Saturday, April 5, 2008

I am mommy gorilla

Scout spends little of her time these days as Scout. I spend an equal amount of time being all sorts of characters. She is baby kitty, so I am mommy kitty. I have to address her as so and add a meow or two into my sentences. She does her best to talk in all meows, but if she finds it is absolutely necessary to speak, she talks in this super sweet quiet voice that just delights Rob and I.
One experience of note was when she was baby kangaroo and tried to crawl into the front of my pajama pants (they are fairly baggy so she was successful for a minute or two until I kicked her out). I probably find myself as "diswald" the most. That would be Oswald, the big blue octopus depicted below

She is "wienie girl" that little hotdog dog, Rob is Henry, his penguin friend, and if grandpa is around he gets the honor of being daisy, which is just what it sounds like: a big, walking, talking flower. If we are really lucky, Scout (as wienie), on all fours, waggles her little bum in the air trying to do doggie tricks with an imaginary ball of string.

When she wears her Adidas's she is her cousin Kyle and therefore, I turn into mommy Ne-Ne. When she wears jeans and this navy blue tee shirt, she is "Burger" (her cousin Booker), and you guessed it, I am mama Cath. Sometimes she just mixes it up a little and I am the baby and she is the mama. She is a very solicitous and caring mommy. I love it when she reads me books, my favorite is "Stinky Stunk" aka "I Love You, Stinky Face."
Rob and I like it when we are the gorilla family just because we are in love with the way she says gorilla. We are glad she has an active imagination and that she doesn't spend all her time being a princess or something, we prefer gorillas around here.

(Not that there is anything wrong with the little girls that are always princesses, they are cute too, this way is just much more exciting.)


eliza said...

I feel for you. I have been mommy fox lately. but hey, that's better than the mommy rhino I was before that.

Emily said...

I wasn't too thrilled with the day I spent as mama cow. Thinking about it her being a princess all the time wouldn't be so bad, then I could be THE QUEEN!

Emily said...

Oh boy does that sound familiar. For a long time I was Sir Topham Hat to any number of train engines. Or I was Filllmore and Bruce was McQueen. And one time I was even a Mommy Naked Mole Rat. Ooo doggy!
And I'm glad Scout fared well her traumatic fall. Ouch! She's so cute.
I'm glad you're a -bloggin'. Isn't it exciting?

megandjon said...

this sounds like so much fun! i love it! and i really want to know how she says "gorilla"

Emily said...

It's hard to do it justice in writing, but I'll try, it's gaa la, but it is what it is by hearing it in her little voice with her inflections.
Naked mole rat, that is too much fun.

Anonymous said...

So, I am sitting in the student library, preparing to bomb a micro test(which is unlike me. I've had 100% all year in that class!!), feeling tired and sick and bummed, but then I decided to read about Momma Gorilla for about the 5th time, and it definitely worked. Picturing you as momma kangaroo, and momma naked mole rat is the funniest thing since the praying mantis the first time. So thank you very much for starting this blog. It just improved my day a great deal!! Oh, and Santa on crack was awesome. Love B


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