Monday, March 8, 2010

Rice Cereal

She liked it.

Actually, it was more like,
"Where have you been all of my life?"


Haley said...

Hee hee. Glad she loved it. It's nice to have babies that actually like eating solids. I'm glad Allison likes food, for now anyway. Also glad you are already getting use of the bumbo!

Amy said...

Takes a while to get used to the spoon and the different swallowing method, but great that she likes it! Hooray for solids. Cute pictures. Cute baby.

B said...

Hahaha!!! I love it, she is soo cute!!!! That last picture is a very Scout face.

Emily said...

Her second attempt, she would have nothing to do with it unless she was holding the spoon. Once she had the spoon in her fist, she greedily ate it up, but I fear many many messy feedings if this is how it must work. Tonight, she did let me hold the spoon about a forth of the time. Scout used to open her mouth like a little baby bird until we inserted the next bite. CUTEST THING EVER.
She didn't do too bad with the swallowing thing -great news for a baby that can only suck one way (although she does try to suck the cereal up once in a while doing her patented suck).

We are indeed getting good use out of the "chair" (Rob can't stand the name Bumbo -I mean he really hates it- so it is "the chair") thanks for the borrow!

Amy said...

It is a pretty poor choice for a name.
You might definitely be in for a lot of messy feedings if she continues to insist on holding the spoon. In fact, you might be in for a lot of other challenges if she's showing signs of a strong independent streak this early!

Haley said...

Yeah, I agree that's funny that she insists on that. Allison only grabs or hits the spoon when she doesn't want any more. Yeah bumbo is a stupid name but it sure works good!


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