Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to break out your violins and pipes

(Or nicotine patches if you're a fan of the latest adaption.........and I am)

Alright all you Sherlocks-- the detective that is able to best piece together the events of this little crime wins.

When I bent down to check her out she raised her head and giggled.  Someone was mighty proud of themselves.......

The game is afoot!

(Or "on" as it were)


Haley said...

Ok this is the best I got: She was sitting on the couch playing. Judging from the marks on her bum, it was itchy so she decided to throw her pants on the floor, then I'm guessing reached down and unfastened her diaper. Then she scooted forward and as she scooted forward, she peed. Ahh freedom! Then scooted all the way onto the floor, thus leaving her diaper still on the couch. Then, her bum was accessible and was freely itched. However, what is that small electronic item on the floor close by? Her true intentions were not just the bum scratching, however pleasant it was, was to inch her way to the remote to turn on Sesame Street!! Unfortunately she was discovered before she was able to complete her sinister plot, thus the innocent giggling after being discovered.

B said...

Elinor CAN walk, but only pantless, and holding Kiki when you're not in the room, like the Toy Story toys. She was in mid bottomless heel click when she realized she was wetting herself (she's still a non-potty trained 2 year old after all, let's not get unrealistic here). This upset her (because she feared you might find out) so much that she lost her balance, let go of Kiki and fell forward, and was just lying there, giggling at her masquerade when you walked in. Those aren't scratch marks on her bottom, they're marks from the butt kicks she was doing earlier.

B said...

An elementary deduction, if I do say so myself.

Cat said...

I can only guess that she was frustrated with her inability to scratch her bum with all her impeding clothing. And pee just happens when it does. And yes, I think she was trying to reach the remote and fell off the couch. The sheer joy of her new proximity to it, in anticipation of watching Super Grover just made her giggle.

Emily said...

These are totally cracking me up. I didn't even factor in the remote. I make a terrible Sherlock.

Sue said...

I too believe it started with a bum that desparately needed to be scratched, and the diaper and pants had to come off to satisfy that itch. She kicked off her pants, using a little more force than she meant too, and the pants landed on the floor. Even though she was so desparate to scratch that little bum, she was a little more careful with the diaper and made sure the diaper stayed on the couch.

While she was sitting there scratching her bum, the pure relief she felt was so great her whole body relaxed, including her bladder, and she peed.

She had to think quick. She needed to get to her pants on the floor and get them and the diaper on, so she could blame the pee on Lola. So she flung herself to the floor to get to the pants and that is when you walked in.

And I agree with Cat. She giggled because she realized the remote was right there and the remote makes Super Grover come on.

Emily said...

Well, I suppose none of us but Elinor will ever know what really went on. I can tell you that I was the one that removed her pants, she had just had her diaper changed and was waiting for mom to get her dunglees. I know that a lot of bum scratching was involved and I also know that a lot of leg propelling went on.

Every story was awesomely fun to read-- do I really have to pick a winner? (There's no prize- Sherlock didn't do it for the money you know.)
I have to give B props for the best visuals, Cat and Haley's were the most believable, and Sue's was narrative genius.

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