Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tornado Fun Fact

So finally, after quite some time, Scout said something funny and I actually hurried and wrote it down so I could remember it. So, after a very long time, here is another entry in the Journal of Funnies:

Scout 4 1/2:

"Mom, I heard today that tornadoes can sometimes knock down trees and wash baby chicks away and stuff. It said, "Fun Fact" but that isn't very fun is it?"


ajmah said...

I bet that Scout and Nico could have a fun conversation about this. Nico is absolutely fascinated by natural disasters. He worries about them constantly and he too thinks they wouldn't be very fun.

Amy said...

Hilarious, as usual! Baby chicks...the lightest things on Earth! No kidding they'd get knocked down. Funny they would mention chicks.

Emily said...

I don't have any knowledge about where she got this fun fact but I can guess it was something she heard on PBS. I imagine that they showed a sort of montage about tornadoes while giving the fun fact and one of the pics had to be of baby chicks and she no doubt focused on that. And Ami, I would love to see a conversation happen between Scout and Nico.


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