Saturday, April 23, 2011

Funny Girl

Scout, almost 6

This morning (early, like 7), I am lying in bed, woken up by Scout playing pretty loudly in her room. This is what I hear:

(shaky sheep/goat voice): "Earthquake!!!!!"

then in some other more regular voices:
"oh no!"
"But I paid my taxes!"

Rob and I started giggling at the goat voice (until then didn't know the other was awake), but when we heard the tax line we about died laughing. We think got that line from "the boy who cried wolf" done by the Muppets on a video the girls watched all week, two weeks ago. It was just quite random to hear. We love listening to her when she doesn't know she has an audience.

Then later today:

Scout was trying to put a videotape* into our tv in the livingroom (it's tricky, there was a tape already in there and it doesn't eject properly).

"mom! It's not working!"
(trying to shove a tape in, in the wrong direction)

"Well, you have to take the other one out first"
(ejecting tape for her)

(Scout, trying to put the tape in -still turned around-)

"you need to turn it around"

(turning tape around and trying to shove it in again, but at a slight angle, so it still doesn't work) "See! It doesn't work!"

"You need to put it in straight"
(me, demonstrating the correct way and the tape slides right in)

"How come you know everything?"

(deciding to accept that) "because I am smart and I'm old"

"You don't know
everything- how many muscles are in an elephant's trunk?"

"I don't know, how many?"

"4,000 muscles"

(put in my place) "Wow, I didn't know that"

Yes, I know "Videotapes", but we have one built into our living room tv and we discovered that our library has a much bigger collection of kid's movies on videocassette then they do on DVD.
(especially Muppet movies which they both are totally into right now). LAY OFF!


Amy said...

Awesome funny moments. Thanks for the laughs. I still have 2 working VCR's in my house and a huge collection of "tapes", so no words from me.

Pops said...

Time for some more Scoutisms and Ells updates. I had hoped to see them this weekend butnow i have to wait a bit.

Emily said...

I know, I'm lame! But you won't have to wait very long, I have a goal of doing at least one post tonight. My blog postings have been severely handicapped by my need to catch up on my reading. All of the free time I have had (and it has been less then I'd like) has been taken up by reading The Passage, cause it was due at the library 3 days ago and I couldn't renew it because someone has it reserved so I've been trying to plow through it as quick as possible. I also got The Poisonwood Bible last week, but I need to finish the Passage first. Not to mention my other book club. Anyway, what I am trying to say is my blogging time has been used up by other things lately, but I am closing in on the Passage and I feel like I should spend a little time blogging anyway. So tonight- at least something will be posted and I promise to have either Elle or Scout in it.


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