Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Scoutiness Vol. I

Treating Nathan and I to quite the boogie (it was his birthday, least she could do)

It's been a few posts since I have written anything about Scout and that isn't because she hasn't done anything cute or weird. An example, I was walking into the kitchen and past the toaster oven and saw this:

She likes to cook while I cook and she uses the toaster oven. She makes Rob and grandpa "burger sandwiches" which consist mainly of a tiny plate with some fresh ground pepper or my egg timer. She throws them in the oven, waits 2 seconds and then takes them out and proudly serves them. Now I didn't actually witness the ba ba and whatever went on, but I think I can piece the story together and I am pretty sure Rob didn't do it. Here is a close up:

Finding this just cracked me up to no end. I LOVE living with a 2 year old.

On this night, she took a fairly large gang to dinner with her and every ducky, monkey, Ernie and Bert had to join us in blessing the food

I got her dressed today and she said she was wearing her "Kyle Jazz game shirt" so, she ran into the kitchen and said she needed a Kyle hat. This is what she came back with. It's an apple slicer and my bamboo wok stirrer.
Kyle, can you shed some light on this???
'Cause I'm stumped.

Daddy bought her a kite last night while I was at work. We took it to the park this morning to try it out, we didn't get it in the air for any real length of time, but it sure was fun running around.

This is the beauty of kids: I have been secretly wanting to fly a kite for years, and haven't, now I can and I'm a good mom by doing it. Score.

Thats all for now.

More to come.........................


Marcus & Haley Crook said...

Scout is so funny! I love the new pictures. I love the dancing ones but the one iwth ner with the kite with her little eyes peeking through is so cute! So...we are SERIOUSLY considering going to Wyoming this weekend. I'm coming up with all the excuses in the book for why we should go! The only conflict is we had a big camping trip planned with some friends but it is supposed to rain and camping is no fun in the rain. so we will see, hopefully we will be there. I love your hair! I don't remember it being that long since I was like Scout's age! haha. Did Scout have a haircut as well?

Marcus & Haley Crook said...

PS - I got your cd today! I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet but I will sometime tonight. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm done!!! You're totally forgiven for not hitting send, I do that ALL the time. Nice ride, pretty hair, funniest kid on the planet!!!! BTW, I do not own a single one of those albums, the first (and...only) CD I have ever bought was High School Musical, almost 2 years ago (Matt was very shocked to hear this). So, you could burn any of those albums for me if you wanted to. AND, in celebration for me making it through the semester without dropping any classes or going nuts (an actual huge feat) Matt and I bought black hair dye and dyed my hair black!!!!!!!!!!! I'm kind of a mix between Snow White, and some scary dead lady, but it's transitioning more to Snow White (at least in my mind). So we both have fun new hair adventures!!! And Jazz Singer is on the list of things to watch this weekend. And we're RRREEEAAALLLYYY EXCITED!!! Can't wait to see you!!! How on earth is your car already paid for? And how on earth is Scout so CYOOOTTT!!! Love B


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