Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh my poor little monkey

So, the day I decide to start my blog, this happened.

(Don't worry, she isn't dead - ugg! Is it just me or do these look like postmortem photographs?- , I just couldn't take the picture until she was asleep because she, well really, need I explain?)

We are currently living with one car since my brakes went grindey and we are getting a new car in about 2 weeks. Rob is busy as can be, so if Scout and I want to leave the house, we are hoofing it. When the weather cooperates *shaking my fist at the sky* we walk to the park or the grocery store. Today, we did both. Smith's is about 10 blocks away, and the weather has been terrible, but today at least the sun was shining. It was fairly windy and not terribly warm, so Scout was bundled up in a blanket.
We did all our little things without incident, but about a block from the house Scout's blanket got caught under the wheel of the stroller and the whole baby bundle was catapulted onto the cement. The poor little thing had no defenses since she was bound, so it was face plant city. She cried very hard the rest of the way home and I just felt awful. Oh, I felt so bad. Luckily, she bucked up very quickly with promises of Nemo band-aids (excuse me, bah-bades) and a little Wow Wow Wubbsy.
I wasn't as fortunate. I kept replaying the sound of head conking cement and I worried about head injuries. About an hour after the incident, she asked for what sounded like "pretzels" (a favorite snack of hers), so I hurriedly got her a bowl, eager to please, and she was upset. She kept saying it and I kept telling her that they were right there and she kept turning them down and saying "No! Pretzels!". Finally she got up and said they were downstairs and at this point, I am starting to imagine the swelling happening in my little monkey's head that is causing this confusion. She took me downstairs and showed me the box where her "pencils" are. She just wanted to draw. My monkey will be fine.


Queeey said...

Well, excitment and danger are probably a good way to kick off your blog. Anyways, I'm glad Scout is okay. And welcome to the bandwagon! My blog is the replacement for my non-existent journal too, its more fun this way.

Lise said...

Aww poor Scout! Glad she is ok, something tells me nothing could keep her down for long.

megandjon said...

what a trauma for scout!! and a warm welcome from me to the blogging world. it's rather addicting. i think if all our loved ones lived on the same street we would talk about all the silly things that happen everyday on our front porches or over fences and blogging is just a way to do this when we live so far apart.

and i, too, have been thinking about how much easier this is than journaling. i wonder if i should somehow print everything out to keep as a sort of journal? hmmm...worth thinking about!

Ami said...

Yay! I'm so glad you started a blog! Sorry for Scout's injury - but if you read my blog from the beginning, you'll see that it was started after 'LK' put a rubber band around the dog's neck. It's much more fun than journaling - because you get comments from people, too. :)

Alright... off to add you to my blogroll.

Ami said...

Also meant to say, glad Scout is alright. I was so happy to see her yelling at us at the beginning of the blog.

bspeck said...


Welcome to blogworld - I love that you've taken the plunge...hope to keep up with you guys - becki

eliza said...

Yea Em for writing! I love it already. Poor Scout- I'm sure she'll be fine.


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