Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Drumroll Please...................

I'm actually pregnant!
Yep, hell froze over and the like. Now, I am only 4 weeks along but I just can't keep it in. Rob and I told our respective families the night I took the test and I was waiting to tell the rest for at least a few weeks, but I have gotten all kinds of well wishes and what not and I thought I'd spill the beans. You know, everyone has been so supportive through my heinous ordeal and expressed concern and hope and just have been there through the good and bad (mostly bad). It only seemed right not to keep you all in the dark for any amount of time. I figure, if something terrible happens this time, I will need you all there for more support, so I might as well let the cat -meeeeow- out of the bag (Kramer).
We found out on Saturday night, I was a few days late, so reluctantly took a test (I have taken countless tests only to get a negative result I have grown to really hate them), but this one, to my absolute shock, was undeniably positive. Rob couldn't be more excited, well yes he could as he is trying to be cautious and not get his hopes up too high. Scout is the one that will stay in the dark for a while. I want to make sure the monkey in there is good before she is told.
I know that a lot of things can go wrong at this point, but you know, just the fact that I actually achieved pregnancy is such big news and proved to be such a hurdle, that even if there is a miscarriage, I still will be thrilled that I now know pregnancy is possible. I have a good feeling though, I feel like I have been thorough enough, that doesn't always hold water with "The Big Guy" but like I said, I have a good feeling. This is true even after I went to the computer that night to calculate my due date and found it to be the most infamous day in history. Yes, it's September 11th. I just had to laugh-- haha, what else would it be?

I will be looking into altering that with whatever powers I might have.


The Holdaway Family said...

Hey! Congrats! This is Stephanid (Peterson) Holdaway. I found your blog through Emily's blog! That is so exciting, I know how hard it can be when you aren't getting pregnant. Even though I have 4 kids we have been trying for #5 for a year and a half with no success. The first 4 I never had any problems concieving but now my body isn't working anymore.

Anyways that is such exciting news and I will keep you in my prayers! Congrats again!

Sue said...

Cam and I are so excited for you guys! When I was on the phone with you that night I was in the office and Cam was in the living room. He knew I was on the phone with you and he heard my squeals of delight. He walked in the office rubbing his belly, and I nodded my head and he got the biggest smile on his face.

We cannot wait for our new little niece or nephew. And I'll keep my promise that if I ever hear you complain about being pregnant, I'll slap you. Even when it's August and you're 8 months along, I'll still slap you, hee hee.

Cat said...

I just couldn't be more thrilled.

megandjon said...

hmm, i just tried to leave a comment but i don't think it works. when i saw the title for this blog on my blogroll i just crossed my fingers and said, please let the next line be, "i'm pregnant!" and it was! congratulations you guys. i'm so happy for you.

and don't worry, you know you'll be a week past your due date and wishing that you could have gone into labor on sept. 11th after all!

Emily said...

Yay Em! That is so exciting! I am so glad that there is a sibling for Scout in the works. And I hope that you can, with whatever powers you might have, are able to alter the due date. That is perfect though, isn't it? Let's hope for maybe September 7th or 9th or 2nd or anything else.
And I like the kangaroo story over there. Kiki is a baby kangaroo named peanut. That's awesome. Let's get the kids together to play!

Emily said...

Yay! Rob and I are excited and still can't believe it. Yay yay!
Thanks Em for wishing all my alternates to be earlier rather then later.

Stephanie, I think I will write on your facebook wall, I am not sure you are going to make it back here or not, but thanks for the kind words.

Em and Megan== we need to plan some dates. I am a total woman of leisure this month, so whenever.

And Sue, no complaints from me, feeling great. I shoveled snow for about 2 hours yesterday.

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

YAY! We are both so excited for you guys! Who would have thought that we would be pregnant at the same time? Hope your days of feeling well are many!

ajmah said...

Emily! That is fantastic! Yippeee.....

Here's to a completely uneventful pregnancy.

bspeck said...

Yay Emily! Many congrats to you!

- becki

eliza said...

awesome! i am so happy. i will meet it sometime, i promise.


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