Friday, October 21, 2011

Lollipops and Crisps

Elle's blog is now officially up and running.  On occasion, I may double post (same blog post here and there), but I THINK I will be posting just pure Elinor updates on the other blog and Elinor shenanigans over here.  At the moment it is almost purely double posts, so if you've kept up with this blog, at the moment it is pretty much just cut and pasted blogs relating to Elle's medical journey you've already read with the exception of this one.

Sorry for the fact that to keep up you'll have to follow both blogs, but I just really feel that this is the way to go from here.  I appreciate all my readers and hope you enjoy both blogs, I really enjoy writing them.

PS there is a link to Lollipops and crisps on the side of my blog, but for the record, the url is :  (Some stupid, emo teenager took the url "lollipopsandcrisps" to make a stupid blog she wrote like 3 posts and declared that she hated it.  Now the url is gone forever.)

I am still rankled over the waste.




The Holdaway Family said...

It's interesting that the girl to 'stole' lollipops and crisps url is also named Emily.

It will be nice for you to be able to document everything that little Elle is going through

Ramesh's Blog Spot said...
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Tracey Green said...

Love the mother's mission statement from Joan Ryan. Beautifully put. Have you ever thought to post some of these inspirational moments on this site: If your story is featured, you could reference your blog. Good luck if you choose to do so!


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