Saturday, April 9, 2011

Elinor Shenanigans I

These pictures are back:
(Yes I know I already posted these, but astute readers will have figured out that I removed them and replaced
them with others.)
(Why? Cause they didn't fit the post and these pics need to fit the post.)

These were taken in Wyoming when Elle had her hair up in a pony tail, had it removed, took and nap and woke up thusly.

Total Kodak moment.

Elle went to the eye doctor to rule out eye problems (or get them fixed, so they would not be a problem).
Turns out, doctor's words: her eyes are perfect.
(But part of the process of finding that out was getting them dilated, which landed her a pair of sunglasses to wear that afternoon. We mostly just kept the house dark and she was just fine, but the glasses were pretty cute.)

Scout and Elle spent a little time hanging out in the polar bear tent one afternoon. Scout with a lantern, book and an oreo cookie. Elle with nothing except feeling the tent sides and hearing the zip zip zip sound (a wonderful past time for Elles).
After a while though, Scout kind of forgot about her cookie and Elle saw an opportunity:

Look at how far she had to stretch to get that cookie!
(You can see where the pieces are that she hadn't stolen yet.)
Her therapists would be so proud.

She was pretty proud of her cookie thievery at least.

Does this look familiar?
It happened within like 2 days of the last incident.
This time though I was well aware of how tired she was, but knew she'd have a much better nap with some lunch in her belly.
She got much ravioli down before she succumbed.

one or two bites of sandwich is MUCH easier to clean off of a sleeping baby then ravioli all over the face and up to the elbows and squished gloriously through the fingers.
Good thing daddy was home for this one, clean up was a two person job.
She kept opening up an eye or two and giving Rob a look li
ke, "just let a girl sleep!"

Here is just a cute moment the girls had last Sunday morning.
By the way, "Peaches" is a baby wooly mammoth from Ice Age 3, so that comment wasn't quite as random as it sounds.

For the record: Elle was NOT stinky.

Momma's got your back baby girl.

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Sue said...

Thank you for putting the crazy hair Elinor pictures back up. I love these pictures.


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