Thursday, July 5, 2012

Newest Utah Fire

Is hitting a little close to home :(  -well, by home I mean our home before we moved-.  My old neighbor took this pic from her house and it happens to be a direct shot of our old house.  Sad huh?  My beautiful mountains and view.  Thinking of my old friends and neighbors and wishing all these fires would stop.  
The fire seems to be going over the mountain instead of towards the neighborhood, but all it takes is a wind shift.  Towards the back of the mountain means devastation of the Alpine Loop :(  No good options, it's all just depressing.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow for the first time in over 56 days-- almost the longest on record without rain.  That sucks!  But I'm looking forward to the rain and hoping it brings some relief.  

Taken yesterday on our way to Salt Lake

Just an old picture I took a few years ago. 
 Kind of the same angle as the first picture, just no fire.

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