Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Francisco!

Wow it's been a while since I blogged. I am sure you all missed me and Scout's shenanigans. So, we recently did a little road trip to the great state of California. Our niece Adri graduated high school with honors:
She will be going to UCLA this fall majoring in graphic design or something close to that........ She is very excited and we are happy for her!
We left last Wednesday and drove (with Grandpa Pugh) to Reno that night. Scout is an awesome traveler and it was a great ride. We drove on to San Fran that afternoon (actually, Rob's sister Natalie lives in Mill Valley which is just a 10 minute car
ride into the city, but you would never know it, it feels like she lives in the woods. It was very nice. Perfect scenario if you ask me, to live in an out of the way place so close to a major city. I like that. After we got there, we just bummed around the house a little bit killing time until the graduation ceremony and then attended that (Scout slept the ENTIRE ceremony, bless her).
The next day we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and I got this lovely shot:
It was a wee foggy that day (foggy in San Francisco? Shocker...) I like the fog, Scout knew exactly where we were thanks to Baby Einsteins. Funny how matter of fact she was about where we were. Then we went to The Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito which was lots of fun. Not unlike the Salt Lake children's museum, except instead of milking cows and picking wooden fruit from trees, you get to catch fish and send them to a fish market and be a fish monger. They had one room that looked like it was under water and they provided assorted sea creature outfits for the kids to wear and pretend they lived in the sea. Yes, right up Scout's alley. She was a crab:She stood there looking embarrassed for all of 20 seconds, then dropped to the floor and got into character. It was funny.
After the museum we took the ferry across the bay into the city:I'd like to point out my slant, trying use Scout as a device to keep my hair out of my face for the pic.Scout and I learned an interesting fact: ferries are very windy places. This was Scout's very first boat ride so naturally, was very exciting. Then we did the tourist walk around pier 39 and Fisherman's wharf (is that how you spell that? Looks weird.). Good San Francisco stuff.... Then Scout and I broke from the group and took the BART and then a train (very exciting stuff for Scout) to Tracy, Ca where I visited a friend of mine I have met through my molar pregnancy. She went through one at the same time and we have gotten pretty tight, helping each other through that, so it was nice to meet her and her family. They were all really nice and friendly and Scout got to go swimming with her two little kids, and Lori and I got to talk face to face which was fun.
The rest of the family went to a Giant's game (that's baseball for anyone (me) that didn't know), and we all had tickets for the ferry to get home. There is a special ferry for the stadium that just leaves whenever the game is over, I was informed of the time frame I had (it was about an hour long trip to get there) and that there was fireworks after yada yada yada and after visiting a while and about the time I figured I should get going, I got a call from Rob telling me the game was going extremely fast and I need to leave right then. So I bustled everything together fast and we headed out. I was very nervous about getting there in time as the alternative would pretty much ruin everyone's night (I had the car keys with me). I talked to Rob in Lori's car and he was very nervous too, so when I hung up I put the phone in Lori's door, which is what I do in my own car (I do absentminded things when I am nervous!) So we get to the BART station and I fly out of the car get Scout and leave my phone. Let me stop you all here and let you know, I don't know what the stadium is called, nor do I know where it is located, I don't know where the ferry dock is, or the BART stop I take to get me to this unknown stadium. I was relying on calling Rob........ So after boarding the subway train, and a prayerful search of my backpack and every nook and cranny of it (3 times) I come to the conclusion that my phone is with Lori. So I got off at the stop I got on at (Lori told me to take that one, but it didn't sound like what Nat had told me to do this morning, so I was freaking), I found a metro after seeing the cab line and talking to some kind souls that pointed me back to the subway station) this metro took me to the game, but these people had just been to the game, so I now know that the game is well over (yikes!) I catch the metro and get off at the stadium (hey it's called AT&T) and fyi, no one that works at the station at the stadium knows that there is a ferry there. They kept trying to get me back on the metro to get back on the BART. I stood my ground and a girl in line offered her phone to call Rob (bless you kind girl, bless you for all your days). The ferry hadn't left, but Rob said it was leaving NOW) a cop finally pointed me in the direction (Clear around the stadium of course) and I high tailed it with a 30 pound child and a back pack filled with an entire days worth of stuff you need in a big city with all kinds of temperatures, swimming stuff, snacks, it was HEAVY! I heard the ferry honk too while running and I thought it was out to sea. Rob and Nat met me close to the dock and Nat grabbed Scout to give me a little relief and we got on and it took off. They had been begging the ferry guys to wait, I was on my way and they were getting impatient (and right they should, since we were holding up 600 plus drunk angry Giant's fans (they lost). So, anyway, we made it. It was a total miracle, and totally intense. I shook for like an hour from a combo of nerves and fatigue. I have to thank Lori for her advice, without it Scout and I would have spent the night on a park bench under some newspapers.
e discovered on the BART that we had also left kiki.................... That was secondary to the phone panic, but important none the less. It was too close to losing kiki before, so Scout hasn't handled it as well as last time. But we know where it is, and she knows that her friends have it and took good care of it and the mailman is bringing it really soon. Still, there is some anxiety there for her. We just left Lori's too fast and shh....... mommy is a little flighty. I do my best to hide that fact, but there it is, I'm flighty. You all probably know that!
Ok, onward and upward. The next day, we went to the other side of the city and went to Golden Gate Park. That was awesome. I had never been there. I left my came
ra in the car, but Nat got some pics, I need to have her email them to me............ We went to a flower conservatory and saw the coolest orchids Rob and I have ever seen (we are orchid lovers). We also saw some really weird and exotic plants and flowers and they had a butterfly room, much to Scout's delight. Scout became extremely tight with Nat's significant other -Chris (she calls him Crist) and she was not to be separated from him all day. We also saw the Japanese Tea Garden. That was really neat. Never mind that we went DOWN the stairs of enlightenment, so we visited the pagoda before we had been spiritually prepared, but I think we will be ok. We then went to a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant that is where the actual Chinese go to eat (as opposed to the touristy China Town), these are the perks of being with people familiar with the city you are visiting. Amongst other things, we had a whole fish complete with eye balls. (Nate and I touched them) I also touched it's lips on accident and they stuck to my finger and WOULD NOT come off even with a lot of scrubbing. That was gross and disturbing, but that's what I get for touching fish lips. But that is what I do.
We went home and Scout and I wanted to go to the beach (I am unable to to go to a beach if it is anywhere in the vicinity that I am in). Everyone else was tired, -no, I am going to use the term "poops" here-, so we got instructions on how to get there, and went alone. The drive was
FANTASTIC! The road was woodsy and windy and had cliffs. We listened to In Rainbows and I was in heaven for the 15 minute drive, very nice for the soul.
The beach was pretty cold and the water was colder, but I knew it
would be. Scout was very scared of the waves (this dates back to last Sept, when we went to Portland for Haley's wedding and me, Scout, Matt and B drove 2 hours to visit the beach there) Scout was loving it (it was night and it was freezing) and she got in the way of a devious wave that knocked her backwards and drenched her from head to toe. That little episode was not forgotten, so I had to hold her the whole time. I really wanted pics, so I had to get creative and take them with her in my lap, but it made them turn out really cute!
So that's about it. Except that Rob and I experienced Nintendo Wii for the first time and had some good bowling times every night. You get to make yourself a character and it gives you the means to make it look like you, and I wish how I wish I could show you guys the character Rob made for himself. I will say this, it looked like an evil rendition of John Lennon from the Yellow Submarine art work. It made me (us I should say) giggle every time he was up. It was a classic Rob stunt and one of the many reasons I love him. (Speaking of classic Rob stunts. While proof reading this, Rob got home from a little b ball and took a shower and shaved. He came in and I was busy at work on the laptop, and he walked across the room and got to his dresser and broke out in a serious case of the giggles. I looked up and he wouldn't turn around and I couldn't figure out what his deal is, then I noticed his handy work. He had shaved himself a nice little hick style motif. He is WELL aware of my aversion to mustaches. He had (has) a really bad goatee complete with flaring sideburns he just pointed out that it isn't really a goatee since the mustache doesn't quite connect. Oh, I'm so scared. He was trying to get me to kiss him, but was too delighted in himself to even do that properly, not that I want anything to do with him with that thing on his face. Oh yay, he is letting me take pictures:
He wants a big truck and a pack of smokes rolled up in his sleeve to make his transformation complete. Oh the fun he has when he hasn't shaved for a while). Anyway, more classic Robby-ness, or what I live with). I love him.

Back to the trip.
We did the drive on Sunday, with no overnights. It was a long drive, but worth it. Scout again was an angel. Man she is a good traveler. Yay Scout!
Wow that's long! I knew it would be but I am still shocked. Sorry! But I haven't posted in a long time, so I am making up for it.
If you would like to see more pics of the trip, go here.


Marcus & Haley Crook said...

Wow, sounds like a fun trip! We actually tried to call you last night to talk to Scout and wish her a happy birthday but your phone was turned off, now I know why! Well tell her anyway for us. I can't believe she is 3 already. That trip to the ferry sounded pretty intense! Yes, that is how you spell wharf, haha. I love that place! Were all the seals out on the rocks? They are kinda stinky though. Oh my goodness, wii's are so much fun! one of our friends has one and we go play it all the time. They are a blast. When we have more money we want to get one. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

AAAAGGGGHHH!!! I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!!!!!!! WE GET TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!! I would like to let you know that I am completely averted to mustaches as well, and I have seen way too many oil rig workers cashing huge checks and looking waaay too much like Rob did in those pictures. Scout is adorable in those pictures on the beach!!! I feel like I haven't been this excited since Christmas when I was little. Have a great night!!!

Love B

Anonymous said...

B sounds just a little too excited to see everyone. Could it be she has some sort of revenge planned? Those pictures of Scout on the beach are really cute. Sounds like a fun trip, except for the whole catching the ferry fiasco. That is too funny what Rob did shaving. Cam has done the exact same thing! A couple of times. He hasn't done the sideburns and stuff, Cam does the "soul patch". He'll come out from the bathroom after shaving, acting all normal. After a while I'll notice he left a tiny little patch somewhere on his chin. We are married to silly men. Now that I think about it, I would probably do stuff like that too. Shaving must be a dreadful thing, so might as well have some fun with it.
I can't wait for Scout's party tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was left by me, Sue. For some reason my password won't work. I know I'm using the right one, I wrote it down in my secret password file.

Emily said...

I figured out it was you after the first sentence or two.
our men are silly, but that's the way I like them. I didn't think about B and her devious ideas....... Hmmm, thanks for putting me on alert.


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