Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's like looking in a mirror.......

This morning, Scout opened my bedside drawer, took out my book, went into the bathroom and found my glasses, and got in my bed and opened my book and started to read.
I left the room to go find my camera and when I walked back in, she put the book down and went, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, hi baby! In a sugar sweet voice.
Rob was over there on his side and man we laughed. I asked him if I really look and sound like that.
He just laughed some more.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update on the continuing saga of my broken ovaries

I did go to the docs in June, and from what he could tell I checked out fine. He suggested it may be Rob, but Rob checked out too, so now it's back to me. I had a blood test that told us that I am ovulating without a doubt. That is good, but now we have no idea what the problem is. I just thought I would update anyone who was wondering. I need to call my doctor and we will start exploring other culprits. I am still trying to hold out hope that it is going to be an easy fix, some pill or something, although, I'm not sure you could call anything from here "easy".
Maybe though!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Scoutiness Vol III

I promised Sue I would get a certain blog posted tonight, but due to several factors (including but not limited to: equipment failure (in more then one device), a car in the shop, and a certain husband) I am unable to keep my promise. Another volume of random Scoutiness will have to do for now, I should be up and running with the other blog in no time, but its not going to be tonight.

"all the nieces" pic

This picture is in my slideshow at the bottom of the page, but for anyone that wasn't there, Scout chose Matt and B's wedding day to be as disgruntled and uncooperative as she ever gets. The photographer wanted to get a picture with all the nieces. Scout was having none of it. This is when she wiggled out of Haley's arms to make a sad little escape.

They managed to get this one too.
Ah well, makes for some good memories. Matt has this picture up on his myspace page entitled "bean legs", cracks me up.

What is everyone looking at? (notice that EVERY animal, person -and plane, trains, and automobiles- are gazing intently on something in the center)

It's a flower

I would like to point out the abs here.
It takes a steady diet of apples, carrots, and apple juice to achieve that!
This happened on a particularly silly night.

peace out


Friday, July 11, 2008

Scout's Birthday

So Scout's birthday was like a year ago, but I still want to write about it.
Her birthday fell on a Wednesday, and Scout and I met up with Bruce, Annabelle and Emily at the zoo. They had a blast and Bruce and Scout ran wild and Emily and I did our best to keep up with them. Scout got to ride the brand new carousel for the first time which was very exciting to her, she chose the gorilla (my girl). We also were sure to ride the train

After the zoo, I took her to Jungle Jim's Playland ala last year. She enjoyed it just as much or more. We did not stay long as there was still lots of celebrating to do! We went to my work and picked up Omar. He is a little boy that you will find hanging out in the break room more often then not in the summer time as his mom and dad both work in the kitchen. He is one of the sweetest well mannered little boys you will ever come across and Scout loves him. So we picked him up and took him to the park. They had a lot of fun and found some abandoned chalk and pretended to be pirates and made X's all over the cement to mark their treasure. Rob pointed out that Scout had two dates on her birthday. It isn't my fault we don't know any little girls right now!

The kids asked to go to McDonald's, so I obliged. Then we dropped Omar back off to the RCC and Scout and I got home and daddy had a present waiting for her. A Magnadoodle, she has never had one and just loves it. Daddy is cute that he went to the store and bought her a surprise. We weren't really going to do gifts that day since we had a big birthday party planned for that Saturday. Scout got her favorite dinner that night, egg drop soup, and that was about it.
That Friday night, Grandma and Grandpa Wright and Matt and B came into town just for Scout's birthday party. We planned a party in the park complete with party hats and noise makers (Scout mentioned those two things every time the party was mentioned) so I felt I had to. Grandpa Pugh and Aunts Cath and Sue came, along with Booker. It was a fun party. We had oriental chicken salads, another favorite of Scouts, although she didn't eat one bite. Too much fun to be had to think of food. Then she opened presents, including a new dolly stroller and dolly, trains and tracks, a 6 foot blow up monkey, and a new tricycle.Oh yes, and of course..........cake!

We came back to the house and continued the party by laughing and talking as only the Wright family can do, then went to El Azteca for dinner. Then we kind of split up and Matt when skating with his friends and was going to stay the night with some of them, Sue Cath and Booker went home, and me Scout mom dad and B went to the mall to go shopping. B stayed over and we had a girl's night by watching The Dick Van Dyke Show and eating cookies. I have introduced B to that show and she is loving it and I am so happy to introduce another soul into the wonderful world of Rob and Laura Petrie. I sent her home loaded with a few of my tapes so she may continue to enjoy it. And, well that's about it. That is how Scout turned 3.

For more birthday fun pictures, go here.

Confessions of a blog slacker

That's about it. That's my confession.



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