Friday, January 14, 2011

Please get well soon!

Scout 5 1/2-

She has been sick with a fever since Wednesday morning and was lying on the couch this afternoon feeling sorry for herself. She hit that point that she thought she's been sick forever and she can't go to school and can't play with friends, etc. (I must admit to being ready to whine about all of that myself). After complaining, she decided I needed to do something to cheer her up like giving her something "funny". I put on her favorite Chip and Dale Christmas cartoon that makes her laugh lots and she said, "also something else funny". So I looked in the book/magazine basket by the couch and grabbed the Calvin and Hobbes book her cousin Adri gave her for Christmas and she said, "no, I mean do something funny with your body".
(I don't know quite what she expected but I really wasn't in the mood to dance or do anything else "funny" with my body).

A little later, she was still on the couch and Rob was on the computer and I walked in the kitchen and told him the story and we both laughed until we hear from the living room: DON'T LAUGH AT ME I'M SICK!!!


B said...

Oh, poor Scout. Poor Em. Sick kids doesn't sound fun at all!! Especially if you don't all get sick at once. We wish Uncle Matt could've been there to do the Apple Dance for her. That's so funny that she was demanding all forms of entertainment!! Hehe. Hope she gets better soon!

Amy said...

I'm shuddering right now with all the memories. Sometimes they are really sweet and cute when they're sick, though. Give her a hug from all of us.

Emily said...

When she is feverish and a shell of the child I know and love, all I want is for her to jump around again. Then when I get my wish I have to wonder what I was thinking. She is really sweet and has all these feverish thoughts and notions. For instance, she has a fever blanket, which is a blanket her grandma Linda made for her and is cotton and therefore her coolest blanket. She thinks her other blankets give her fevers. She just says funny things in general though. The best has to be "the dunglee ride" dream though when she was 3.

B said...

What's the dunglee ride dream?

Emily said...

She had an ear infection and during the night woke up very feverish and when I went in there to see how she was, I layed down next to her in her bed and she looks up at me with this total serious face and goes, "did you have fun on the dunglee ride mommy?" I was like, "what?" She goes, "the dunglee ride, it goes round and around" then with a very earnest and flushed face demonstrated the dunglee ride which involved lying on her belly with her arms out stretched to the sides (sort of a Superman flying kind of thing- but instead of arms facing front, they were stretched out the sides).

Anyway, I kept picturing what her little dream must have been like. Mommy flying through the air in her dunglees going in circles. Cutest little image of a feverish night dream imagined by a little 3 year old. She was so serious and into it too when she woke up. I will never forget the look on her face asking me if it was fun. DUNGLEE RIDE!!! HAHA! SO CUTE!


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