Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scout's Birthday!

Well, my Beantown Monkey turned 7 last week.  Man was she excited for this one.  She has had it planned for months and months.  I let her have party this year (I don't throw one every year, on partyless years I take her out for the day and we do a bunch of fun stuff).  She wanted to have a water party this time and that sounded fine by me.  She has a little plastic pool and I bought a Slip and Slide for the party and filled a bunch of water balloons.  We also had a pinata and played water balloon games for prizes.  But mostly they splashed in the water and laid on towels and did yoga (yeah, I know- weird).  I managed to keep them in the yard until the last 5 minutes, when they all wanted to go to Scout's room and see her horses.  I ran the whole party myself too, so I may have forgotten to take some pictures of the pinata and the games.  Eh. 
Scout requested the exact same cupcake cake I made her a few years ago:

I (politely) explained to her that is kind of lame and asked her if it would be ok if I just came up with a surprise that I knew she would like.  She liked that idea and I came up with something similar but different and she ended up liking it, so that was good.

I only had to make the tiniest batch of fondant and that made me really happy.  Lots of different food colorings though- but it went fairly fast and was kind of fun. 
 (Even though I didn't start until midnight.)

We served the cupcakes with ice cream sodas (raspberry sherbet, sprite and whip cream- with a pirouline cookie)  I tried to make the table look kind of elegant and grown up (ish) and the girl's were thrilled, so it worked out.  AND we only lost one of my inexpensive Ikea water goblets, and it may have been my fault (discovered cracked in the dishwater later).   There was only one second of drama, when Scout dropped her Zebra cupcake on the lawn and it was the last one.  I quickly took the zebra off her fallen one and switched it with an untouched tiger one and all was good again.  Not too bad for having 11 excited little 6 and 7 year olds around for an afternoon I think. 

Can I just share how much I am enjoying raising Scout?  When it comes to kids, she is like the whole ball of wax rolled into one.  She is obedient, smart, and funny.  I like how she isn't a tom boy exactly- she loves pretty dresses and pink, but she could care less about princesses and would rather pretend she is an elephant playing in the dirt.  She makes friends easily and is almost always willing to try new foods.  She still puts her foot down on Mexican food which I can't see her surviving in this family like that forever.  But she will always eat sushi and especially loves the fish eggs on top- so how can you argue with her?  Elle couldn't ask for a better big sister either.  Even though the promise of a sister for Scout didn't turn out the way we had all planned, she has totally rolled with it and embraced Elinor for who she is.  The doctor always gets the third degree from Scout when we bring her in, they are always asked what they are going to do to her, if it will hurt and if she is going to get a shot.  
She always lets me know if she thinks Elle needs something, or looks sad, when I ask them both a question, Scout will answer for herself and then will reply for Elinor too in a special "Elinor voice".  Yesterday they took a bath together (they never do that), and it lasted FOREVER!  The entire time, 20 seconds wouldn't go by without an Elinor belly laugh.  She was so delighted.  Scout washed her hair, splashed water in her face, did silly voices and Elle was just eating it all up.  I haven't heard her so consistently happy for so long in a long while- content- yes, actively laughing- no.  In fact, when I got them out the water was cold.  Neither one seemed to mind, silly little things.  
Anyway, I am SO proud of Scout and just love her so much.  I seriously couldn't ask for a better kid.  Love, love, love you baby girl!

Thought I would post a few pictures of her, then thought about how I have all my favorite pics of her in an album on fb, so if you click here you should be able to view them with or without an account and this saves me a lot of time and hassle.

Alright, here's one of her I love that isn't in that album


Amy said...

Looks like a great party for Scout. So much fun. Way to go Ems. You did great. She's a lucky girl.

Sue said...

What a fun little party she had! I love the cupcakes. I wish I could have been there! I saw on the slideshow pictures that the monkey water dispenser I gave her for Christmas was used. I am so glad she likes it!

I saw on your previous blog entrance comments that you said Matt and B will be in town for a few days and maybe we could get together. I would love to! I have the 4th off. Do you want to do something that day? Or as that a crazy day to try to something?

Those pictures at the end of Scout and Elles are adorable! Is Scout playing the stinky feet game with Elinor?

Emily said...

It was a fun little party, and I pulled out the monkey water dispenser at the end because the girls were starting to get thirsty from being out in the sun for so long. It was extremely handy for such an occasion.

Let's talk tonight at dinner- we can see what Matt and B want to do for the fourth and make some plans. Scout IS playing the stinky feet game with Elinor- your legacy lives on and on..... that was a cute little moment- Elle was being fussy and sad and Scout came over and started talking in a funny voice with that funny face to Elles and got her giggling and totally and completely turned her mood around. Elle loves to get attention from Scout.

Haley said...

So cute! Look like a very fun party. Scout really is a great kid, she is the best. Hope to see all of you next week when my mom and I are down there. We were thinking of going to the petting zoo either monday,tues, or wed if you would like to join us. :)

Sue said...

That is so cute that Scout plays the stinky feet game with Elinor! Scout loved it when I did that with her. The more dramatic my death at her stinky feet the better. Booker was the same way, I think I started that with him. I'll see you at dinner tonight!


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