Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time to Declare!

Calling all members of Camps Fro Bags and Harry Pot Potts! I would like a declaration of where you all stand. Ami called me a day or two ago and we discussed our curiosity on where we all were. So, I have decided to call for a surprise declaration every few weeks, and here is your first. Think of it as your "weigh in" if we were all on weight watchers. It will keep you motivated. I don't care if you haven't even started, take your lumps and declare it to the world! Would the following please state your place in your series:

Camp Harry Pot Potts


Camp Fro Bags

Ami (honorary member)*

*This is my friend that decided to read along with us, even though she is very familiar with both series, loves LOTRs so much wants to read along with us anyway! Yay

Emily: I am on book 2 (The Fellowship of the Ring) Page 626, with 220 pages yet to go. Plugging along!

Did I miss anyone of either camp? Let me know, or it's not to late to join, if you haven't yet!


Sue said...

Sheesh! I have about 80 pages left of the 2nd HP book. I wasn't able to read it as fast as the first one. The first one I dedicated an entire Saturday to reading, and pretty much read it that one day. The second one is going a bit slower due to some business I've had on my part.

Emily said...

It's good to take care of business Sue. You are doing well though, almost two books down, that ain't too shabby. I bet you are ahead of Haley...

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Haha, yes you very much are. I am sad to say that I haven't started yet but I am planning to start tonight. I seriously have been really busy so I will start, I promise!

Anonymous said...

I have read the first 3 pages of the prologue of the first book. To give you an idea of why, the other day I did 6 hours of Business Calculus, and didn't get everything done that I needed to. I really want to do something more than homework, but I can't. I promise to try harder, but I'm almost dying of jealousy that Haley and Amy and Sue get to read Harry Potter.


Emily said...

I figured you were in some sort of homework vortex this week. Every time I looked for a comment from B crickets chirped.
You are forgiven, I am doing ok in camp fro bags all by my lonelys.

Anonymous said...

I will begin Book 3 of Harry Potter as soon as I finish Tom Sawyer for Book Club.


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