Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arcade Fire Concert Report

It is about time I did an official report on the Arcade Fire concert we attended. Of all people, our cousin Dan tipped us off early that Arcade Fire was coming to Orem in April (shout out to Dan, thanks dude) and we were very surprised they were coming at all, let alone to Orem instead of Salt Lake (but that's neither here nor there). Well, this was a definite NO MISS, so my sister Cat, my bro Matt and his wife B, and Rob and I all got tickets.

It turned out that Elinor's big appointment was the next morning (early! At nine and a little over an hour away). This distressed me at first, it seemed like really bad timing. It turned out to be awesome timing for a few reasons: 1. Matt and B would be around (staying at our house) and could watch Scout that morning so we could leave her home and she could go to school -then it turned out to be spring break- 2. There wasn't a better place for me to spend the night before the appointment then burning off steam with some of my favorite people in the world, watching one of my favorite bands in the world. That environment was much better then what I would have done- worried and stressed all night about what the next morning would bring.

(By the way, thanks to Grandpa and then Sarah for taking care of our kidlets)

We met at my house and left for dinner, had a quick sandwich and then headed for the venue (UVU). We had general admission, so were on the floor (we'd have it no other way). The concert was AWESOME! The playlist was so so good and the band was fantastic. Rob was very nervous about enjoying himself. He has grown into quite a fan, in fact The Suburbs is his favorite song at the moment, but he thought they would be awkward and full of themselves. He has seen them perform on SNL and Letterman and stuff and they have come off a little awkward there. I wasn't worried for me or him, I've seen videos of their regular concert gigs and they were energetic and fun. Turns, out they were even better then expected. Win was so cool and totally didn't take himself seriously at all. He also forgot the words to one of the songs (something from The Suburbs, I can't remember which (ready to start maybe or we used to wait). He was funny about it. Rob and I laughed when he took off a buttoned up shirt, only to have another buttoned up shirt (buttoned to the top) on underneath (he wasn't trying to be funny, but it was to us). Rob mentioned that he has "Adolf Hitler hair" on the way to the concert and we all laughed, but he had the last laugh when they came on stage and we all had to agree that his hair indeed, looks Hitler-ish. My favorite person to watch though was Win's brother Will on percussion. He was so all over the place and banging on anything he could, conducting if needed (or not needed, but doing it anyway). He was just really entertaining.Shot during Rococo

I had to get a picture of this creepy video they played during No Cars Go it was a loop of these women in water and it was really unsettling and made us giggle a bit.

Last song.
I think that is Matt in the glasses.
And possibly B's arm.

I did a special dance just for Rob during Sprawl "Mountains Beyond Mountains" (he was a few rows of people behind me at that point). I knew he'd see it and appreciate it. I went all out.

Anyway, it was a GREAT time and I am so glad we had the opportunity to go. Also, I can't mention Arcade Fire and Rob's reservations without mentioning this: since the beginning, when he hears "Wake up" he has thought of this video and song:

Don't ask me how he ever saw this video or why but maybe his reluctance and dislike for Wake Up makes some sense.

Here are some selections of songs from the concert (it has wake up on it if you are curious now)- I made the playlist this week on my family blog cause I won the movie trivia and I did this one (it includes a Thom Yorke song as a clue to the next movie so, that song was certainly not at the concert but you can't ever get enough Yorke):

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

One more funny thing as long as we are talking about Arcade Fire:

They surprisingly won Album of the Year at the Grammys and many people are unfamiliar with them and someone started a blog called "who is Arcade Fire?" which features really mad tweets (mostly) from people that had never heard of them and were upset that they won the award over such people as Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, and Eminem. It is funny but I must warn you that these people aren't the sharpest tools in the shed and besides the spelling atrocities they frequently use bad language in their gripes. Here is the site if you are interested.

Some highlights include:

1. "the fact that Arcade Fire is winning over people that have actually made an impact on the music industry is *beep*ing annoying."

2. A video of Kathy Lee and her co host on The Today Show going over the winner of Album of the Year. So funny, here's a link.

3. "I can't believe that unknown artists will earn a world-renowned artists like Justin and Lady Gaga for that reason cease to believe in the legality of prizes." (man, that girl was REALLY trying to sound smart. I love it.)

4. "It's a weird world we live in when someone called Arcade Fire can win a grammy n Justin Beiber doesn't!"

5. my personal favorite: "What the *beep* are The Arcade Fries?"

"So can you understand? Why I want a daughter while I'm still young. I want to hold her hand and show her some beauty before this damage is done. But if it's too much to ask, if it's too much to ask-- send me a son."

-The Suburbs


Cat said...

Such a great show! Will was so entertaining. I pretty much watched him the whole time. Missing the awesome take off shirt to reveal 2nd shirt moment. I had no idea that happened.

Cat said...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that they played the creepy moon-faced women video during No Cars Go, not Tunnels. And Win forgot the lyrics to Suburban War. I'm very sad I missed the dance you did for Mountains.

Emily said...

You're right! It was totally No Cars Go. Speaking of, I totally thought of Scout and how much she would have loved being there for that. The shirt moment was funny, Rob said something like, "I wonder how many weird shirts he has on under there".

Emily said...

Fixed the No Cars Go thing. Rob was pretty disappointed the next time we listened to The Suburbs album (while washing dishes and painting cabinets) and I didn't do a dance. Then we listened to it in the car last night and when it came on he said that he now has an affinity for this song. I think my dance made an impact.


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