Monday, April 23, 2012

Shameless Plug

My brother Matt (featured on this blog quite a bit) entered a video contest and his video is AWESOME, but is hurting for votes.  Only the top ten videos with the most votes have a chance of going before the judges, and the voting process is pretty much a popularity contest at the moment, so he needs your help!  We have to sink to the others' level and just try to get votes.  His video is very professional and well done and has a chance of winning if it could only make it to the judges, so that is why I am doing this shameless plug.  I'd love it if my readers would take a second and vote.  You have to sign in with your email, but it only takes a second.

The winnings would be awesome for him and help him along in his business, so it would be awesome if he wins.  This is his website- and if you came to this blog because you are a Radiohead fan (as many seem to do), he is a fellow fan!  So support him!  There are only 2 more days left............

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