Monday, April 28, 2008


Chicken and fries became the tag line of the last Wyoming trip I took with my sisters. It was last month and I believe is now Scout's nickname from her Aunts' Sue and Cath. The phrase was yelled a lot for fun in the backseat as we headed in and out of Popeye's in Rock Springs. Is it just my family or does every trip have a running joke? We have a running joke in our family from a California trip running back at least 15 years..................."father of mysteries" which is probably best not explained to the whole world, we will just keep that in the family. Along with chicken and fries last trip, Scott became someone akin to Tony Soprano or The Godfather in my, Cath and Sue's heads to our own great amusement. I sure hope everyone's family is like that.

The reason I bring all this up (besides my random tangents) is that Scout talked of nothing else since 8:30 this morning then chicken and fries and root beer. So, even though tomorrow is the new day I get my car. Yeah, har har we have all heard this before, it still seems to be. Shhhhhhhhhhh..... don't jinx anything! So, even though we are possibly being mobile as of tomorrow, I figured we better walk ourselves to McDonald's for lunch. It's not too far, a few blocks further then Smith's, and it is a lovely day and also, Scout eats nothing, so when she shows great interest in any food, it is best to provide it, cause who knows when she will eat again.
Two funny things happened on this trip I had to share. First, on the way there, I was listening to my ipod and Scout would say things now and then, some I'd hear, some I could just say yeah and she was appeased. Midway there she was sure saying a lot of stuff and I finally decided it needed my attention I stopped the stroller and her little arms were flapping and I hear, "please mama please!". I walk around to her front and crouch and she said, "ladybug! ladybug!" I look and on her shirt front was a little ladybug and it was really freaking her out. I picked it up and it flew away much to her relief. She likes ladybugs, just not on her shirt. It reminded me of that old Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin is chasing a butterfly and then it lands on his arm and he screams. Anyway, it was just one of those times where you feel bad that you were ignoring your child. I hope she doesn't develop some ladybug phobia because she was forced to suffer the terror of riding 2 blocks with a ladybug on the attack. Something similar must have happened to her last spring but it involved a flying insect of some kind too close to her ears. This is the result of that:
This picture was taken today. It never fails if she is outside and hears or sees any sort of flying insect, she covers her ears and either runs in the house of goes about her business. The first time she did it, I went as far as calling the doctor thinking she had an ear infection, but I told them it only happened when she was outside. They told me to watch her and bring her in if it looked like she was in pain. It took a little sleuthing, but I finally figured out she was afraid of bugs flying in her ears. I like how if she happens to have some thing in her hand such as a baseball, she doesn't put it down, she just uses it to plug the hole.
The second thing was while we were eating lunch, she chose the seat, it was in the front and everyone had to walk past us to get in line to order. Scout was a baby kitty today and was standing up in the booth and every last person that came into McDonald's while we were there got meowed at as they walked by her. It was very funny for me to watch. Some people totally ignored her, some meowed back (much to her delight) and some smiled and waved. One very old lady waved at her after she got her meow and Scout said (very loudly), "mommy! That little guy said hi!" Oh, that was good stuff. I don't think the old lady noticed or heard, I couldn't stop giggling.
Alright, can you tell I am bored today?? Rob is working long hours lately and Scout's asleep. I swear, everyday I have this long mental list of things to do when or if Scout naps and when she does I am totally stunned and forget all those important things and walk around the house aimlessly not knowing what to do. So today I am writing a random fairly useless blog.

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Emily said...

OK, that was hilarious. You are such a funny writer. I can actually hear your voice as I'm reading it. I also liked your 3 reasons for becoming a chump. I liked your haircut though. but I know how it is: my haircut last summer just about put me in a "home." Gee-ripes.
Keep up these funny blogs!


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