Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bean's Dreams

In the middle of the night, oh I'd say about 4 times a week, I am called into Scout's room by a sobbing child. She tells me what her dream was about and I rub her back, give her kisses and tell her it was just a dream. This doesn't take long, in minutes I am back in my own warm bed -usually horrified about how mean I am in my daughter's dreams!!!!

Here are some recent examples:

-mommy ate my popsicle

-mommy got Wowee and Kiki all wet

-I left her downstairs alone (she is scared of downstairs)

-She was in my tummy (I kid you not, this dream occurred 2 or 3 days after I had found out I was pregnant -Scout hasn't been told yet. Another Psychic Scout example?)

-She couldn't find me anywhere and she loves me so much! Her exact words. Break my heart.

What is the deal? How come daddy never eats her popsicles in dreamland???


megandjon said...

oh what a cutie! i don't know what it means! maybe try a dream book? the kind that are like dictionaries of possible meanings.

its probably just a phase. in a month her psyche will start worrying about her daddy...

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Poor little Scout. Hehehe, that's so sad. I'm so excited she's dreaming though. I'm sure she always wakes up glad that she has a nice mommy, and not one who eats her popsicles and gets Kiki wet.

Baby Pugh is starting to look more human than beluga whale!! Feet!!!!


Sue said...

Poor Feta! I called her Feta all through your pregnancy, but never after she was born. I'll see what kind of nickname I dream up for this next one.

She does this like 4 times a week? It is kind of cute that her innocent, 3 year old mind sees mommy eating her popsicle as a nightmare. The tummy one is kind of weird.

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

That is pretty crazy, that girl really is psychic! She is so cute. Yes, Marcus and I realized that she is afraid of the downstairs when we watched her a few weeks ago. She would only go down there if Marcus was holding her hand. Hehe.

Pops said...

It's time she learned that life is tough and that moms eat popsicles belonging to small peoples. Suck it up, Scout!


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