Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Scoutiness Vol VI

It's been over two years since I last did a random Scoutiness post (I checked- vol V was in Jan 09). I think it is high time there was another one, and I thought we could use a change from Elinor posts.

Here we have her miniature stuffed animals going for rides on her hooks.

This rock is Mama Elephant. Here is a big reason to love Scout. Months ago while we were out, Lola chewed the trunk and tail off of Mama Elephant. I was so dismayed I hid it in my closet so Scout didn't know, with the intention of buying her a new one, replacing it, and Scout would be none the wiser. Well, no surprise- I promptly forgot all about it. One day she is playing with her animal train and she chugs it by me, explains it a little bit and when she gets to the elephant part- says in a determined yet sad little voice, "this is mama elephant. All I have is this rock." I manned up and let her know what happened. She got excited that mama elephant was accounted for and made me show it to her. I did and she perked up and told me that it was ok and maybe I could just glue it. I ended up glue gunning it and Scout was thrilled with the results. She told me that she didn't want a new one, this one was just fine. A few minutes later she informed me that I COULD buy her a new mama elephant, but she still didn't want to throw this one away. She's such a loyal little thing and I don't think she can stand the thought of her toys ending up in the trash. It makes her sad.
I keep going back to how on her own, she was missing mama elephant (I got the impression that she's felt the loss for a while), needed a mama to play that day, and on her own- saw that rock, decided it was gray and about the right size, and used it and was happy. I just love that about her.

If you think the classrooms at your school are crowded...................

I imagine this dog and rooster are feeling a little like the minority here.

Last but not least, I give you "books galore".

Scout came down the stairs to dinner singing a song she made up on the fly. I eventually had to secretly record it, then not so secretly. Our favorite book you miss was "books about polka dotted zebra aliens"- Rob tries to get her to say it again in the video, but she didn't take the cue.
Watch for Elle getting progressively annoyed that she is in her eating seat, yet there is no food.

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B said...

Booookkks abooout piiiictures! And scripture power and juice. She got so into those!! So cute. She was so nonchalant about you being Scout too. Is there a correlation between her being a cheetah and you being Scout? Or does there just have to be a Scout when she is something else? And I also love the Mama Elephant story.

Love your little family.


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