Saturday, February 28, 2009

I think the baby cat is out of the bag

We have learned an interesting fact the last few weeks. People (including nurses and doctors) don't ask you if you have told your older child what is going on with mommy. This strikes me as strange, since especially this early, bad things can happen and if they do, maybe a three year old would be better off being totally in the dark about the whole thing. I'm really not uptight about it (given my nature), it just strikes me odd that even when I was like 5 weeks along a nurse would say to Scout, "So, do you want a little brother or a little sister?" Scout answered -for the record she said sister- but she kind of shrugged off the question like, "why did this lady ask me that?" Rob and I don't talk about it in front of her at home, but she is certainly picking up a lot of this talk on the street!
On our appointment on Thurs. when the doctor was looking for the heart beat, he asked Scout about the baby in mommy's tummy. He asked her if she knew there was one, she played it cool and said yes (by now, she has probably picked up enough to have it figured out). -Well, as well as a 3 year old can work things out in her head. Here is a conversation we had yesterday:

I was on the computer in the office and Scout walks in:
Scout: Mom? Is there a baby in your tummy?
Me: (a little cagey) Maybe
Scout: (with a look of concern mingled with a hint of disgust) I think you'd better spit it out.

This morning's conversation:
She comes in and crawls into bed with me with a little bear beanie baby wrapped up in kiki
Scout: (looking at the bottle of prenatal vitamins on my nightstand) You better take your medicine.
Me: I took it last night, I don't need anymore right now.
Scout: But you need to take it so the baby goes away
Me: I don't want the baby to go away
Scout: Why?
Me: Because the baby is going to grow for a while and then it's going to be your little brother or sister
Scout: Oh. (then lost interest and went back to caring for her baby bear)

I am just going to let her ask questions at her leisure and see what happens. I know she is dying for a brother or a sister. She just obviously doesn't quite get it, but is on her way. For now, I am enjoying her questions and can't wait for the next one. I'm surprised she linked the vitamins to "baby medicine", that's pretty good. Now, we just need to get her to understand it's not something akin to a cold or flu (although that could take as long as 20 years).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on the babes

I had a doctor's appointment today and we heard a strong little heatbeat. The doctor actually said, "that is music to my ears". I guess he is as nervous about this pregnancy as we are. It took a while to find it, so I think he was relieved to hear it, I think he was about to break out the ultrasound. Rob and I were talking about it while walking to the car, how nerve wracking it is these days while waiting for that sound. Once upon a time it wasn't, but well -you all know. I am feeling great these days, a few days ago I was having the worst week of my pregnancy with the ickiness, but I reinstated the practice I did with Scout's where you take half a unisom and a B-6 at bedtime and another B-6 in the morning and ever since I have felt really good. I am a firm believer in that little tonic, it doesn't work for everyone, but I think it really does something for me.
If you noticed, I changed my little pregnancy ticker to a less creepy one (I hope!) and while doing, decided I might as well change my duedate to what my doctor told me at the last appointment, which is 10 days later then expected, so I am officially at 9/19. I am realizing right now that I didn't share my ultrasound after the fact. So, I had one a month ago and there was a baby and it had a heartbeat. Notice I said "A baby" not two babies (cue me wiping the sweat off my brow). Anyway, the baby measured 10 days smaller then projected so my date got changed. I did not want to accept that for a long time, so I tried to ignore it, but I might as well resign myself now with the less cool due date and kiss 9-9-09 goodbye.
So anyway, in two appointments I will be having another ultrasound and hopefully finding out if we will be having a little George or a (we don't know what the heck we would call) another little girl. According to Nancy Drew, girls can be named George too, but I'm not sold on doing that myself. Oh and if you're keeping track, I have gained 5 pounds to date, but it feels like a lot more as I am having trouble fitting into pants.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Grudging Entry in the Journal of Funnies

Rob and I are standing in the kitchen and Scout comes in

Scout: Mom! Daddy is the king, and I am the Princess.
Me: So I'm the Queen?
Scout: No. You are the cow.

(Props to Rob for not laughing too hard and insisting to Scout that I was the Queen)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fro Bagg on the big screen (Ok, my laptop)

All has been pretty quiet on the nerd war front. Sue lost book 4 behind her bookcase (she has since found it again and probably started it over for at least the 3rd time). I decided after finishing the first two books I would watch the movies to get a better handle on things and perhaps be able to visualize things in "Middle Earth" a bit better. What does that mean? Is it supposed to be in some untapped area of the planet? Just wondering. This took a large amount of time mostly because I decided to just rent them from the library instead of using my Netflix account. That meant I had to wait an extraordinary amount of time on a waiting list, which didn't make sense since I was able to renew them 3 times each. (Yes, that's right, I didn't jump on them the second I got them.) They are really long!
If you will remember, I watched the first movie in the theater and was prepared to like it since I saw imagery from the movie earlier and found it stunning. It didn't work like that. For me, the imagery was not enough to pierce through the severe bordem that I was feeling. I believe B's favorite part about this story is my clapping when I saw the first credit roll (I clapped because I was so happy it was finally over). Anyway before starting the books last fall, the only thing I could recollect from the movie was two little flashes. Hobbits in little cave things with little round windows and doors and a ring being thrown in a fire, and also I remembered Gandolf falling down some cave hole. THAT IS IT. I thought reading the book might jog my memory a little. Nothing doing. Then I thought for sure watching the movie again would have to jog something out. Nothing. I swear not one thing besides those few things I said looked familiar at all. I was mostly surprised that Sean Austin didn't make a bigger impression on me what with my Encino Man roots. Ok, that was just a weird little side note I thought I would share. Turns out, when you know the story -and perhaps get to watch the movie in your dunglees- the movie is pretty good. I alotted 3 different nights to break the movie up into one hour segments and ended up watching half in the afternoon, and the other half that same night. That is a pretty good compliment. I watching wilst sorting cds in the afternoon and watched the rest in the wee hours of the night (Emily's dinner and a movie, if you are my facebook friend- you know what that means). Rivendell and it's "elven council" wasn't as boring this time around, that was good. Anyway it was nice to watch it and get some visuals and brush up on my plot points. I didn't like getting a visual on hobbit feet. Hobbit feet creep me out.
It took me another month to get around to the 2nd movie. I came away from that movie with a better appreciation of the men on quests doing stuff. They aren't nearly as boring to watch as to read, and wars are MUCH better to watch then to read. There really is no comparison.
The best part about the second movie was the ent's feet. I liked their feet. A lot. So, I am glad I watched them, I feel better armored to start the 3rd and final book. It is on my nightstand as we speak, lets see how long it takes me to pick it up.
Sue and Amy- it's time to declare. Get reading Sue, I am on the home stretch.


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