Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fellowship of the Ring (A Review and an exploration of Emily's Psyche)

Well, I am not sure I am ready to glue hair on my feet, but I kind of liked it!
(That was a reference to Spock ears in case you missed it).
I was sucked in pretty good at the start. Was interested in Frodo getting the ring from Bilbo, then the forming of his Hobbit fellowship, the start of his journey, I liked Bree (yes, I skipped over the songs, thanks for the permission Sue. I probably would have skipped them anyway, but I was saved the guilt), then was happy in the reuniting with Gandolf. Then came Rivendell, that was my interest's demise for about 100 pages or so. The elves and the "Council of Elrond" was very, very, hard for me to get into and follow and care about. I knew while reading, it was information I should pay attention to, and I tried, but I am afraid I took little away from what I had read. I hope I am not messed up because of this later. If so, maybe someone can give me the highlights. The only interest I had during that time was Bilbo peculiar behavior. I don't know if he was weird for a reason that I will find out later or perhaps missed, or if only I found him weird.
The book picked back up again when the troops were back on the road. Given my history of Elves (the Rivendell ones) I was surprised that I found the chapters where they are with the wood elves in Lothlorien probably my favorite part of the book. Then, more journeys and it is done.

Now for some random thoughts, musings and psyche explorations.

-Rob and I briefly lived in (and managed) an apartment complex called "Rivendell". We heard one or two people say something like "someone sure likes the Lord of the Rings" when they heard where we lived. That went over mine and rob's heads. Not anymore! Our Rivendell was a horrid place. Not only was it where I lived through most of my horrible pregnancy, I had to do it whilst living in a place that faced the rear of many greasy fast food places, so stinky waifs of onion ring grease and other things littered the air and I had a hard time walking outside most days (I held my breath A LOT while walking to my car, and walked slowly as not to gag). Not only did I have to walk outside, I had to clean the laundry room (laundry rooms are dirty and stinky places and I had major hangups about that room, having to psych myself out every time I had to enter it for any reason). I also had to pick up garbage around the complex and I don't know about the elves, but our people of Rivendell were slobs and not too proud to throw their bottles of beer off of their balcony after they had drained them. The thing that went through my head while doing this chore over and over was George Castanza yelling, "we are living in a SOCIETY!" NOT my happiest memories.

- I have some weird bigotry of dwarfs. I don't like them. I don't like their looks, their attitude or their demeanor. I wonder if that is what was mostly wrong with the Hobbit? Too many dwarfs.
There are significantly less dwarfs in The Fellowship, but it was whilst reading that book where I discovered my prejudice. I don't know where it comes from. Certainly not their stature, as other little people don't have this effect on me. Who knows.

-I have learned something about myself. I really like magical objects. I read with rapt attention every time a magical object is introduced. Every time the wood elves presented their gifts, I was enamored. I think that is a little of the pull Harry Potter had on me. Those books are silly with exciting magical do dads. They make me giddy and bring out the kid in me as few things can do. This was an interesting thing to realize about myself and I shall explore it further.

-I didn't realize it until half way through this book, but I had a remarkably similar experience with my movie watching as Sue had with the Harry Potter movie. Reading the book rang pretty much no bells with me and I know I sat through the movie. I have a brief memory of Frodo and Gandolf at his house at the beginning with the ring and throwing it in the fire and then of Gandolf falling to his demise and then I remember the credits very well. NOTHING else. I don't remember Dave from Encino Man being Frodos right hand man, I don't remember fairly land, nothing of that at all retained in my brain. Weird.

I think that is all, except that I can't imagine Gandolf is gone forever, that was too soon. Sue couldn't love him so much for his dinky part he has had so far.


Sue said...

Sweet, sounds like you're getting hooked! By the time you're finished with the series, you'll want to glue hair to your feet! I used to talk to my friend, Annalyn, about how much I wanted Hobbit feet.

I love Rivendell. I think I'm one of the people who mentioned the LOTR reference to you while you lived there. That's too bad you didn't like the Rivendell in the book, it's a great place. I don't remember Elrond's council being long and boring. Basically it was an explanation of the history of the ring, a discussion on what should be done with it (destroy it at Mt Doom), and then deciding who should be the one to destroy it. That is where the fellowship is formed. (Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandolf, Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir and Gimli).

I have your same problems as you do with dwarfs for some reason. But I do love Gimli, son of Gloin. There are some very humorous parts of the series that deal with him.

I love Bree to. I want to go to the Prancing Pony.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by Bilbo's weird attitude. Bilbo is kind of a strange guy, and I'm guessing it is the ring being around that makes him weird. I'd have to have some examples. Perhaps Ami knows what you are talking about. I think she has read the series a lot more than I have, so she may remember.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the books. That is funny that you had the same movie/book experience that I did. You should try them again when you're done with the books. They are quite good.

Emily said...

What in the world do you like about Hobbit feet? Is it the no need for shoes or the hair???
Glad to hear I am not the only one with a dwarf prejudice. My weirdness about Bilbo was mostly the fact that he kind of ignored Frodo when he first showed up in Rivendell. He didn't even turn around to greet him at first and seemed weird. He warmed up after, but he just seemed strange. Maybe I made too much into it. But it was a perception I had at the time.

Sue said...

I'm pretty sure Bibo's weirdness is because of the ring. The ring has a strange affect on people and the stronger Sauron gets, the worse the affect is on them. You'll understand this the more you read the series. Look what it did to Gollum!

As for Hobbit feet, heck ya I want me some Hobbit feet! They are leather-like on the bottom, and kept warm by the hair! How convenient is that? They don't have to spend $30 or more on shoes! I'm very jealous.

Matt said...

I am sorry but I couldn't even finish reading the REVIEW of this book, written by my sister... There is no way on God's green earth I will ever read these books.

P.S. Yes, it's 3am. I like editing.

Emily said...

So Matt are you STILL reading Les Mis?


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