Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Farewell, Uncle Keith

aRob's uncle Keith passed away unexpectedly on Memorial day weekend. He was Aunt Doreen's (Rob's fathers sister's) husband. My experience with Uncle Keith are almost solely based on Thanksgivings. Every year we chatted shortly about life and that's about it. I know he was a very nice and funny man and will be missed greatly. He was only 60 and in awesome shape. This was one of those head scratchers, the last person you would expect to have this happen to. He ran track in high school (broke records that are still unbroken to this day), and ran his whole life. He ran everyday, and sadly, that was what he was doing when his heart just stopped. Apparently, it's called "runners heart" and it hit him fast and that was it. We attended his funeral in Green River, Wyoming on Friday and it was a very nice service. Some of you may know this, some not, but I don't handle funerals so well. I could go to a perfect strangers funeral and bawl like a baby. I am just sad for the family and loved ones so much. I am one of those people that cry when other's cry. Anyways, I was making my way in the viewing line and doing very well, I was proud of myself. Aunt Doreen saw us and came over and hugged Rob and then turned to me and said, "Oh Emily, I am just a kid, I don't know how to do this, I'm just a kid" and threw her arms around me. Well, that was just the saddest thing ever. Needless to say, my bravado was busted and I cried with her. They were high school sweethearts (I hear they argued A LOT in those days), but sweethearts none the less. I know she will figure out how to do this, she is a strong women and has her children and family to help her through. She did well and got through the day better then I would have I can tell you that much. Poor Dale, he grew up with only sisters, and Keith was the brother he never had. This was a very sad loss for him too.

Here are some pics from the services:

Scout and her beloved Uncle Travis, helping her climb a tree (she has no tights on because mommy accidentally dropped them in the toilet at the church, kind of a long story)

Travis, Dale and Nathen

Rob and Nathan
Nathan helping Scout blow a dandelion and after a lot of hard work, one solitary piece blew away in the wind.

Is it just me or do my brother's-in-law look like hit men?
Not necessarily a bad thing.

Scout was a super good girl all day. It was a long drive there, a long viewing, then we were crammed in the family section during a particularly long service smack in the middle of the bench. Then she was not allowed to run wild at the cemetery and did she ever want to. We were proud of her of course she got to see her uncles that she adores and doesn't get to see too often, so she was happy with the day. Never mind that she called the coffin a "treasure box" quite loudly during the internment, and saw a spider on a carved lamby head seen here:

and would not stop talking about it for the ENTIRE graveside service. She told anyone and everyone about it that came within 10 feet of her.

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