Monday, April 14, 2008

An Adventure!

We woke up this morning feeling adventurous. -I say we, but Scout actually woke up a little freaked out. She apparently had a dream that she and her daddy were outside and there was some sort of bee that hurt her arm. I think she is having a little trouble figuring out what dreams are and is confused. But that's another story-. Anyway, the day was gorgeous and could only be described as hot. I wanted to do something out there and Smiths or the park wasn't going to cut it this time, so I cooked up a plan that we would take.............. THE BUS!!!
The bus is not something I ever think of, for any of you readers out of state or country, Utah public transit is a pretty good system, but not utilized like it should be. You can find yourself the only one on the bus in the middle of the day sometimes. We are rural to a point and people like their big trucks. It's sad really. Anyway, I am not a total bus virgin, I used it quite regularly when I lived in New York, plus have gotten somewhat familiar with the bus and train systems in some major cities nationally and internationally. I even took the good old Utah buses for a while there when I was single and had crashed my car. The point is, it took me over a month to be trapped in a house without a car before it even entered my head. It entered, and I decided that a bus ride would be something akin to Disneyland for Scout. So I looked up a trip plan online and we were out the door by noon.
I was right! Scout thought she had died and gone to heaven. She was so excited, she climbed on the bus chose us a seat and was just delighted. Until, we had to transfer buses and when we went to get on the second bus she took one look at the driver and headed for the hills. He looked like Santa Claus on crack and most of us know Scout's issues about Santa. I chased her with a stroller and a back pack in tow and hauled her on, and she hid the whole way to our stop. Poor thing, he wasn't amused either, I think he knew he scared her and he must have needed more crack. Well, we got over that, arrived at our destination (Joann's Fabrics) we needed (I needed) some more art supplies. Scout got a butterfly to paint and we wandered around the store for a while looking at all the neat stuff. Then we left and walked to Rumbi's Island Grill. I've never been there and it was yummy! It could have used some more authentic island noodles (they were obviously just spaghetti noodles) but it was all very good and Scout was delighted to eat outside. We walked back to the bus stop and rode home. Scout was getting a little cranky at this time, she was hot and wanted to go home and was still looking over her shoulder for that crazy Santa man.
It was fun and felt like a special little day for us (I know that may sound ludicrous, but it's true!) We were out of our element and had some special little moments that never would have happened if I had a car. It was just fun to be together and have a little adventure.

on the bus (sorry it's dark!)

at the bus stop (pre-crack Santa)

Umm... Rumbi's

You see this face in a few photos? She is literally saying cheese.

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megandjon said...

that sounds like fun! kids make such ordinary things suddenly seem so extraordinary and new. i love it.

and also, it's funny that you've started making bread--so have we! but we have yet to find a good recipe...maybe i'll have to try yours!


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