Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bookmarks (and magic pockets)

Scout 4 1/2-

We went to the library today and then stopped at the store and Scout was looking at one of her books in the car. When we stopped at Smith's, she found a piece of paper on the seat, put it in the book to reserve her spot and closed it. Then she says, "This is a bookmark. Mom, I know what bookmarks are, they are things you put in your book to save your place when you have to go do something for your kid."

I cracked up thinking that was probably the only time she has seen them used- . I also liked her use of the word, "kid".

Rob 31 (and a half)-

(Can husbands have Journals of Funnies? Because mine needs one)

A little backstory: Rob has done this thing for a long time with Scout that he really gets a kick out of. Her coats have "magic pockets" and every once in a while, he will get her a treat and stuff it in her coat pocket for the next time she wears it and she gets a little surprise with what her magic pockets have done this time. Sometimes she doesn't notice and wears it a few times before finding it. Anyway, it's just a cute little thing he does and she is thoroughly convinced her pockets are magic.
So anyway, we were at church a little while ago and she happened to stick her hand inside her coat pocket (this is a coat she doesn't often wear- it's more light weight then the other) when she opened her hand to see what she had pulled out, it was a shriveled, old piece of broccoli. She looked up at both of us with a shocked and disgusted look on her face and Rob goes:
"I think your magic pocket is broken".

For the record, Rob did NOT put broccoli in her pocket as a magic pocket treat long ago, we have no idea where the broccoli came from, it was a surprise to us all.

I chuckle at the memory of that anytime I think of it. It was just too funny, I had to write it down.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tornado Fun Fact

So finally, after quite some time, Scout said something funny and I actually hurried and wrote it down so I could remember it. So, after a very long time, here is another entry in the Journal of Funnies:

Scout 4 1/2:

"Mom, I heard today that tornadoes can sometimes knock down trees and wash baby chicks away and stuff. It said, "Fun Fact" but that isn't very fun is it?"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rice Cereal

She liked it.

Actually, it was more like,
"Where have you been all of my life?"


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