Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Update of This Week

My Blog was uncharacteristically quiet this week, but don't worry I had a great reason.

A few actually.

1. Scout and I (mostly me) have been on our deathbeds. Ok, this is an overstatement, but man we had a killer cold. I even totally lost my sense of smell and taste for 2 whole days and I mean totally (I hope all of you reading this never finds out how utterly lame that is) I swear we have been sick so much lately. Years later, I shall look at 2008 as "year of a 1000 colds". I am convinced that it is Orem. Orem is the root of all evil. I think my body has no immunity to Orem germs (Scout included). Before now, Scout and I would get one, maybe 2 colds a year. Rob is sailing, so my theory is that he grew up here and can handle Orem bugs. He thinks I am crazy, but it makes so much sense! He (up in SL) would be the sickest when we would get colds, etc. Now, he barley gets a sniffle from us. Anyway, just think about it. It's a good theory. So- Scout and I have had a terrible chest cold and I have had the energy of a doped up kitten.

2. In the midst of this, I had a cake gig that was supposed to be easy squeezy, but the family got all creative last Saturday, giving me a week to learn how to make flowers from fondant. Something I had never attempted before. It was a birthday cake for a open house for a woman who turned 100 that day. Her name is Iris and so they thought Irises would be perfect all over the cake. I said ok, (what else could I do? It's her name, by golly) then scrambled to find a mold of an iris so I could make them. There is not one in all of Salt Lake or Utah, so I decided to use real Irises and accompany them with some flowers I made. It went well, flowers are fun to do and I am glad I now know how to make them. I did pansys, chrysanthemums, and lilys of the valley (all while wheezing my last breath). Here it is:

(The picture is a little crooked, NOT the cake)
It's not exactly "my taste" but hey, you got to go with the client eh? They were pleased, so that is what matters. Here is my thing, if you are a hundred years old and your name is Iris, wouldn't you be sick of Irises by then? I swear the dining room was crazy with them. That is just my thought. I think I would be like ANYTHING BUT IRISES PLEASE!!!!!!


Emily said...

That cake is awesome! I can't believe those flowers. Way to go. And this has been the year of 1000 colds...and ear infections and strep throat and root canals and throwing up. Good year. And good theory.

Marcus & Haley Crook said...

The cake looks great! Sorry you guys have been sick, my dad is VERY sick right now with a horrible head cold. He couldn't talk this whole last weekend. He just had to whisper everything. We teased him a little saying that he sounded like Rocky, the kitty with broken vocal chords! Haha.

megandjon said...

poor emily and scout! boo to orem. i would have to agree with you about orem being the root of all evil, except for a handful of wonderful friends and a beloved brother who live there.

and the cake is great! and i'm trying really hard to climb out of this newborn vortex i've been in because i'm really missing my friends. so i will be calling you soon. and so you have to get better so we can try to get together!


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