Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I don't mean to brag but.....

Actually, that is exactly what I mean to do suckas!

Tiny E isn't even 5 months yet and she is playing peek-a-boo. Once I pulled the ipod out, she got "mystery box syndrome" and wouldn't smile, but on the vid where she is playing with Rob we got some giggles. She's so young she can't maneuver the blanket well, so sometimes she just bows her head toward it and calls it good. She is so excited when she is waiting that her little hands flutter and also watch for motorcycle leg. So fun.


ajmah said...

I love it! What a cutie. I also love that I can use words like "cutie" with abandon when talking about babies. That's so cute that she tries to hide in her blanket.

Out of curiosity, isn't this essentially the same blanket Scout has, only a different color?

megandjon said...

what a cutie/smartiepants! keep the videos coming--they put me in a better mood to face my third trimester! lol.

Amy said...

Oh man, that's so cute! I can't believe she has the concept down already. So smart! I love when she does her little pilates move and lifts her head to hide. So funny!

Haley said...

I know, I noticed that too mom! I love how proud she looks of herself when she looks at the camera after she has hidden herself. So cute.

Emily said...

I've gotten a little camera happy with my new ipod. It is so convenient though! Easy to just whip out when the occasion calls. I love it when she does the Pilate thing and hides and I love in the one that she is playing with Rob she only hides for a split second cause she is so excited and I do love the motorcycle leg.
Yes Ami, that is Elinor's "kiki", when I was in the hospital after having her, Scout and Rob went to Babies R Us and Scout chose a kiki for Elinor and it is the same brand as Scout's. She has been bugging me the last few days to sew some eye's on Elle's kiki's head too. I suppose I will.

Megan- Two kids are so much fun! Also it is so fun having a newborn again and the second one isn't any less amazing to you how wonderful they are. It is also fun now that she is interacting more, she just thinks Scout is the greatest thing on earth. You'll love it, just get through that last trimester (it is HARD!) You can count your lucky stars that it is winter and you can feel bad for me that I had to do it during late summer. UG. But that brings me to Ami again, our due dates are very similar (mine with Elle and your current), so I will be thinking of you all summer!


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