Friday, October 25, 2013

New Hobby

I have taken up a new hobby these last few months and have kept it kind of on the down low.

I am now the host of podcast:

 I only told two people outside of Rob, Sue and B (each for various reasons) until I could tell how it was going to go. Well, after 3 episodes I can say it's going pretty well and I'm ready to let the cat out of the bag.  We have a facebook page, we have some fans (around 75 downloading each episode every week at this point (3 episodes in), we are getting feedback, and we have a host site hosting us.

Our podcast if you can't tell from the picture is a podcast devoted to the TV Show "Freaks and Geeks".  There is a family of podcasts known as "Introcasts" (more on that in a minute), and I am known to comment on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer one now and then, and that's how this all came about.  A group of us thought Freaks and Geeks deserved an Introcast and next thing I knew, I was a host of it.  I thought, "why not?  I like podcasts and a new hobby sounds like just the thing".

Ok Introcasts is a format of podcast where you have one or two hosts that are big fans of the show you are reviewing, they love it and they know lots about it (that's what I do along with my cohost Rich), then you find a few people whom have never seen the show ever and know very, very little about it.  Then, on each episode of the podcast, you go over one of the episodes of the show and talk about it.  You ask the new people what they thought of it, you ask them what they think is going to happen next, and just do stuff like that.  The vets, since they love the show so much usually add little tidbits and fun facts about the making of, behind the scenes, etc.  You keep the new people spoiler free, and they don't explore the internet about the show to learn what happens next and all that kind of stuff.  The beauty of this format is, is that long time lovers of the show enjoy watching along and hearing what new people to the show have to say about it, they get kicks out of hearing their predictions, be them right or wrong, and just have that feeling of introducing a friend to a beloved show of theirs.  AND any new people listening can watch along and not be spoiled, and they can learn information about the new show they are watching.  It's really fun if you're into that sort of thing.

Ok, that is it.  Except if you're interested in listening and friends and family-- I will not be hurt if you don't listen!  I swear!  It's all kind of embarrassing if you'd really like to know.  You can call me a nerd if you want, it's ok.  You probably wouldn't be too far off either, but like I said-- new, interesting hobby I am having a good time doing. So, you know, whatever. 

Oh yeah- so if you are interested in listening you can find it on itunes here, or go to our host site Quadruple Z and you can download/listen to it directly from there.


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