Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Scoutiness Vol III

I promised Sue I would get a certain blog posted tonight, but due to several factors (including but not limited to: equipment failure (in more then one device), a car in the shop, and a certain husband) I am unable to keep my promise. Another volume of random Scoutiness will have to do for now, I should be up and running with the other blog in no time, but its not going to be tonight.

"all the nieces" pic

This picture is in my slideshow at the bottom of the page, but for anyone that wasn't there, Scout chose Matt and B's wedding day to be as disgruntled and uncooperative as she ever gets. The photographer wanted to get a picture with all the nieces. Scout was having none of it. This is when she wiggled out of Haley's arms to make a sad little escape.

They managed to get this one too.
Ah well, makes for some good memories. Matt has this picture up on his myspace page entitled "bean legs", cracks me up.

What is everyone looking at? (notice that EVERY animal, person -and plane, trains, and automobiles- are gazing intently on something in the center)

It's a flower

I would like to point out the abs here.
It takes a steady diet of apples, carrots, and apple juice to achieve that!
This happened on a particularly silly night.

peace out



Marcus and Haley Crook said...

We just had so much fun looking at all those pictures. Scout is so funny!!! Those animals staring intently at that flower cracked me up. So, I just finished reading The Host, and I LOVED IT!!! I devoured it in 3 days. (That is fast for me!). I really liked it, I had no trouble gitting into it, I think it is a very interesting concept. I was also very content on the way it ended. The whole time I kept telling Sarah she needs to keep reading but she is being stubborn. Anyway, I had to tell you that. See ya! Does Scout still refer to us as katie and blue jay??

Emily said...

3 days is fast for anyone! That is a humongous book. Glad you liked the pics. You are no longer Katie and Blue Jay, you are just plain old Haley and Marcus.

How's your werewolf costume coming along?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cute these pictures are. That was so funny how awful she was at Matt and B's wedding. That picture of Haley holding her and her legs are sticking out cracks me up. I love the look on Haley's face! Why did Scout call them Katie and Blue Jay? I never heard that before.

All the animals looking at a flower, precious!


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