Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Scoutiness Vol V

It's been a while since I have posted a Random Scoutiness (Sept to be exact), and Scout has been very Scout lately, so in the last few weeks I have much to post on the subject.

"The Great Pretend-ears"
Much as I would like to take credit for that wonderful pun, that is the actual name brand of those ears. They were a halloween costume for me a few years back, and we found an old box of random holiday items this year and along with some Christmas stuff, we found some halloween treasures, like these ears. It was not common to find Scout without these ears on for about a week. She was baby leopard and lucky me, there were two pairs so she insisted that I wore the other pair sometimes. Anyway, here are a few pics I took of her sporting them.

Yes, they went to bed with her too.

What started with my car getting a flat tire last week, and me packing Scout a bagged lunch to take to the tire store while we waited for them to fix it (Scout couldn't have been more delighted, you'd think it was the most novel thing ever), quickly turned into a tradition. She wanted me to bag all of her food for all her meals for about 2 days, which turned into her wanting to have picnics. Then she started inviting her "friends" to sup with her and before you know it, you walk into this scene:
The even dispersion of the treats is what really got me here. For all of you that have witnessed "snack time" in nursery, this should look very familiar. I also love how they are all posed to eat. Sadly, the dinosaur and the elephant were the only ones that got dinosaur chicken that day. I am not sure if the dinosaur appreciated that or not. The Elephant also got the smallest chip. I suppose that's fair.

While playing out in the snow the other day, Scout came into the kitchen and asked me for a carrot. I thought, -huh, she must be hungry, but isn't ready to come inside yet. Shortly afterwards, she came back inside and asked me for some olives. Now that was weird, so I asked why and she said, "for my snowman's mouth." Well, it all fell into place at that time, so I told her I didn't have any olives and wondered if raisins would do, and she said yes. I allowed her a few minutes, and then went outside and I found this:
I should have taken a picture of this, but it looked like she attempted to actually make her own snowman first, but didn't know how (there were a few lumps of snow on the driveway that looked like her first try). She then must have seen the great mound of shoveled snow and had a brainstorm that saved her a lot of trouble. I love it! I've got myself a little problem solver on my hands.
Here we have proud Mama Kangaroo and "Hoppy".This picture does not do justice to seeing kiki stuffed into the front of these dunglees. It is all just very snug.
I am not sure that this is what Grandma Wright had in mind when she bought Scout this tea set and doll stroller. But it makes sense in a very Scout sort of way.
I've got one more story here, but no pictures. Scout has had the cold from hell this week. The first day she was sniffly and feverish, the next day she had an ugly cough, the next morning, it had traveled to her eyes, then that next night, she had an earache. Anyway, the poor thing has been so sick, but still managed to make me laugh so hard twice in one day, while relating them to Rob I had to make SEVERAL attempts to get it out (ala Cat's Frankenstein cookies) -I have to add right here that Scout calls Frankenstein "Franklin Einstien" these days much to my amusement. Ok, the first morning she woke up and her eyes were completely glued shut, I would have expected her to panic, but instead calmly yelled out to me that she couldn't open her eyes. I think you have heard me talk about her tendancy when she has a fever to wake up in the middle of the night with an overly loud, feverish voice that is far too alert then it should be, if not, I owe you guys a journal of funnies entry. Anyway, it was 4 in the morning and I got the fever voice. I assessed the situation and got a warm towel and she was wimpering a little at this time and I did one little swipe to one eye and she goes, "I think it's working!" Not long after, she fell back alseep, so I decided to leave the eyes sealed and went back to bed. She woke up at a normal hour, later that morning and called to me again and I brought her into our room and layed her in Rob's arms while I got another warm washcloth. She calmly reaches her hand up and felt around Rob's face just like a blind person and goes, "hi dad". She was also perfectly adept at feeling for her juice, finding the sippy nozzle and taking swigs of it and then feeling for a suitable place to put it down while I worked on her eyes. How quickly she adjusted to a life of the blind! The next morning went down pretty much the same, her telling me she needs her eyes cleaned so she can see. The next morning she called for me to fix her eyes and I go in, and she is casually laying on the floor, against her bed, with her arms folded under her head, just waiting for me, chill as can be. That was the first thing that day that caused me to have trouble relating to Rob what was so funny. The second thing, (now keep in mind, Scout and I have been cooped up in the house for 3 days at this time). I was sitting in the office talking on the phone to Rob, and Scout kept bugging me and trying to get my attention. I am sorry to admit that none of it was working. Well, when she wanted me to look at this mini wrapper of a 3 musketeers -who knows why, and I was ignoring her, she climbed on my chair and held the wrapper between my eye and my glasses. That just totally cracked me up that she came up with that idea to make me look at it. I have to admit, she did get my attention.


megandjon said...

oh man, that girl cracks me up. i especially love the dinosaur tea party. so terrifying, yet dainty!

and i think you are a great mom!

Amy said...

Me too Em. Thanks for sharing the cuteness of Scout. It really makes me miss having little ones around. Teenagers aren't quite as funny! I hope Scout is feeling better.

Emily said...

That sums Scout up pretty good -terrifying yet dainty.
Scout reminds me of your little girls, Aim. She is fun and I am glad you guys seem to think she is as funny as I do.
I would like to announce that her eyes opened wide this morning all by themselves, looks like we really are on the mend. To celebrate I took her to the library and the aquarium (infecting countless kids in the process I suppose), but she really just seems to have a cough now and she really really deserved to get out of the house.

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Man, she is so funny. I love the snowman attempt! Those will be fun pictures to look at when she is older.

Emily said...

What a gal. As Bruce would say, "She's something." How nice that she distributed everything so equally for the tea party. And I love the picture of when she was the mommy kangaroo and kiki was the baby. She's clever.


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