only need to set up a free google account, it is quick and easy and you can ask any number of us how to do this if you are afraid/ignorant. I would be willing to get the thing started, and I am not sure how to do this, but add anyone who is interested to be a contributor (that is, someone that can post blogs on the blog). I'm a quick learner, it should be cake.
I think it would be fun! Any interest?
I have come up with a few name ideas too to get you all excited:

Wright Choices (Too cheesy? I also realize few of us are "Wrights" but we are all of the Wright seed one way or another).

My Fair Lady to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I Like Me Some Books! (and Movies)

Help me out here. Sue, I know you are good for some gems...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Hobbit (A Review)

Entry #2
Harry vs. Frodo

I finished The Hobbit today. I am trying to grapple with what to say. I can't say I totally enjoyed it, but it wasn't bad. Mainly, I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't more to it. It was an adventure tale, but that was it. It reminded me of stories I liked as a child where three brothers set off on a journey and one of them turns out to be the most clever (the youngest inevitably) and in the end it is a life lesson/morality tale. Yes, Bilbo changed as a person (a hobbit), and discovered he was more clever, lucky, and brave then he knew himself to be, but not by a lot, or enough to make it too powerful. Maybe I just don't know my hobbits. It was essentially a march across the Forest, encounters with various creatures, then a fight with a dragon, which they didn't even participate in. Then we did get a short lesson in greed, then it was back home for ol Bilbo.
I am not looking for life lessons in all of my books, but I guess because of the premise, I was expecting one. Here is the good thing: I talked to two friends of mine at work, (Richard and Don, my resident RCC book dude) both of whom have read both series. Neither had a real great opinion of The Hobbit, but both love the trilogy. So, they figure I was to read the Hobbit to become familiar with the world (or that was Sues plan) That's cool and well, the ring makes an appearance, I am sure it does more then make the wearer invisible, so that will be interesting to see. I am holding out hope that the other three have more "meat" to them and stronger story lines and what not.
My favorite part of the book and the one that held the most interest to me was the chapter where Bilbo discovers the ring is lost in the cave and we meet Gollum. The one of least interest was the warring at the end. I have a feeling that there is a fair amount of wars to come and I just hope they hold more interest to me then that one did. Another thing I enjoyed was Tolkien's writing style. I felt his sense of humor and care for his world very much and "voice" in novels is something I have always held in high esteem.
To sum up, I was not totally enamored with this book. I am going to have to say, I look forward to the other books, and have high hopes that they will bring a little more mutton to the table.

To read Sue's review of the first Harry Potter book, click here

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Very Early (and very funny) Morning

Scout - 3

I had to get up early this morning to get to Riverside to work at the annual Labor Day bash (ugg). So of course I get to bed no earlier then 3 cause I'm an idiot. Guess what woke me up at 6:30 in the morning, (an hour and a half earlier then needed)? The fire alarm in the hallway decided to chose that morning (and time) to run low on batteries. -I told this story tonight to my father in law and he and I agreed that such devices actually have souls (devious ones).- Well ours thought it would be great to act up this particular morning. What stopped me from taking a golf club to it and hacking it until it died was after each little beep! beep! it would give off in it's 3 minute increments, I could hear Scout pipe up and imitate the noise from her bed. So it would go beep! beep! then a second later Scout would go beep! beep!. I had to smile in spite of my tired self. Then, after about five rounds of that, the alarm did it's beep! beep! and Scout goes, "please stop".


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