Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bean's Dreams

In the middle of the night, oh I'd say about 4 times a week, I am called into Scout's room by a sobbing child. She tells me what her dream was about and I rub her back, give her kisses and tell her it was just a dream. This doesn't take long, in minutes I am back in my own warm bed -usually horrified about how mean I am in my daughter's dreams!!!!

Here are some recent examples:

-mommy ate my popsicle

-mommy got Wowee and Kiki all wet

-I left her downstairs alone (she is scared of downstairs)

-She was in my tummy (I kid you not, this dream occurred 2 or 3 days after I had found out I was pregnant -Scout hasn't been told yet. Another Psychic Scout example?)

-She couldn't find me anywhere and she loves me so much! Her exact words. Break my heart.

What is the deal? How come daddy never eats her popsicles in dreamland???

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thom Yorke, Master Lyricist

Since a certain percentage of this blog is devoted to my favorite band on earth, I thought it was time for another post about them. What has been on the Radiohead part of my mind lately is how amazing their lyrics can be. This can all be credited to Thom, as he writes them all (the only exception I have been made aware of is "The Tourist" written entirely by Jonny Greenwood) -good song, but will not be part of this post today. I am going to pick out a few songs that have caught my attention as being particularly good lyricly, display their lyrics, and hopefully I'll have the song if you would like to listen to it too, since the music adds to the atmosphere of the lyrics and makes them richer. I am aware that some of you could probably care less, but I think some people that read this blog may have some interest at least. If not, well, skip it I GUESS, but perhaps some of you are curious as to why this group has captivated me so completely, and if you know Emily, you should know Radiohead. I think I will make this a series, with a new topic every time.

True Love Waits
from the album I Might Be Wrong (A Live album)

I'll drown my beliefs
To have you be in peace
I'll dress like your niece
To wash your swollen feet

Just don't leave
Don't leave

I'm not living
I'm just killing time
Your tiny hands
Your crazy kitten smile

Just don't leave
Don't leave

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just don't leave
Don't leave

Just don't leave
Don't leave

Like Spinning Plates
from the album

While you make pretty speeches,
I'm being cut to shreds.
You feed me to the lions,
a delicate balance

When this just feels like spinning plates.
I'm living in cloud cuckoo land.
And this just feels like spinning plates
Our bodies floating down the muddy river.

I added two versions of this song, because they are drastically different. The first is the studio version, where they used a lot of artistic license you could say, the song sounds like he recorded the lyrics backwards and replayed it. I KNOW the music is backwards, it is really cool and different, but the second version is how they play it live and I think it actually is beauty incarnate (plus the second version, you can actually hear what he is singing).

from the album Hail to the Thief

I'm walking out in a force ten gale.
birds thrown around, bullets for hail.
the roof is pulling off by its fingernails.
your voice is rapping on my window sill

yesterday's headlines blown by the wind.
yesterday's people end up scatterbrain.
then any fool can easy pick a hole. (I only wish I could fall in)
a moving target in a firing range.

somewhere I'm not
somewhere I'm not
lightning fuse

I find this song to be their most blatantly poetic song

Paranoid Android
from the album
OK Computer

Please could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest
From all the unborn chicken voices in my head
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but not an android)
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but not an android)

When I am king, you will be first against the wall
With your opinion which is of no consequence at all
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but no android)
What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but no android)

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly
Kicking and squealing Gucci little piggy
You don't remember
You don't remember
Why don't you remember my name?
Off with his head, man
Off with his head, man
Why don't you remember my name?
I guess he does....

Rain down, rain down
Come on rain down on me
From a great height
From a great height... height...
Rain down, rain down
Come on rain down on me
From a great height
From a great height... height...
Rain down, rain down
Come on rain down on me

That's it, sir
You're leaving
The crackle of pigskin
The dust and the screaming
The yuppies networking
The panic, the vomit
The panic, the vomit
God loves his children, God loves his children, yeah!

I have long hailed this song as being a masterpiece in lyrics. It's a masterpiece in many other ways too, but this post is about lyrics and I couldn't write it without adding this one.

I cut out one song in my final cut and have regretted it all day.
Therefore I am adding it now.

Let Down
from the album OK Computer

Transport, motorways and tramlines,
starting and then stopping,
taking off and landing,
the emptiest of feelings,
disappointed people, clinging on to bottles,
and when it comes it's so, so, disappointing.

Let down and hanging around,
crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

Shell smashed, juices flowing
wings twitch, legs are going,
don't get sentimental, it always ends up drivel.
One day, I'm gonna grow wings,
a chemical reaction,
hysterical and useless
hysterical and

let down and hanging around,
crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

Let down,
Let down,
Let down.

You know, you know where you are with,
you know where you are with,
floor collapsing, falling, bouncing back
and one day, I'm gonna grow wings,
a chemical reaction,
hysterical and useless
hysterical and

let down and hanging around,
crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

I just love the feeling of this song and the boredom that is portrayed
with commuting day after day, and I do also love the references to the squished bug feelings.

Well, there are a few examples (painfully few, it was really hard to
narrow down, as the amount of amazing lyrics this man has written
is never ending) but I tried to limit myself.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

9/9/09 is WAY better then 9/11

I went to my first doctor's visit today (just paper and blood work really) and I got a different due date! Not only is it 2 days earlier (always a good thing) it's 9/9/09. Now I would really like to have my baby on it's due date how cool a birthday would that be?

Also, my first real doctor's appointment is next week on the 29th. This will be the soonest they can do an ultrasound and be able to see a baby in there. Eeek! I'm scared.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Scoutiness Vol V

It's been a while since I have posted a Random Scoutiness (Sept to be exact), and Scout has been very Scout lately, so in the last few weeks I have much to post on the subject.

"The Great Pretend-ears"
Much as I would like to take credit for that wonderful pun, that is the actual name brand of those ears. They were a halloween costume for me a few years back, and we found an old box of random holiday items this year and along with some Christmas stuff, we found some halloween treasures, like these ears. It was not common to find Scout without these ears on for about a week. She was baby leopard and lucky me, there were two pairs so she insisted that I wore the other pair sometimes. Anyway, here are a few pics I took of her sporting them.

Yes, they went to bed with her too.

What started with my car getting a flat tire last week, and me packing Scout a bagged lunch to take to the tire store while we waited for them to fix it (Scout couldn't have been more delighted, you'd think it was the most novel thing ever), quickly turned into a tradition. She wanted me to bag all of her food for all her meals for about 2 days, which turned into her wanting to have picnics. Then she started inviting her "friends" to sup with her and before you know it, you walk into this scene:
The even dispersion of the treats is what really got me here. For all of you that have witnessed "snack time" in nursery, this should look very familiar. I also love how they are all posed to eat. Sadly, the dinosaur and the elephant were the only ones that got dinosaur chicken that day. I am not sure if the dinosaur appreciated that or not. The Elephant also got the smallest chip. I suppose that's fair.

While playing out in the snow the other day, Scout came into the kitchen and asked me for a carrot. I thought, -huh, she must be hungry, but isn't ready to come inside yet. Shortly afterwards, she came back inside and asked me for some olives. Now that was weird, so I asked why and she said, "for my snowman's mouth." Well, it all fell into place at that time, so I told her I didn't have any olives and wondered if raisins would do, and she said yes. I allowed her a few minutes, and then went outside and I found this:
I should have taken a picture of this, but it looked like she attempted to actually make her own snowman first, but didn't know how (there were a few lumps of snow on the driveway that looked like her first try). She then must have seen the great mound of shoveled snow and had a brainstorm that saved her a lot of trouble. I love it! I've got myself a little problem solver on my hands.
Here we have proud Mama Kangaroo and "Hoppy".This picture does not do justice to seeing kiki stuffed into the front of these dunglees. It is all just very snug.
I am not sure that this is what Grandma Wright had in mind when she bought Scout this tea set and doll stroller. But it makes sense in a very Scout sort of way.
I've got one more story here, but no pictures. Scout has had the cold from hell this week. The first day she was sniffly and feverish, the next day she had an ugly cough, the next morning, it had traveled to her eyes, then that next night, she had an earache. Anyway, the poor thing has been so sick, but still managed to make me laugh so hard twice in one day, while relating them to Rob I had to make SEVERAL attempts to get it out (ala Cat's Frankenstein cookies) -I have to add right here that Scout calls Frankenstein "Franklin Einstien" these days much to my amusement. Ok, the first morning she woke up and her eyes were completely glued shut, I would have expected her to panic, but instead calmly yelled out to me that she couldn't open her eyes. I think you have heard me talk about her tendancy when she has a fever to wake up in the middle of the night with an overly loud, feverish voice that is far too alert then it should be, if not, I owe you guys a journal of funnies entry. Anyway, it was 4 in the morning and I got the fever voice. I assessed the situation and got a warm towel and she was wimpering a little at this time and I did one little swipe to one eye and she goes, "I think it's working!" Not long after, she fell back alseep, so I decided to leave the eyes sealed and went back to bed. She woke up at a normal hour, later that morning and called to me again and I brought her into our room and layed her in Rob's arms while I got another warm washcloth. She calmly reaches her hand up and felt around Rob's face just like a blind person and goes, "hi dad". She was also perfectly adept at feeling for her juice, finding the sippy nozzle and taking swigs of it and then feeling for a suitable place to put it down while I worked on her eyes. How quickly she adjusted to a life of the blind! The next morning went down pretty much the same, her telling me she needs her eyes cleaned so she can see. The next morning she called for me to fix her eyes and I go in, and she is casually laying on the floor, against her bed, with her arms folded under her head, just waiting for me, chill as can be. That was the first thing that day that caused me to have trouble relating to Rob what was so funny. The second thing, (now keep in mind, Scout and I have been cooped up in the house for 3 days at this time). I was sitting in the office talking on the phone to Rob, and Scout kept bugging me and trying to get my attention. I am sorry to admit that none of it was working. Well, when she wanted me to look at this mini wrapper of a 3 musketeers -who knows why, and I was ignoring her, she climbed on my chair and held the wrapper between my eye and my glasses. That just totally cracked me up that she came up with that idea to make me look at it. I have to admit, she did get my attention.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Crockpot Lasagna

When I started this blog, I was planning on sharing some recipes and I really have only done it once (a long time ago). So, here is a yummy one I found and we just finished eating it (and loving it) so I thought I would share it. For some reason, my past lasagna attempts have been unsatisfactory, so we were pleased with this very much. Instead of typing it, I am just going to provide the link.

Two things about this I will share: 1) I thought it was too heavy on the salt and would reduce it to maybe even not adding any. I think there is plenty in the cheese. I say this as a salt addict. 2) people in the reviews complained that the cooking time was too long and their noodles were a soggy mess. I checked mine after a little over 3 hours and they were perfect, so I think the 4 to 6 hour cooking time is perhaps too much. Oh, I also bought "Italian style"tomato paste on accident, so I only added a dash of oregano. I liked it that way and will use that kind again.

I would definitely follow the rules of lasagna and serve it with a green salad and garlic bread.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Drumroll Please...................

I'm actually pregnant!
Yep, hell froze over and the like. Now, I am only 4 weeks along but I just can't keep it in. Rob and I told our respective families the night I took the test and I was waiting to tell the rest for at least a few weeks, but I have gotten all kinds of well wishes and what not and I thought I'd spill the beans. You know, everyone has been so supportive through my heinous ordeal and expressed concern and hope and just have been there through the good and bad (mostly bad). It only seemed right not to keep you all in the dark for any amount of time. I figure, if something terrible happens this time, I will need you all there for more support, so I might as well let the cat -meeeeow- out of the bag (Kramer).
We found out on Saturday night, I was a few days late, so reluctantly took a test (I have taken countless tests only to get a negative result I have grown to really hate them), but this one, to my absolute shock, was undeniably positive. Rob couldn't be more excited, well yes he could as he is trying to be cautious and not get his hopes up too high. Scout is the one that will stay in the dark for a while. I want to make sure the monkey in there is good before she is told.
I know that a lot of things can go wrong at this point, but you know, just the fact that I actually achieved pregnancy is such big news and proved to be such a hurdle, that even if there is a miscarriage, I still will be thrilled that I now know pregnancy is possible. I have a good feeling though, I feel like I have been thorough enough, that doesn't always hold water with "The Big Guy" but like I said, I have a good feeling. This is true even after I went to the computer that night to calculate my due date and found it to be the most infamous day in history. Yes, it's September 11th. I just had to laugh-- haha, what else would it be?

I will be looking into altering that with whatever powers I might have.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wake up call

I woke up a few mornings ago to Scout shouting from her room (I can only imagine that what I heard was not her first attempt to get my attention). I woke up to, "Mom! I'm doing the potty dance!"

Now Scout is perfectly capable of going potty by herself. But, especially in the wee hours of the morning, she prefers company. Also, she often -as any respectable 3 year old does, denies that she needs to go potty. I often point out that she is incorrect, as she is dancing an unmistakable dance.

Hmmm..... This is very reminiscent of a journal of funnies entry of Cath's, that I can't quite remember.


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