Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elle on the move

Well, Elle had her little appointment yesterday with the "Kids on the move" lady and big surprise- she qualified for their program. Elle wasn't her typical sunny self, she was more like her "I will tolerate this, but my mouth hurts" self. The lady (she is named Emily too) still got a few smiles though. (Above picture was taken this morning during a great mood and plenty of Tylenol).
She asked me a lot of questions about Elle's pregnancy complications and birth and I was sad to report that I did have some. Her asking me about all that stuff brought my fears to the surface again, but I am shelving them until Elle is more thoroughly examined. Next Monday she meets with the team and will introduce them to Elinor (on paper), after that meeting, I supposedly will get phone calls asking for appointments to see Elles by: a physical therapist, a nurse, and someone who will be giving her a more comprehensive skills test (all in our home- they are big on that- they think these kids do better and are more comfortable in their own environment).

After we meet with all these people, I think mostly we will be seeing Emily. Until then, we were given a little homework. I am supposed to get her to put weight on her legs

And when she does this:

I need to straighten her back. This is tougher then it might look! She really likes her back hunched if I make her stand.

(Scout took these pictures by the way)

I took this one.

We switched roles for a few pics.

The other thing we were told to do, was put her in the crawling position so she can get used to it.
(one can only think about crawling for so long you know).

Especially when one is very, very lazy.


Matt said...

Ok... this seals the deal. We are making a trip as soon as possible. I miss those kids so much!

Haley said...

Those pictures really are dang cute. Scout is quite the little photographer. Elles will get moving here soon!!

Cat said...

You're so cute and funny about this, Em. I know that you have some fears going on there under that, but you still see some humor in it. I loved all those pictures and love all you guys so much.

Cat said...

Oh, and also, a friend of mine from work has a baby girl 3 weeks younger than Elle and she just got diagnosed with type I diabetes. Can you imagine? I'm sure Elle will be just fine. She's amazing in her own right.

B said...

I'm with Matt. Those pictures just make me want to come squeeze both those girls. Hehehe. In that picture of her in the crawling position, she looks a little too old to be wimping out so much! She's totally my niece... hates Neil Young, is completely lazy, loves ducks.

W.V. is hiper. Elinor is definitely not hyper!! At least not in a run circles around you sense. Not yet anyways.

Oh yeah, and Scout takes awesome pictures, and Em, you're the best mom ever. You're just so chill, and Elle has just gotten that personality from you! And Rob too.

Amy said...

I just want to agree with everything said. All those thoughts were going through my mind as I smiled at the pictures. She'll get it and you'll love looking back at these later. Good luck in the future with trying to get her to clean her room and stuff :)

Emily said...

Everyone does need to come see Elles cause she has a new face she pulls I have affectionately dubbed "chimp lips".

Neaners said...

Oh Em! I understand your worries. Please feel free to call me and pick my brain as much as you want. She will be okay. I am so glad you got her signed up with a program though where you will get help and reassurance. She is such a cutie! Good luck and Hugs!

Emily said...

That first picture of Elle is so darling. I will add my vote for her being the most angelic baby out there. When you guys came over at Christmas I could hardly believe how content and cute she was!

Boy, it just seems like worrying is the name of the motherhood game. Even if there is nothing to worry about, we make up stuff to worry about. I do WAY more than my fair share, which you know. I think it just comes with the meat.
Kids really are who are they are, right? I mean, in regards to everything--likes, dislikes, personalities, milestones, etc. It's almost like you think with your first, well this is how my kids are, so this is what I'll assume to be "normal." When Bruce was born he didn't even cry; he just calmly looked around. Annabel screamed at the top of her lungs the second she arrived and hasn't stopped since. I thought there had to be something wrong and surely she couldn't keep screaming so much. But, as it turns out, she could. :) And I think it's extra hard trying not to compare two of the same (girls, boys). That's easy to fall into.
Here's something: I remember my mom saying that my bro didn't talk until he was 3. Not a peep. Then, one day, out of the blue it was all sentences and huge words. So it could be that Elle is just building up steam and her first steps will be a sprint!
HOpe everything turns out for the best. Elle is such a dreamy baby, I know it will.


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