Thursday, December 22, 2011


  Apparently, this is what happens when you give Elinor Cheerios after she has eaten waffles.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I looked around the internets to see if there was an official term for the fear of Santa.  Because let me tell you, Scout has it and always has.  There is  pogonophobia, which is the fear of beards: nope, daddy is still huggable when he has given up shaving for a week (but ask me how huggable he is to me when he shaves it all but a mustache and then chases me around trying to kiss me -yes he still does that-), there is hagiophobia- fear of saints and holy things (nope, she isn't a vampire nor is she possessed nor is Santa very holy these days anyway no matter what his roots are.)  I think I'd know by now if she had rhodophobia (the fear of the color red) or cacomorphobia (the fear of fat or obese people).  These are as close as you can get to a fear of Santa.  Perhaps you could combine them all into a crammed term that incorporates them all................or you could just call it Santaphobia.

When Scout was a year old, we were in Macy's and there was a Santa wandering around handing out candy canes.  The moment he got within 20 feet of her, she absolutely flipped out.  I didn't think too much of it, she was right in the middle of the fear of anyone that isn't mom and dad talking to her that little ones get.  Then a year or two later, on Christmas morning when she woke up, I said, "lets go into the living room and see what Santa left in there for you" and a dark look of fear crossed her face when suddenly all the talk about Santa coming down your chimney and creeping around your living room leaving you stuff and eating your cookies hit home to her and she didn't like that idea at all.  We coaxed into the living room though and she shook off the creepy feeling pretty fast.

Last year, at our ward Christmas party, Santa came and then left to sit in another room and the kids were to go visit him.  She flipped and I mean a 5 year old had a fit and cried her eyes out because mamma told her we were going in there to sit on his lap, get her picture taken and get a candy cane.  This was a girl that never has tantrums and never throws fits.  I pushed her a little, thinking that she would get over it when she was there and saw the other kids happily doing it and the promise of a candy cane.  Nope, it just got worse.  I gave up, I mean, I've looked at pictures like these with a lot of sympathy in the past and I don't want to do that to my children.  And lets face it, I am not exactly crying myself to sleep at night that I don't have a fuzzy little picture of little Scout sitting on Santa's lap.  I decided that day I would respect her fear and support her fully.  Now, this is just Santa in the flesh mind you, she is fine with pictures of him and talking about him.  He just can't come within her comfort zone (which is about 50 feet or so).  

I am not sure how long Santa is going to remain an actual figure of truth to her though.  Frankly, I'm surprised she seems to think he is real this year.  She squelched the tooth fairy this year with the loss of her first tooth.  She asked me if it was me that gives her money for her tooth.  I asked what she thought and she said yes and I told her that it was me, but it is fun to pretend that it is a fairy.  I told myself before I had kids that I would play along with Santa, etc. for as long as they seemed happy with it, but if they ever asked me point blank, I wasn't going to lie to them.  I was going to hear their opinion and feel out if they seem like they want it to be real and go from there.  She didn't like the idea of a little fairy coming into her room and getting under her pillow much either, so she seemed relieved with the truth.  I am a little boggled that Santa is still allowed to come into her living room every year.  Maybe the proximity is enough to keep her at least calm, he doesn't leave presents under her pillow at least.

So anyway, this year when we talked about going to the ward party (it was on Friday), she immediately asked if Santa was coming.  I said yes and she started to panic and ask if we could stay home.  I told her we were going, but she does not have to sit on his lap if it makes her uncomfortable.  She seemed satisfied with that, although felt the need to ask me about 6 more times that day if she had to sit on his lap.  He came in the room and she kept her cool for the most part, but started to cry when her friend ran to her and wanted to go in there with her.  We told her that Scout is scared of Santa and she left.  She was the only child left in a room full of adults, so of course she got asked a million times if she was going to go see Santa.  One nice lady told her a story about how scared she was of Santa when she was a little girl and they shared a high five.  

Just cause Scout is scared, I decided I should not have Elle miss out on Santa.  So I took Elle, and Scout actually stood out side the door and peeked into the room a few times and even after a while stood with her back against the wall right at the door way.  But then people would try to coax her in line and she would get upset.  Daddy rescued her and they watched as Elle had her turn.  

Elle was so amazed that she actually got to get so close to this amazing looking man with all that white hair on his face.  She was so cute.  No fear of Santa with this one, (in fact, the only fear she seems to have is that of getting from one the crawling position to a sitting position -or changing positions of any sort-).

Santa seemed rather taken with her too.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago.  The last few years, my birthday's have gained a slight reputation of being on the bad side.  Two years ago, my beloved and wonderful husband totally forgot it.  He had an excuse, he had court the next day to defend himself from being sued and had remembered my birthday for the days leading up to it, but it escaped his mind entirely the day of.  Last year, while planning where to celebrate with a nice dinner, Tiny E somehow poked herself in the eye REALLY bad and cried for over an hour while we conceded and warmed up frozen spaghetti.  This year, I found myself driving on the top of a mountain amidst the worst snow conditions I have ever driven in.  There is more to it, but you can see the pattern here.  Nothing I would define as epically bad, but still.......Anyway, I wanted to record that weekend I spent, cause it was an interesting time.

My birthday fell on a Friday, and it happened to fall the weekend that Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out (for those of you that follow my life, you would know that my family has a strange tradition of seeing these movies up in Wyoming in this crappy theater together.  More on that in a bit.) Also, my sister in law Bronwyn was in her very first play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a made up fairy "Foxglove" at the local college.  Also, my dad was speaking in church that Sunday and planned to tell some life experiences he doesn't share very much.  It was a total no brainer to go up there.  So my sister Cat and her son Booker, my sister Sue and me and my girls headed out on Friday afternoon in two cars.  We were making good time until we were about 2 hours away, the snow started to fall.  No problem, we just needed to be there by 7:30, to make B's play that night.  We had plenty of time.  Did I mention that my family lives on the other side of the infamous "South Pass"?  This is an infamous place in Mormon Pioneer stories, it is the place that the Martin and Willy Handcart Company got stuck in a winter storm that caused a lot of suffering and many to lose their lives and had to be rescued.  Anyway, we were making our way through this pass with some MAJOR snowfall.  You know the kind that pretty much blinds you?  The very lucky thing was that there was miraculously no wind.  South Pass winds are legendary.  They cause the pass to close a lot in the winter cause they are menacing and blow semi trucks down and little cars right away.  Speaking of closing, they closed the pass that night WHILE we were in it.  We must have barely made it in there before they closed it, and there was an official vehicle waiting at the other closure, waiting for us last crazy people to get out so they could lower the gate. 

Yeah, my skills got us through without one slip (with the help of the 4 new tires Rob had made sure were on there before our trip).  Man, it was a good thing we had those things.  It didn't get any better off the pass, we still had a 30 minute drive to Riverton, which took waaaay longer then that.  We didn't make much of the play.  We made it for the last few acts and pretty much missed B's entire performance.  My birthday dinner was wolfing down my requested sweet and sour chicken cold my sister had lovingly prepared in my honor and then left the girls with Cat, who decided the play was a total loss and skipped it.  It could have been worse, I could have spent my birthday dying on the top of a mountain as a tin can a semi ran over.  OR, it could have been spent turning around because the pass was closed and spending the night in a flea bag hotel in Rock Springs.  We shuddered over that thought more then the dying one.  So we triumphed South Pass, not a bad birthday after all I say. 

Sadly though, early that afternoon a beloved member of their community and orthodontist to my nieces and nephews, crashed his plane and was killed.  This is the man that makes his own fireworks and then puts on a free show every 4th of July that totally kicks butt (spoken about in a previous post, here).  So sad.  He was a good friend to my family and husband and father to his family, was a good support to B when she joined the church and is very missed by all.  Kind of sad it happened on my birthday, it's weird to think that day will be such a sad day for his family for the rest of their lives.

The next day was Saturday and we went to a matinee of Breaking Dawn.  I don't want to complain or anything, but the movie was legitimately pretty good and the theater had gotten a new sound system and the generator had been replaced and the audience was pretty quiet also- Taylor Lautner has obviously noticed the way his voice sounds when he talks and modified it this time  (WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT????).  Luckily, the movie did give us some gems such as the werewolf pack conversation.  I sure missed that generator going off every 15 minutes or so, picking it's times to go eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr...bumbumbumbumbum..... during a particularly brooding Edward moment.  The theater did seem to want to at least remind us where we were at the very end and produced a loud and nondescript crash somewhere in it's annals at the very last poignant and quiet scene.  Thanks old friend, you still have it in you, at least a little.

We were in our own that night, Amy and Scott had their company party that night, but in true form, mama bird made us a yummy casserole before she left.  We hung out that evening with my parents and watched a movie, then at about 10 they decided to head home (they live in Riverton too, but when we come to town, we stay at my sister's house).  Anyway, my parents had taken separate cars, coming at separate times, so they left in two different cars.  Shortly thereafter, I saw to my crying baby and then went back downstairs in time to see my brother shoot up and say, "you did WHAT?"  Turns out he was on the phone talking to my dad who had just rolled his truck on the ice.  He had called 911 before Matt (surprisingly, if you know him), and thought he better let us know what's going on.  We couldn't believe it.  We immediately bundled up and drove to where he was, thinking that he could be in shock and hurt worse then he thinks, which was not hurt at all according to him.  Amy and Scott were still gone and my mom wasn't answering her phone.  We got to the scene and there was a police car there already and surprisingly- Amy and Scott.  They had driven past and seen his truck there.  My dad was fine!  Crazy guy was fine.  The police man called the ambulance anyway just to be sure, we were glad, as we think we should be a bit cautious seeing as he is the "octo dad" and by that I mean he had 8 bypasses this summer on his heart.  He didn't have a scratch on him!  While they were checking him out we noticed that we were about 7 people standing on the side of the road in like 0 degree weather at 11 at night next to an ambulance, a cop, and a rolled truck- laughing and making jokes.  Don't come across that every day.  I took a picture on my phone and didn't send it to anyone and my phone has been washed since and is dead, so I guess those pics are gone forever.  I am sad, cause it is quite the memory.

The next day was Sunday, and at nine o'clock that morning, my dad stood up at church and delivered his talk.  Scott told him that he is a hard man to kill and he is right.  This world is not through with him yet and for that I am grateful.  I am not ready to be without him, and I am glad someone agrees with me.  After church Sue, Cat, Scout and I went to the first part of B's play for the matinee.  I am glad we did, it was fun seeing B and it was Scout's first play and she liked it.  In fact, B's part was pretty much done, so we all agreed to slip out and I told Scout and she said that she wanted to watch the fairy princess (Titania) wake up and see who she falls in love with.  I love that she was following along and liked it and wanted to know what happened next.  I loved that she had no idea that it was going to turn out to be a man that was turned into an ass.  I knew she would get a kick out of that.  She loved that group of guys (Bottom and company) and laughed really hard when they were on stage and I wish she could have seen the play they put on, she would have loved it.  We'll take her again when she is a few years older.  Good to know she enjoyed it though.

We went home that next morning and had a beautiful clear day and two of the best behaved little girls on the planet.  I can't think of one thing to complain about them on that drive home.  They were fabulous.  We got home and gave Rob a big hug and Lola sure was glad to see us too.

Notable moments to remember:

The giant Twilight cups and my disgust that I got Bella.  Then, Matt offering to go back to get me an Edward cup and then thinking it through in his head that he would have to ask the girl for the Edward one.

Leprechan Puck

Matt imitating leprechan Puck

Watching Paranormal Activity 2:  B staying awake the entire time and not watching a second of it, then asking us questions to get the story clear, Kyle's creepy room happenings and my rational explanation of the circumstances.

Did I forget anything?  I know I did, but I am out of ideas tonight.

I promise I didn't forget Hunch Cat.  I will NEVER forget Hunch Cat.  We watched that video on Amy's big screen tv I am not lying- no less then 50 times.  It kept getting funnier and funnier and I will NEVER ever not laugh upon viewing hunch cat.  I laughed just as hard on viewing number 49 as I did on viewing number 2.

I dedicate this video to my fellow hunch cat peeps, you know who you are and I know you are going to laugh:

For all of you that haven't seen Hunch Cat, first of all: you're welcome and second, do yourself a favor and watch it at least 3 times back to back. 

(Or 50 as we did.)

Monday, November 14, 2011

What Emily's Been Watching.........lately. (Aug/Sept edition)

So I don't know what was going on the first week of September, but I can tell you that What Emily's Been Watching was not on my mind at all, cause I didn't even realize I forgot it until it was way way into Oct. I decided to combine the months and then it has taken to until mid November to post it (make that the end of Nov. to actually get it finished and posted).  I get it, I suck. Better late then never though eh? I am afraid this isn't going to be too exciting, I didn't watch a ton of stuff besides catching up on The Office, Grey's Anatomy and I found out that the entire series of Wings is on instant Netflix and I had a little nostalgic Wings party for one over many weeks of bedtimes and had a good time (I was a MAJOR Wings fan back in the day). I hope I remember everything else I watched, but no guarantees.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 and 3 (2010 and 2011) [R]  Horror.  I got these two movies in on Halloween weekend.  Cat, I and Booker made plans to go see number 3 that last weekend in October, and I hadn't seen the second one yet, so I watched that alone on Friday night.  Everyone that has seen it will appreciate the fact that Tiny E woke up like 7 TIMES THAT NIGHT!  She will usually wake up in the early morning for a bottle and then go back to sleep.  Not that night.  She woke up a million times and I am ashamed to admit that once or twice my mind briefly thought that she and that demon are on their own in there.  Just a brief thought mind you, I always ended up manning up and going in there, but you know- human survival can trump mom instincts sometimes in our darkest moments.  
Then, the night after seeing the third one, at almost exactly midnight, I was awake in my bed probably watching Wings, and there was a giant crash  in my living room followed by Elinor's little train playing it's annoying little song.  This was followed by the telltale sound of dog ear's flapping back and forth as a dog tries to shake off an embarrassingly ungraceful exit off of the couch.  My heart finally resumed beating again, just as Lola walked sheepishly into our room to see if there were any witnesses.  I forgave her, but then every five minutes or so, she would come to the doorway of our room and creepily stare at me for a minute or two (this was her checking to see if I was settled or asleep, so she could sneak back onto the couch instead of pretending to settle down for sleep on her dog bed.  You see, she is not allowed on the couch, but breaks the rules frequently.  She seriously was giving me the major creeps and I was about to kill her.  
Anyway, I guess I should mention the actual movies for a second:  Love them.  These are the kind of scary movie that really gets to me.  There is no visible monster to ruin the effect by being fake or not as scary as you think it will be.  These movies are super creepy and scary and I find them great fun to watch (and by fun I mean scare the crap out of me).  Usually your imagination can scare you more then anything else ever could and these movies require a bit of that.  Also having an evil presence in your house that can possess you is a super scary concept to me.    Emily recommends the whole trilogy if you like scary movies and you have yet to see them.  They are all good.  But let me wqrn you: they are total creep sauce.

Nothing in this trailer is actually in the film, but it is relevant to the movie and keeps the tone at least.

BUFFY THE  VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 1 AND PART OF 2 (1997-1998) [TV14]  Action/Drama/fantasy.  So after knowing about this TV series for a very long time and having absolutely zero interest in ever watching it, I started watching it (this is despite the fact that I saw the movie it was based on back in the day and liked it a lot).  I got into watching this series in a round about way:  I started listening to a podcast about Twin Peaks.  In this podcast, the hosts watch one episode a week and comment on it.  The hook is, that 2 of the hosts have seen the series and are life long fans, and the other two hosts are watching it for the first time.  It has been a fun podcast to listen to, cause you get to hear the reactions and point of view of two people that haven't seen it and it is fun to hear them react and predict what is going on.  There is a growing family of podcasts that is stemming from this concept and the mother of all of them is one started a few years ago about Buffy, called Potential Cast.  They mention it often and I finally decided to give it a try and watch it along with them just to try it out only because it is on Netflix streaming, so why not, right?  (Don't judge me- my husband is in school full time and working and I have two easy kids and no job.)  Well, it turns out that Buffy is a pretty dang good show and I am totally enjoying it.  It started out pretty bad but in a good way.  The whole concept is campy and stupid, and I embraced that and had fun.  The first season is pretty short, and pretty bad, but like I said, I embraced the camp and enjoyed myself.  It's kind of like Interview With the Vampire meets Freaks and Geeks meets The Lost Boys meets Clueless.  The monsters are pretty shoddy, but that is fun sometimes I think.  The lines are pretty bad both in delivery and content, which I found fun too.  Well, midway through season 2, things started to change and it actually legitimately kind of became good.  I admit I was a bit disappointed.  I was in when it was laughable and a good time, I wasn't sure I was in for a seriously good show.  Well, it turns out that I am and now I am in deep and am really glad I am watching it.  I made a rule that I can't watch the next episode until I listen to the corresponding podcast.  This makes it so I sometimes have to go an extra day or two before getting to the next one, but it is worth it.   I also am not allowed to be spoiled by anything including reading the description of the show on Netflix.  I read a few early on and got spoiled and was totally sorry.  Oh and even though it's getting respectable, there are still enough bad lines to keep me happy.  Emily really recommends this show (I can't believe I am saying this!)  But it is becoming a darn good show.  For all of you nay sayers- it is listed as #10 in Entertainment Weekly's top 100 greatest shows of all time- number 10!  I can also recommend watching it as I do, following along with The Potential Cast.  It is kind of fun to listen to people discuss the show you just watched and then watch the next one along with them.  One piece of advice:  avoid spoilers!  I knew NOTHING about the show, not one detail, and it is really fun to go into it blind.  In fact, if you also know nothing and decide to follow along with the podcast, there is a spoiler in one of the first episodes that they announce and I ignored it and listened to the spoiler and I was sorry!  So don't listed to that spoiler, because the way they reveal it would have been really surprising and fun if you didn't know.  Anyway- you should give this show a try, I have a feeling it is going to have some great times ahead.

Sorry for this trailer, but I had to find one without spoilers.

THE PAINTED VEIL (2006) [PG13] Drama/Romance.  So this was an Ami recommendation that she has been waiting for me to see.  Well, I saw it and liked it very much.  I was confused for a while because I thought it was a Bollywood movie.  She recommended it to me along with some Bollywood movies, which I thought were all Bollys and it turns out this is not so.  I kept watching it thinking that this isn't what I expected Bollywood to be, but maybe I had some preconceived notions.  I still might, but this was made in China and stars Edward Norton and Naomi Watts.  It is a little independent film set in the twenties (maybe it was the thirties- I forget) and involves a young couple moving to China during the Cholera outbreak.  Edward is an infectious disease doctor and Naomi just wants to get away from her family.  It was a beautifully shot film and a great story.  I really connected and felt for the Edward Norton character through the whole thing and am interested in reading the book it was based on to get a better look at what he went through, cause I found it very compelling.  I connected with the Naomi Watts character also and felt very invested in her story too.  Great casting, I mean, Norton is amazing in all his roles and he played what I would guess is a really interesting literary character, and played it awesome.  Gosh, I really need to read that book.  Have you read it Ami?  Emily recommends this movie very much.  Especially if you like yourself a good, tragic romance.  Oh come on- you know it's got to be at least a little tragic.  Great character movie and great scenery.  Well done and well written.  Alright Ami- what's next?

Wow- melodramatic trailer alert.  I assure you that the movie isn't.

Next installment of WEBW will be up in a week or so- I'll be good I promise.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lollipops and Crisps

Elle's blog is now officially up and running.  On occasion, I may double post (same blog post here and there), but I THINK I will be posting just pure Elinor updates on the other blog and Elinor shenanigans over here.  At the moment it is almost purely double posts, so if you've kept up with this blog, at the moment it is pretty much just cut and pasted blogs relating to Elle's medical journey you've already read with the exception of this one.

Sorry for the fact that to keep up you'll have to follow both blogs, but I just really feel that this is the way to go from here.  I appreciate all my readers and hope you enjoy both blogs, I really enjoy writing them.

PS there is a link to Lollipops and crisps on the side of my blog, but for the record, the url is :  (Some stupid, emo teenager took the url "lollipopsandcrisps" to make a stupid blog she wrote like 3 posts and declared that she hated it.  Now the url is gone forever.)

I am still rankled over the waste.



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to break out your violins and pipes

(Or nicotine patches if you're a fan of the latest adaption.........and I am)

Alright all you Sherlocks-- the detective that is able to best piece together the events of this little crime wins.

When I bent down to check her out she raised her head and giggled.  Someone was mighty proud of themselves.......

The game is afoot!

(Or "on" as it were)

Monday, October 17, 2011

School (School, School)

This fall, school has hit this household like never before...........and I for one, think it's GREAT. 

Here is the run down:


For those that may not know, Rob has decided to go back to school this fall.  After the fall of real estate and his subsequent move into the wood refinishing business, he has decided that redoing cabinets is not what he wants to do for the rest of his life.  This fall, we moved in with his dad, Rob bought a wood refinishing franchise, and has enrolled in full time school at UVU.  He is getting a nursing degree, planning on taking it into hospital administration of some variety.  The wood refinishing is going to keep him pretty busy we think, as will school of course.  We have the idea to sell the business when school is over and be able to move on into something better, but it is a great opportunity for now that really kind of just fell into his lap.   So far he is finding his psychology class a bit dull but is loving English and Nutrition.  This is adding a new element to the family schedule, but is something I am really excited about and is working out good so far.  


Scout started the 1st grade (in a new school might I add) this year.   1st grade is a big step-- all day, eating lunch, real school work, etc.  I am happy to report that all elements are going really good.  She has made some good friends already, I know that Sam was irreplaceable, but she seems to be doing fine without him and has found about 4 little girls to take his place.  They don't play Mario and Bowser at recess though.  *Mom bragging about her smart child alert*  --Sorry, but Scout is my only child that has the ability to be an "academic", so all my proud-mom-book-smart-eggs are in her basket, so I am really proud of her.  I roll my eyes as much as the next guy when moms brag incessantly about how smart their child is online, but like I said- she is my shot, so indulge me a little (or skip this next little bit).  We just had our first parent/teacher conference and her teacher beamed about Scout.  She is good in class and follows the rules, she is getting math concepts really well, has gotten 100% on every spelling test so far (except the first one, she didn't write anything for "I", -I can imagine she spaced for a second and didn't hear the teacher, cause I am reasonably sure she can spell "I"-).  She also at the first of the year, tested as high in reading as they test 1st graders, so they put her in a 2nd grade class for reading time along with 4 other students in her class.  *Ok, bragging over, it's safe again.*
First day of school.  she was pretty excited- while walking with me down the hall to her class that morning, I was worried she was really nervous, but then she turns to me and says, "this is the best day of my life".

Later at a school "Cougar Walk".  She is playing a cake walk kind of a thing, but the winner wins a school shirt.  She played that game with strangely intense purpose in winning a shirt.  I am happy to report that her efforts were successful.


Elinor has started two weekly classes this fall.  The first one we go to on Thursday mornings.  It is a motor skills class (fine and gross).  We start with free play where the therapists that run it visit each child and interact, help them find an activity that is good for them, and see how they are doing.  Then we sit in a circle and sing songs with actions.  Then we go to the "ball room" and practice gross motor skills.  They have a lot of equipment for kids to strengthen the areas they need to and be able to play while doing it.  Then we have snack time, honing our fine motor skills again under supervision to get tips and advice on their particular feeding skills.   The above pic is Elle during free play, she is playing a little piano very Schroeder like- I love it. 
This is a great class and once again, I am impressed with Kids on the Move.  Some day, if I have a lot of money, I am going to donate a lot of it to them.
Then on Friday mornings, we head to Highland, and go to a horseback riding class called "Courage Reins".  It is a center that does therapeutic horseback riding for people/kids with disabilities.  It is really awesome!  When it was mentioned to me, I just went -Sure!  Sign her up- as many things like this that help the better I say.  But the first few minutes she was on the horse that first time, I could see what a great thing this is going to be.  I am amazed by what horse back riding could do for her.  It is hard work staying steady on them, and she did really well.  I think before we make too much progress on Elle's gross motor skills, she needs to develop more trunk strength and not just in the abs, and this riding once a week is going to be great for that.  By the way, no- Scout has no idea we do this every Friday.  She is at school and I figure that what she doesn't know that goes on- is just me being a nice mom.

Waiting for her turn to ride

I love this pic (I had a hard time getting a good pic that day, this was as good as it got).

Riding backwards- extra tricky.  Betsy works that girl good.  (Betsy is her PT (in the tan shirt)- she has a Sesame Street shirt she wears just for Elles sometimes.  We like Betsy.)

We were dropped off that first day, and walked to Kohler's to wait for dad.  Almost the entire walk, Elle held her legs out like this.  I don't know if it had to do with her 20 minute horseback ride or not- either way, it cracked me up.

She spent a period with just one leg up at the end there.  So silly.

 We saw a katy-did on our way and took a picture of it to show Scout.  Least I could do considering the horses and all.  Mommy really feels guilty little sis gets to ride horses every week.  I really do.  Hope I can keep it from her forever.  We'll see.


Nope.  Mom did not join the school ranks.  (Unless you count the fact that she tries to keep the kids and the house quiet while daddy studies and supports him any way she can so he can do his best.  Walks Scout to and from school every day, sits down with her every night with her homework and helps Scout read and attends her book club group and joined the PTA (and packs her school lunch when the menu reveals that today's entree is gross).  Takes and participates in both of Elinor's classes and supports her as best she can, doing Elle's little homework everyday, and attends and participates in each and every one of her 8+ appointments every month.)

Phew.  School is hard work for mom, even when she isn't the one going.  Love it all though.  I'm even finding a way to love the fact that Scout got put in the early schedule and has to be at school at 8 and comes home at 2:15.  I really wanted the 9:15 to 3:30 schedule, but it was not to be.  Gets my butt out of bed and dressed early every day, and that really is a good thing.

Can someone please explain how people do this with 5 kids?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Disclosure

This is what my kitchen looks like right now.

Why am I showing you all this picture?  I was inspired by my Relief Society lesson today.  Our lesson was on Pres. Uchtdorf's recent talk about the forget me nots  and when we got to the petal "Forget not to be patient with yourself" we spent some time discussing how others may seem perfect to you and that brings you down, because it is harder to forgive yourself of your imperfections then to forgive others.  This brought my mind back to the problem that is out there that people find it so easy to put their best foot forward on their blog and weed out all the crap in their lives and just tell and show pics of the idealistic world they want to show and this is making some women feel bad.  They read them and think about how perfect this woman's life seems to be and then they look at their life and you can't weed out the imperfections as easily when they are surrounding you.  I've brought this up before on my blog, but after today, it seems worthy of revisiting.  I don't want my blog to become that...... so there is my kitchen in all it's glory.  (Lest any of you have been reading my blog and feeling bad about the idyllic beauty and perfection that is my life.)

Why does my kitchen look like this?  
Well, that's simple (kind of).  We moved into this house and my husband wanted to redo the cabinets right away, so I never did unpack my kitchen, just stacked the boxes of all the stuff I'd need around the table.  Then life and months happened and the cabinet project is half done, out of necessity I have put some things in the cupboards haphazardly, and the kitchen has become a fantastic dumping ground for baby equipment and work stuff.  The good news is Rob thinks he has progressed to the stage where I can load the cupboards and a little while after that (Saturday) I snapped and had it.  I am organizing and scrubbing the cupboards one by one and getting everything in them and then am going to throw the boxes as far from my kitchen as they will go then I will find a place for everything that does not belong in the kitchen.  At that point, we may not have doors on the cupboards, but we will be able to move around in there and maybe even utilize the table.  We still will have that golden colored fridge that freezes all the vegetables I bring home, but maybe just maybe, it will inspire us to get the bigger nicer beautiful black glass fridge fixed that is standing unused and wasted in the car port at the moment.  Ah, dreams........

Here is the view from the other side.  This view gives you a peak at the matching golden oven that has only two (dubiously) working burners.  It also shows the new computer I am typing on right now that never got moved to it's proper place in our bedroom.  
All in good time guys.

Did I mention that my dog has emotional problems and sucks her paws?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Potpourri (or a little Scout, a little Elles and a little Radiohead)

I've got some updates and information and blurbs about the lot, so I figured I would combine them into one post so you could get caught up on three of my very favorite things 

(I have more then 3 favorite things- Rob comes to mind, but I don't have an update of him on this post).

taken on Saturday morning, being a black footed ferret

Scout suffered this weekend with another UTI.  Of course my girls only get things like this on Saturday, making it hard to get to see a doctor.  Saturday she had a stuffy nose and a sore throat and a low grade fever.  Saturday night she showed signs to me of a UTI.  Sunday she seemed pretty good if not a little feverish.  It was the Primary program in church and she had a speaking part, so we convinced her to get dressed and go anyway.  She has been nervous like crazy about this for months and has practiced, memorized her lines, and even had the courage to do it (once in a while).  We thought it was important that she ended up doing it, so we took her.  I would like to report that she was such a brave good girl and did it.  She was so scared and it took a lot of convincing and Paw Prints in a little purse around her shoulders going up there with her, but she did it.  We really were proud of her.  She said her part as fast as I've ever heard her talk, but she did it without looking at her cheat sheet AND feeling like crap.  I took her home after sacrament meeting and spared her the other 2 hours if that gains me any points for forcing her to go.
She took Advil through the day and seemed almost like her old self.  She woke up this morning pretty sad and hot and her back hurt in the kidney area.  Uh oh.  I made a morning appointment for her and she is now armed with antibiotics.  The deal is, the doctor said that if she still has a fever noon tomorrow, he wants to see her again and will probably recommend having the antibiotics administered through IV and that means the hospital!!  I guess the fever, which was over 102 at the doctor and it obviously getting into the kidneys makes the doctor not want to take any chances.  Yikes.  I would hate to have this happen to her.  She really seems great right now, so I have confidence that she will be fine with the antibiotics we have at home.  I can hear her right now singing cute songs, putting on costumes and playing with her jungle animals.  We did decide to get her checked out fully in a few weeks in regards to her urinary tract (she was diagnosed with reflux in the kidneys at about 3 months old, when she had her first UTI).  We are going to revisit those tests and see what they can tell us, including an ultrasound and this xray thing that is very unpleasant involving a catheter and medical imaging.   She had that test twice before 2 but not since.  This time they are going to sedate her cause it can be "tramatic" as they put it.  I think it was traumatic for her back in the day and very possibly what has caused her fear of doctors.  She isn't as scared of doctors right now as needles and shots (which of course go along with doctors), and I am afraid she is going to be getting some of those.  Good news is, they discovered that they can do it in Provo (Utah Valley Medical Center) instead of up at Primary's where she had the others, so that is something I guess.  We are really hoping and hoping for results that don't include the "S" word.

************Scout Update***************
She woke up fever free and went to school, so I am very optimistic.

Ellsies got fitted last week with splints for her thumbs.  They are worn all the time, not including baths and eating.  They keep her little thumbs out so she doesn't keep them in like she does and scratch them and all that bad stuff.  If they do their job, they should train her brain not to do that and make them used to being out and have her hands eventually work like normal little hands should.  She has really gotten good at adapting to no thumbs and holding stuff with them in and that is no good, we would much rather her use her hands like humans, as opposed to apes.  They don't seem to even phase her, she is just fine with them on (of course she is, given the tolerant little thing that she is), and we are noticing that she really doesn't do the hand flapping with them on.  She relaxes them a lot more.  Once I take them off however, she has a hand flapping party, but it's only been a couple days, so I would love to see that stop too.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  We are surprised that she stops the behavior with them on though.  Didn't think it would be that dramatic, but it seems to be right now.  So we are encouraged.  
We are heading to Primary Children's tomorrow, going to an appointment/ meeting with her doctors.  Dr. Carey arranged a meeting with us, himself, Dr. Filloux (her neurologist), and I think some interns, etc.  where we are going to go back to square one with her diagnoses.  He told us on the phone that it isn't really that strange if she has Angelman's that we haven't picked it up on the tests yet, (I assume this is because since she only has about 20% of the symptoms, it isn't a stretch that she would be in the lesser 20% cases that aren't picked up by the tests he has run thus far.  He listened to Rob tell him his concerns about her symptoms and things we feel she has lost and digressed in and he mentioned that it could possibly be something biochemical.  I googled biochemical and got a lot of talk about bio polar disorder and schizophrenia and I know that can't be right, so I decided quickly to not google anymore and just wait for the appointment.  I did however mention it to her cognitive therapist and she said he would be talking about babies that are born with an inability to process some metals or proteins or something like that, and so as the thing they can't process builds up, their body starts acting strange and reacting to it.  This is very interesting to me, thinking about the slight possibility it is something like that and wondering if she could be treated with a pill or something.  I don't know, trying not to think about it and for sure not getting my hopes up.  Just interesting.  I'm sure we'll know more tomorrow.   The appointment is at 4, and I will for sure update soon.  I would like to point out how horrible and complicated our day could be tomorrow if Scout actually had to be admitted to the hospital.  Seriously?  Could that actually happen?  Cause I think that is just a little too much don't you agree?  Fates?  Heavenly Father?  Karma?  I am letting you all know I'm not seeing that as being very nice.  (and if it is the way it is going to be, I'm going to need some instructions on how to figure it all out and make it work.)   

***************Elinor Update****************\
Last night's appointment went great.  Dr. Filloux was unable to make it at the last minute, but that didn't really matter to me.  Dr. Carey has been discussing Elles with colleagues from around the country.  Since he had a few directions to go when it comes to our next step in trying for a diagnosis, he thought it best to see Elle again in person before he decided the smartest direction to go.  His recommendation is to go with a broader rett test (his other idea at this point (the idea from a Angelman expert in Boston), is to do an eeg test -which measures brain waves)  apparently Angelman brains have really screwy eeg tests even if seizures aren't present.  If she gets a screwy test result that will tip the scales towards it being Angelman's quite a bit.  BUT given her (I forgot what he called it- the movements she has developed with her fingers), he would point more towards rett.  Here is some good news:  1. She would definitely have a lesser variant of the syndrome, and he would not expect us to see any dramatic losses at this point (ie my fear of losing eye contact and eating capabilities are very very unlikely given how she presents).  2.  Seizures starting at this time in her life with rett (after 2) are highly unlikely.  3.  Since she has shown improvement in all areas of development according to her last evaluation in August and even though we have seen some things drop off her abilities/stuff she does, he said that she would not classify as "regressing".  We figured that any loss would mean she is regressing, but apparently since she is overall showing improvement, that is a promising thing.  4.  Dr. Carey upon observation, feels that her limitations with her hands and body are affecting her cognitive abilities more then we might guess.  This gives me great hope that we will see greater things from her.  She really is more interested in toys these days and she is showing quite a bit of improvement in her motor skills- therefore, they will improve and as they improve, her cognitive skills should improve.  5.  He gave us a bit of hope about some things rett kids can do given her possible variables (ie some verbal skills, etc.)  6.  It was nice again to see with my own eyes such a wonderful doctor being so invested in our little girl and the long amount of time he was willing to spend talking to us and listening to our concerns and explanations (not to mention all the time he has spent discussing her with his peers).  It makes me sad to think that everyone in a situation similar to ours doesn't have the same experience.  We have absolutely hit the jackpot with Elle's team of doctors and therapists.  It makes me a little weepy thinking about how great everyone is and how much they invest in and love our daughter.  That is soooo important to you as a parent.

Also--- Dr. Cary pretty much shelved the idea that she has a biochemical problem yesterday given her overall good health.  She really is super healthy and almost never sick.  That doesn't mesh with having a biochemical problem. 


Thom Yorke announced that they are going to be TOURING next year.  Rumors about a tour have been circulating for a few months and taunting me, but I haven't allowed myself to believe it.  Having Thom say it in so many words this week cinched it for me.  HOLY CRAP!!!!  I am going.  There is no way they are coming to Salt Lake, so Matt, B, Cat?, Rob......pack your bags kids.  We're going-- this is your chance to see Emily hyperventilate, have a heart attack, faint, or any combo of the three  (I wouldn't be surprised if they came to Denver or Vegas, but we may have to go to California).  I am not missing it this time if I have to go without food for a month.  2012 is also seeing my parent's 50th wedding anniversary which the family is going to celebrate in Mexico in August.  So I am thinking that 2012 is going to be EPIC as long as the 2012 Mayan thing doesn't pan out- if it does, that would make it epic too I guess, but the end of the world is not allowed to happen until Emily sees Radiohead live.

*shaking my fist at the Mayan gods*

Also, this has been a grand Radiohead week, they performed on the season premier of SNL on Saturday and tonight they are going to be on a Cobert Report Special.  Good, good times.

Here are a couple promos that aired for SNL and they are so funny. 
Alec Baldwin cracks me up (I particularly liked the first one).

*****Colbert Report Update*****

It was really exciting watching this and seeing that the majority of the show was dedicated to Radiohead.  Thom's interviews were as endearingly awkward as ever and I must say- I love Stephen Colbert, but him juxtaposed with Radiohead was...... I don't know-- a little cringe worthy a few times.  BUT didn't take much away from it.  (Maybe I'm just not in the mood for any shenanigans when Radiohead is around- I'm all business.) Made me laugh a lot though.  I just know they have very very strong feelings when it comes to matters of global warming and what they do as a band to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible (why they won't come to SLC) and they weren't given a chance to talk about too much of what they do, but I suppose that doesn't matter too much.  Look at me!  I feel like I am coming across as negative about the show and that is not my intention.  I absolutely loved it

"Prepare yourselves Radiohead, you're about to meet television face"

Below is the shining jewel of the night, they sang a song I hadn't heard yet called "The Daily Mail" and it Totally.   Kicked.   My.   Trash.    (in a really good way).  This song is from a live session they did and put on the interwebs called "From the Basement" back in June and I hadn't been bothered to listen to it yet.  Who knew they debuted a fricken amazing song on it?  Not me apparently.
Can I mention how much I love that Cobert's Harry Potter joke made Thom laugh?  (that intro was cut out of the show, so didn't see that until now.  Awesome.

Oh, and did I also mention they surprised me with "The National Anthem" at the end?  No?  Well they did.  Second best moment. 
(Worst moment was cutting the program off before the song was done.  I got to finish it this morning online though.)


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