Monday, May 9, 2011

Budding Book Worm?

Scout has been learning to read in kindergarten this year and she has done really well. But, just the last few weeks, reading seems to have really clicked. We have actual moments during the day now where she grabs a few books, sits down, and reads them all. I love it. It makes me happy and it's really quite nice (she reads to herself so the silence is golden sometimes).

In addition, she really has started getting into reading at bedtime. She goes to her book shelves and grabs a giant stack when she goes to bed and gets to work. Because of this, I have walked into this scene twice this week:
I love this one, cause I like to picture the moment she got so tired she propped the book up so she didn't have to hold it anymore.

Here are some stacks of books. One stack is books to be read and the other are the finished ones.

I'm so glad she has embraced reading already and I happily picture myself walking into similar scenes for many years to come.


Sue said...

What a little cutie! I love that she propped up the book because she was too tired to hold it. I've done that! I'm so glad she likes to read! Definitely has some Wright in her.

Are those all the books that you and Cat had as kids? Or did you purposely buy all the books you guys had?

Emily said...

I do have some old books from mom and Cat gave me Boo's books he outgrew too. But as for those books like The Little Kitten, The Little Lamb, etc. I saw them at Barnes and Noble and bought all the ones they had in a fit of nostalgia. Glad I did, Scout loves them just as much as I did.


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