Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Scoutiness Vol IV

It's time once again! I was extremely productive this week and went through all of our pictures on our computer and organized them like a champ and made back up files of them all to put in another location (Sue's house?) in case our house burns down or our computer crashes or gets stolen. (I realize the back ups don't have to be somewhere else if the computer crashes, but why make two back ups? I'm a thinker!) Ok, here is a pic I pulled out of the archives (I went through a lot of pictures of course, while doing this......................
This was an experiment I tried during those days that I didn't have a car last spring. I guess it worked.

She was determined to try on daddy's pants (and shoes).

This was dinner with the Elizabethan Report. We ate kind of late, and poor Scout missed out on all the fun. She still lorded over the occasion and saw to it that we were kept in line. Sorry the camera was almost out of juice and the flash was not working.

First day of preschool. She started last month and has been having a great time. She absolutely loves it and is learning how to count to 20. Her teacher says that she is extremely good with scissors. I don't think she has ever used them before, I don't know what to think of that.....Proud or scared?

Here, she ran into where ever I was and told me that her dinosaurs wanted fruit snacks. I was like whatever, so opened her a package. A while later I walked into the kitchen and found her dinosaurs indeed enjoying their snack. Scout was elsewhere.

I walked upstairs and saw this and went to find Scout and I asked her what her dinosaurs were doing and she said, "looking at bones".
I thought that was a heck of a lot of irony for a 3 year old.
My girl is deep.

The next story has no accompanying photo, but is too funny (Em, you will appreciate this one). The 2nd week she attended nursery in our new ward, I dropped her off and there was a screaming child and a lot of mayhem, but Scout was already happily playing and I thought maybe I should remind the leader of her name, but all I saw in there was some guy, so I was like, eh! and went to class. When I picked her up, there were two guys in there reading them all a story, and I started talking to one of them and he was like, can I ask you your daughter's name? I was like, "It's Scout! Sorry, I didn't remind you of her name, I thought you might have trouble." He was like, "Oh, we are actually both substituting today anyway." Then he said," when we asked her her name, I could have sworn she said, "Bruce"." I laughed and told him that she liked to pretend to be her friend Bruce (and ponies and gorillas, etc). He was like, yeah, we kind of thought that was a strange name for a little girl.


Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Haha that is so funny! I love that pic of the dinosaurs eating the fruit snacks, that would take soe skill to make them all stick in there!

megandjon said...

My baby boy is giving me wide eyes right now because I am laughing my head off! Bruce!!

And I love the dinosaurs with fruit snacks, also.

And we do need to hang out. Sorry about the India fest, I had a family camping trip this last weekend. I've got to do a post about it!

Sue said...

I could comment on everyone of the pictures! She is so funny. The dinosaurs are definitely my favorite. The nursery Bruce name story is hilarious!

Thanks again for fixing my blog. Do I need to change my password now? Or can I trust you to not post naughty things on my blog?

Emily said...

That is great! I hope she really lived it up under the name of Bruce :) He would be so proud. I actually just mentioned her name today for some reason (oh, because we were sitting on the Lakers blanket you made me and I was trying to explain where it came from--Scout's mom) and both my kids said, "I love Scout!" Shall we plan an outing?
I love that picture of her asleep in front of the car seat and the dinosaurs. She's so generous with her dinos. And great picture of those famous Elizabethans. Aren't they dandies?

Emily said...

Yes! An outing is totally called for! Just today she was playing cars and told me she had a secret. So she came up and whispered in my ear that Bruce was coming over today. I had to tell her that he wasn't, but that I'd call his mommy and we will see him soon. So lets do it!
Playing cars must have made her reminisce about some good times with Bruce (and cars).

Emily said...

We went to the zoo the other day and somewhere in the back of my head I was thinking, "Hmm. Now, where was I supposed to meet Emily?" I've been there several times since we went with you guys in June, but somehow I just fused memory and current events. Maybe we should go to the zoo. The weather is nice for it now.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I have a niece named Bruce. That was the best story ever. Hopefully she will use her scissor skills to be a surgeon, or seamstress or something. Thanks again for dragging your family out late at night for Matt and me to reunite.



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