Friday, April 22, 2011

Elinor Shenanigans II

Elle's has starting trying to scoot a little bit while sitting (let me emphasize "a little bit"), she was scooting while sitting on the couch and I moved her back a few times, but while in the other room a few minutes later I get the shout from Scout that Elle fell off the couch and that I better hurry. I didn't hear any crying I expected to hear, and walked into this scene. She caught herself and then just continued watching tv, calm as can be. SO Elles.
(Yes, she had just had her diaper changed and was waiting for mom to get her some clothes and out of her dunglees if you were wondering).

2 Cute church stories:

A few weeks ago, Rob had her on his lap and she was looking through a sesame street board book. Rob leaned over to me and told me that she was kissing all the pictures of cookie monster. I watched her for a while and sure enough! When she'd turn the page she would zero in on cookie and give him kisses. It was so sweet, she loves her Cookie so much.
(Kisses are a consistent thing we have been able to get Elle to do on demand and also unsolicited. When she has a stuffed animal, you can frequently see her leaning over and giving it kisses over and over.)

Last week, Elle didn't get a nap in before church (we go at 1). She was super tired (started rubbing her eyes at 9 that morning!) It came time for nursery and we debated whether to take her or not and we ended up deciding to just try it. We told the leaders she was super tired and if she got fussy to just bring her in to us. I was filling in teaching a primary class and Rob was just doing his normal thing and when re joined up at the end of church, I saw that Rob had a sleeping Elle in his arms. I asked when they brought her to him and he said they didn't and that at some point they looked at her, thought she looked so tired and just laid her on the floor w
ith her blanket and she conked right out. I just laughed at the thought of Elles just sleeping right on the floor in the midst of the mayhem that is nursery. Only our girl!

Here is the new thing her physical therapist is having us do:

I love her little left hand in this pic. It's the classic left hand pose she holds when it doesn't want to participate in what the right hand is doing)

It's helping her balance (she tends to spread her legs out really wide when she sits and they want her to be able to balance without that maneuver so we have to turn her into a little mermaid for a while each day. She is so amazing. This would probably make most kids so annoyed and mad. Not our Elles. It doesn't even phase her. She just does her best to balance, topples over now and then, and continues to play or watch tv or do her little Elinor things.
(Sorry for the quality, these were taken with my phone, I couldn't find the camera.)

Here is a little sample of Elle watching Sesame Street.
This show makes her so happy! Yesterday she was on the couch and it was four minutes into one o'clock and I knew it was on, but didn't know if the tv was on the right channel. I walked i
nto the room to make sure and the first thing I see is Elle with a giant grin on her face and I knew then that it must be on the right channel (it was turned down really low, and I couldn't hear it). I looked and sure enough, there was Elmo on the screen.


Cat said...

I could just watch that all day. So cute. And I agree, Super Grover is the best.

Pops said...

Thanks for the update and the video clip of the Ells watching the street. Cute stuff. And sleeping in the nursery is da bomb!

Haley said...

That video really is so cute! She's so excited and happy. I love the baby walrus pictures too. Hehe.


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