Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elle Update (almost) 20 months

Remember Elinor's Everest? That was Elle doing container play at 18 months. Here she is today, about 6 weeks later. I think some of her hard work is paying off.

(The duka duka pep talk doesn't seem to hurt either)

SO PROUD of this girl.

It's been a weird 6 weeks though. The week following the (kind of) diagnosis, I didn't do much with her by way of her exercises and stuff. It was a time where that wasn't quite on my mind, I was devoting a lot of time googling and researching and just holding her and cuddling. I was trying to wrap my mind around it a little I think. Plus Scout was out of school that week, I think I just concentrated my efforts on surviving. The next week, we did some stuff, but I wasn't as devoted as usual. The week following, sort of the same. This was coupled with a weird scheduling thing with two of her therapists. In fact, because of various things we haven't seen her OT since we went to Primary Children's. So, I don't know if it was the diagnoses, or the lack of therapy sessions or just getting out of the habit (perhaps a combo?) Anyway, I guess I am kind of confessing that my routines with her have been less then par these last 6 weeks and I have just in the last week started really attacking it again.

Learning about this syndrome has done weird things to me. It's like I was almost thinking- wow! She's got more troubles then I imagined, so part of my brain kind of was trying to tell me that this stuff is pointless. Most of me knows that this stuff is more important then ever, becau
se everything I have read tells me that kids with therapy have a much better quality of life and independence and all that good stuff then kids that don't. I know this, but I think I needed some sort of balancing out or adjustment phase or something, but I think I have passed that phase of easing off a bit. So, this is my confession and also my public call that I am determined to see this little girl succeed and thrive and be the best Little Little that she can be. Tonight's session and seeing some improvement has really given me an added strength I think I needed, so..........welcome to baby boot camp Tiny E! Bring your A game.


Haley said...

I LOVE the "duka duka dukas!!"

ajmah said...

Go Em! She's lucky she's got you. She's bound to bring her A game.


Pops said...

She is so cute and you can see her trying so hard. It breaks my heart to see her concentration and trying and come just short of doing it. Bless her and you, Rob and the bean. Love, Pops


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