Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Baby Boot Camp is going

I suppose I haven't properly explained baby boot camp. We went to Elle's 15 month appointment last week and Elle was given the news that if she isn't crawling or walking by 18 months, then we will have to get her checked out by a pediatric orthopedic. I know we can do this! I know she's strong. I just think her little brain is hard wired differently then other people. It was hardwired part monkey and the monkey part controls the leg part of the brain. Anyway, it's been great having a non mobile child, but I agree with the doctor and therefore I have cooked up baby boot camp. For anyone that personally knows Elinor, you know that she is as happy and content a baby you could ever wish for. She is so happy and content I think it gives her no motivation to crawl or walk cause she just thinks, "eh! I'm fine right here." So I am going to have to create the motivation. This week, we are just going to concentrate on two things: tummy time and standing on her legs. I have decided on two sessions of 45 minutes a day on her tummy, and 3 times a day she walks around with mama. Next week (depending on how this week goes) we will either do the same thing again (perhaps increase 45 min to an hour) or we will start putting some food out of her reach. I have a feeling it will be the former. By the way, in the video: I'm ba ba and yes- she is yelling at me.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Five minutes after today's session.


B said...

Matt and I laughed so hard at the video, and he was like "Poor little girl, forced to face the world" (he also called her a wimp, so maybe he'd make a better drill sergeant). We were very happy to see the end picture. I'm sure you were too. Maybe she needs some Uncle Matt baby boot camp... Allison has been having a blast standing on his feet and walking around while he holds her fingers.

Just tell her not to shave her head, a la G.I. Jane. She's got 3 year old Scout from the Apple Dance video beat...

Haley said...

I also laughed while watching the video. She's like, "mom, why are you disturbing my perfect little lazy world??" Haha. Like a lot of things with parenting, you do it out of love and out of what is best for them even if they don't like it at the time. Hope she gets the desire to move soon so she doesn't have to see a doctor. However, maybe that is a good thing. Who knows? Sending good wishes down from Idaho. :) On a side note, wish we lived closer to you guys so Allison could play with Scout more. She still talks about Scout, it's so cute.

Emily said...

The four highlights of this video:

1. her grumbling
2. her little bum
3. her hand picking at the blanket
4. BA BA!


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