Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beep! Beep!

I would like to announce the latest addition to the family (late I know, I guess I have been too busy driving around) :It is a 2006 Chevy Malibu and it's red (cranberry, if we want to get technical) and it's shiny. I have never had a car that wasn't 10 years old before it became mine, so this is an exciting thing for me. All it's windows and doors work, it doesn't leak oil (something you can see is a novelty for me, as ghosts of my last car pepper the driveway), it smells good and the interior is clean, it continually tells me the outside temp, the head lights come on automatically, and music continues to play for my enjoyment after I take out the key, until I open my door (a much loved feature already).
It IS an automatic, I was trained on a standard and has been all I have driven with any consistency, so I am a tad dubious about that, and what my left foot is going to do with itself. But it is a V6, so it's hard to keep a grudge for it's shortcomings when I can pass cars with such ease.I photo shopped the license number, so if there are any weirdos reading this, you can't find me

My favorite feature of all about this car is that it is paid for! Isn't that lovely?


Marcus & Haley Crook said...

Nice ride!! Marcus is so jealous, haha. It looks really nice, that is so awesome that you have no car payments! I'm jealous of that one! That is so great, where can I get some nice old ladies??? Well have fun in your new car! I guess we will be able to see it now....becuase we are coming to Wyoming this weekend!!! YAY! You better be coming because I had to do a lot of sweet talking to be able to go! Haha. No, just get out of a camping triip, but it was cancelled because of rain. So I'm excited, it will be a fun weekend. Drive safe and we will see you there!

Emily said...

Wa hoo! Look at that jim dandy. I really like the color and the music feature is a very exciting plus. I'll bet you're cruising all around town for no reason now. The freedom! Maybe you guys should cruise on up so Bruce and Scout can play. And we have your Scout's pink cup that Annabel inquires about everyday.


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