Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Scoutiness Vol. II

I've got enough for volume II (it doesn't take long).

I was given some really stinky bath gel at a ward party (did I say that?) anyway, Scout found it and when I saw her with it and she took off and I told her not to open it (yeah right). I found her a few minutes later it her hiding place #1 in this compromising position. What did she have to say for herself the minute she saw me?
"I am feeling shy now."
I just had to laugh and be thankful she didn't choose to pour it out on the carpet or couch. The worst part about it was that our house smelled like the devil's flower garden all day. That was a nod to you Matt!!

I took her to Thanksgiving Point this week (ah, the things you can do when you have a car!) We visited the "Farm" and had a lot of fun. We would have had more fun if she hadn't seen the Dinosaur Museum next door and kept talking about going to see the dinosaurs next.
Scout and a chicken

Milking a pretend cow teat (I am so happy I got to use that word, I'm rather fond of it).
.....Meet the Parents, no doubt....

And the coup de grace: the pony ride. Proudly displaying her ticket. She wanted the biggest pony so bad that she waited an extra turn so he would be available.

A very serious rider, she asked me where her cowboy hat was. I really don't think I could buy her a cowboy hat, I think my wallet would explode

Ah, my city girl is back

Mommy's favorite part of the day--- baby goats!!!
Are they the cutest things ever?

I had the car doors open cleaning a little and she climbed into the drivers seat, found some glasses, and belted herself in and told me (she called me baby) to come in and informed me that we were going to the zoo.
Ah, if only Scout was in charge, the things we would do every day.....

She had her "destruct -0- ray * " out in full force today and I gotta tell you, bedtime could not come soon enough. She has a bit of a cough, so is most likely not feeling well, so it's hard to blame her for being a little difficult, but we were pretty much done with her at about 7:30. She did something to make me threaten her with dunglees (which inevitably turns into going to bed as she well knows), so she yelled "no!" and ran to hide in hiding place #3, which happens to be under her bed. We didn't pursue her because, hey- she was out of our hair for a few blessed minutes. A few turned into 5 or so, so I went hunting and found this little scene:

You gotta love the irony.........

Rob's dictionary:

* Destruct -o- ray:
What Scout seems to be toting when she is overly excited, loud, zippy, and yes, destructive.

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Emily said...

That was awesome. Scout is very clever, isn't she? She knows just what to do, say and where to go. I love the "I'm feeling shy now." Annabel is still asking about her cup that was left here last time....Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!


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